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Feb 17, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

77 of them growing. 971 ahead M sport. You're on ESPN I'm staying serve proudly by smoke and water one or does this weekend beautiful down to. Welcome in the smoke on the water it is eight starters day he had this straight up with Sturgis we. Our life here on the ground in our favorite spot in daily entail great book so while the dollar having a good day enjoy in this pretty weather out there. As it is nearly seventy degrees in your either Joey and enter your hate it it is the fact there's so many people speaker railed here. I can feel it start the calm but you know this is what we get on February 16. When it's seventy degrees outside our right. Is we go through this show today we're gonna have a busy one here in the next segment for 22 or so we're going out in the desert it is our weekly check in with Adrian branch of ESPN talking college basketball. As it was a big night here in the app for our palmetto state teams. Last night mean coming up here over the next couple of days as well also 5 o'clock will be joined by Steve Sumner he's gonna hang out for maybe an hour and a half or so with this. We're also going to be joined here in La on location at smoke on the water. By air McLean the you can follow him on Twitter you know that mr. CU. It is you know he started three years on the offensive line at clumps and in a bunch of other stuff in between. Which includes one thing I wanna get to the bottom with Steve Sumner is he is our lawyer here on staff. Is the news that OJ. May actually get parole this week yet so well there's a set of parameters a list of what he qualifies for and quite frankly. I think he meets it because if you take Al. The fact that we all think he did it this is not where he's been accused of in this. In this particular incident he may meet parole eight years into week 33. Years stretched a lot of different things will get into 844 GS PE SPN. Last night South Carolina. Lost 83 to 76. To when. Arkansas. South Carolina drops to 26 on the year hitting three in the Southeastern Conference they folic game behind Florida and Kentucky Arkansas big road win I didn't seek common. The razorbacks now eight and five in SEC play nineteen and seven on the season. Listen impressive it was a gamer runs South Carolina opened up with the lead Arkansas closed that they took control. They held on there at the end. But for South Carolina it was in various storm well 27 points last night. But the other story line is you have a tick off Coach Frank Martin of the South Carolina Gamecocks is he admitted. That for whatever reason his team is searching right now and he admitted in the you have post game. The actually walked out of practice on Monday it. He was just not happy with their effort with their thought he and he let them know eighty walked out nailed several my friends are saint. Well this is that typical Frank Martin beat the on the comes at the end of the year that is not true. You'll get a when he was it Kansas State yet for trips to the NCAA tournament five years including a trip to the elite eight. Yeah. If that happened in Columbia I mean they would be very very happy however. They did faltered last year this is one gain they get eighteen at Saturday night. At Vanderbilt that's an 830 tip off on Saturday night to get this righted. In just don't have back to back losses here in you'll be fine South Carolina will be and that that was a shocking loss to Arkansas makes you wonder. Alan razorbacks even McCain. That speak about losing to a really bad Missouri team. Just a couple weeks ago also right up the road at Furman. 7462. The Paladin to win at western Carolina last night. The paladins continue to lead the continue to lead the southern comforts twenty innate thirteen into its so con play. Mean they will be home Saturday against UNC greens were at 4 PM it tenants Arenas and listen your UT it's do you put. Pac ten and Serena on Saturday at 4 PM why. His firm in not only lead in the so con late into the season member. Just three games left in Southern Conference play. But Berman right now owns the fifth longest winning streak in the country. Let me repeat that. The Furman Paladins from right here in green bowl on the fifth longest winning streak in the nation in all of 26. Vermont second with sixteen consecutive wins Monmouth team rice's team out in the north. They're they're streak it's at twelve games that's third. Crist and at the Ivy League has won eleven consecutive games they are four. Fervent in North Carolina Central University. They're tied for fifth with ten consecutive wins. In the N. Also Wichita State SMU in Norfolk state one game behind Furman in north careless. How huge is that that the longest running streak in the men's basketball is 26 games they're current streak is 26 games. And UConn has made it a hundred. Yes I mean. It definitely makes for an interesting situation because right now college women's college basketball fighting for an identity both on television term limit things of that nature. However that South Carolina UConn nagging Monday night was the highest rated women's basketball game on ESP NT all yearlong. Highest rated and women men don't matter it here he did. In team it people worked evening in. To see UConn go for a hundred consecutive wins I think that's a pro Wayne concert UH and it's pros that people are interested in the women's basketball but UConn. But it's a negative in the fact that nobody's really given them some competition diesel I mean it's like EQ you want your cake and eager to quell frankly can't debug. I think now let in everybody felt good music that was excited to see UConn win their hundredth straight. The question is moot at this point now that we're here. Now that we've seen out accomplishment. How Long Will. The fan base stay interested and how Long Will it take for them for UConn to become the bad guy. It's how well first bot that they are the bad guy in a lot of people's view because a lot of people don't like Gina Torrealba but. You know if you don't like and guess what you still have to respect what they have done. I guess probably the next time I really think about it is when they get it maybe a 125. Consecutive wins but. Is little is I have to kind this really sit down and watch women's basketball right now I mean I'll start paying attention as we get to the NCAA tournament a little bit see you try to run. South Carolina goes on also pay a little bit of attention to the Southeastern Conference women's tournament. Because that's going to be played right here at the well Bonser core wellness arena in downtown Greenville. But again it's rock you know you're fighting for an identity right now win possibly the most gambled on but definitely the most. Followed thing in all of sports is the NCAA tournament. Meant so. It'd be interesting also last night diesel UNC Greensboro. They beat Wofford 74 to 55. In day it was up there in greens were firmer whopper falls to thirteen and fifteen on the year eight and seven. In Southern Conference play. UNC Greensboro we mentioned they come into firm and for 4 PM tipoff on Saturday they improved to nineteen and eight on the year and in four. Overall and listen the UN CG. The spartans a joke on whopper right from the beginning 38 to 21 was the lead at that have also for our friends over at upstate. They host Stetson tonight at 7 PM. They're in the Hodges that are. The upstate seventeen and eleven on the year seven and four in Atlantic sun played Stetson has been struggling. They're ten and eighteen on the year two in ninth. In Atlantic sun play in the in the bleak leaders Florida gulf coach university they head into the Hodges senator. For eighteen months Saturday it will beat date for when it comes to seeding in the upcoming Atlantic sun tournament. Also one final note Clemson basketball returns to the USP in upstate airwaves it's a noon gain on Saturday. In the tigers are probably their most impressive performance of this the entire season especially. Offensively. Date date video and they are still a lot better about things at Miami in the great thing for the tigers and something that may make a difference. It's just simply bid for the second year in a row. The university of Miami's men's basketball team. They're gonna be forced it in her way it is a critical juncture of the season because that her teens are they're better off on the bubble. At sixteen and 86 and six and ACC play but their point guard Dequan mutiny he's gonna be suspended for the next three gains for a violation. Of team rules he was also suspended a year ago and had to miss the final three games of the season so. You're gonna have. A you unison. Issues at point guard from Miami on Saturday. Dale mayor and South Florida says. It's going to be adjusting to see how that plays out but you know they faced Georgia Tech won now we'll see how they handle corpse and at noon on Saturday in their arena debt more than likely. At some point you're gonna have to make a little bit of your no reason energy and they're so mind mean that the biggest. Not the biggest in but in all the ACC for basketball. Also don't forget it we got College Baseball starting here tomorrow for a lot of people this feels like Christmas Eve. The got tigers are going to be hosting Wright State that's up 4 PM first pitched anecdote keen sports stadium. Also Lou. South Carolina's going to be hosting UNC Greensboro in the three game set also a 4 PM first pitch at Carolina stadium. For South Carolina Temares wells so you got College Baseball starting out you got college basketball. Beyond the few weeks left in the regular season. And he gets busy at that point were used in the SEC women's tournament here agreeable were also boosted the first and second rounds at the NCAA men's tournament. So a lot of basketball. Two talk and digest but it's also nice to see College Baseball get underway remember we walked Kyrie the network gains for clumps of baseball here at twenty to seventeen the first weekend. It we hear eclipse and tiger baseball will be the weekend match up with South Carolina. In March the mets' second the third in the fourth they will play on Friday in green paying close since Saturday in Greenville in Sunday downing Columbia what is probably. The most heated in highly anticipated rival rivalry. In all of college baseball's slew. That gets under way here. As well. We're again we're gonna talk with Adrian branch of ESPN in the next segment which will include. Perhaps of her questions about what NC state did I don't think anybody doubted do with the news that we have heard this week. It is simulate more Godfrey what is was on his way out the door. NC state made that official today he is gone but he will be gone at the end of the season why do you do that I mean I don't really really understand. Because what is they are making great run and win the ACC tournament by themselves in the NCAA's. Sad situation diesel that you may have to turn around ago well maybe we were overreacted I'm not saying that's likely to happen for the wolfpack. But there's a reason they were picked six in the ACC this year there's some talent even though it looks awfully frustrated there in Raleigh. Oh this is a situation way he. I don't think there's any way he. He can fight back him and win back his own job especially you know. There's a reason why they're firing them is the last couple seasons have not been good. And however slight chance it might be. Depending on how the officials at NC state field. You know what if what if they do go on an incredible run. Is that enough to save his job I doubt it. But it's. You know and less you have somebody you think can be a good interim coach and carry them through the rest of the season. Why not just staking out with what you've got to mean we complain about them firing coaches. In the mid mid season. An early early pre season in college football so why's that a problem in basketball. It's just like I said I mean we've seen teams go on runs and get the automatic bid at a conference tournament so. That possibility lays out the lights out there but here's what you have to know what happened last night they lose to about 24. On their home ported their cross state rival North Carolina. In jolt Bay Area the Tar Heels had to say this after the game. Quote I can tell they were frustrated a little bit. Especially. They started talking to us and they started yelling at each other. It's like guys there's nowhere to be guys were doing their own thing in just didn't care. So I wish their program good luck in whatever they're doing with you can just sits there wasn't any team chemistry denied. Win North Carolina players becoming cradle lists that you will. Over you eat yet in our watch some of that game it became Dennis the Q1 on one. In that though and up another three ball that's not exactly an offensive game plan so while mark Godfrey. Will coach the rest of the season by these Al is head coach of the NC state it will talk with Adrian bring it to be ESPN. About bat and a whole lot more going on in college basketball when we return here to smoke all the waters we are live on the yes Ian upstate. Yes he's straight up we've sterner. Call 44 ESP ESPN. Sports on ESPN a state welcome back end is where light here smoke on the water mark Starr just. Diesel back you yes me in upstate studios were going to the gas line. But the first time they were headed out to the desert Phoenix we're gonna be joined by our good friend Adrian branch of ESPN. AD my brother has to do it. Chilling dirt really durable and I'm I'm happy I didn't sign it into state because they're firing coaches reportedly been over you kidding me. Let me ask you about that because that's one of the things we we've talked about heading out to break this set up with you. I'm not surprised this firing went down Adrian what I am surprised is he will coach seeks final regular season games in the NC in the ACC tournament because. What if it's staked out hot and went on Iran and actually won that thing in film themselves in the NCAA tournament. Why oh grade point what sturgeon let me let me follow you let me let me ask a question. But but give it sequential why you're surprised are good that it enough that you were month. Well I think we hit we have seen that coach Godfrey can assemble some talent there Riley x.s and those who have never been his strong suit. I need that from yeah because we were. We were at the University of Alabama this but I'm happy as a player at. However but yeah. You know this much I know when Joseph Perry's comments last night about this was a team that was frustrated frustrated with each other in playing Indian businessmen Jeter playing in just about. Yeah let's dribble and fire up another 26. Put three point shot you know what. Godfrey it's all paid a lot of money to do better in that. Yeah yeah your right I like what you said we have seen. That interstate first of all when they won a national championship in 1983 wood Jim valve handle. About what the miracle kid. You know the cardiac kids is what they called. And so that was a miracle and then Sidney Mobley here he went to the NCAA is when he was dead in the water a lot like Dennis Felton from Georgia when the tornado hit. And they had a miracle run I like it really excel which you just surged urging what are mark got free gap how. And what if they ran the table and now he's done everything to lose his players don't have anything to lose there what's dangerous is it team that's confident and throw all caution to win then Debby yeah now. Who has not had that is not the biggest brand in that and Maryland Terps are cool mentioned how either a lot of crow and that gives them alive. Momentum for another job. Yeah I'm right there with the news we're talking with Adrian bring it to be SP in the ACC basketball legend former nick in or former bowl in Laker a whole lot more Adrian but. What about took place they on the road in Columbia last night Arkansas comes and he handles against the gamecocks are second consecutive losses I don't. A lot of gain cock fans are worried about a late seasons one year. But you know Frank Martin that's one thing he never did it means states welcomed a four NCAA tournaments and by years which includes a run to the lead eight. Yet that it in the post game he was frustrated with this team he walked out of him on practice on Monday. That it ambassador that something to be concerned about. All the way you never once slippage. Never once slippage in fact as you are heading into the late season while well we're actually into the late treatments we are three weeks away from seeing your day. Where you know you're playing your last games were road and it's flat out our hot mask when you're walking out now. Should various Orwell is big gaffe he's made himself we can get can. Contention for player of the year that's how well he's played PGA don't share a McDonald's all American there's also warned NBA radar screens but the biggest thing Sterne Agee is slippage and you can't run and how it from that that that's not a good thing and I'll give frank Martin's credit he has won everywhere he's got. Yep and I love mine I mean listen sometimes people. Don't like his abrupt in this his Broxton desperate but that's up and at times we hear the coach speaking you get tired of that as well also. It's like you're darned if you do darned if he'd know Adrian and speaking. Even attic front row seat for what is the nation's longest men's winning streak 26 gain sickened sag is acts. Listen let me ask you they can go on the road their toughest tests they had left was at Saint Mary's they pass they win by double digits like they have. I think every game this year. These guys sleep yet there's a lot of people over here at South Carolina wondering that question. Yet they they are legit the difference between them and years passed most notably wood Kelly no limit. Back in 2013. Is. They're aggressive form the defense have been. They attack you and when you look at what they've had out of 238. Minutes in the game they've only trailed for sixty minutes. I mean from the tap jump ball for forty minutes. They are aggressive they are. Encryption or top ten million pops and in altered to be efficiency they take great shots. The front lines should McCullough announced can shoot 60%. William Jonathan Williams shoots 60%. And Jack Collins a 74 McDonald's all American coming off the bench. Who's sort NBA radar screens because of his ability to run before indifferent. I think it made the problems shooting 60%. Nodule Williams golf also controlled the game. My only Achilles heel for these guys about told mark you dissed. Is that you'd get a Josh Jackson spoke six states small forward they don't have a true small forward. They play a three guard offense and their biggest guy Jordan Matthews is 62 he's 62 out spot up three point shooter. The fact can hurt them in the NCAA tournament and other effective small forward. All right Adrian. Don't look now here comes the deep Blue Devils team that we thought that would be this good at the beginning of the year. There is now a path in what has been a week year when it comes to the NT bubble for these guys stand up maybe a number one possibly a number two seed. You go that was a huge win on the road last night now the cavaliers have to head. Yeah North Carolina this week in it is about to get to be a round Robin knock out in the ACC with the depth that this sleek. Well you know what I always remembers urging that I would take credit for that remarkable we talked earlier on a bit. Leave the porch light or would do it for Debra I would bet that lead to leave the porch light on and because one they got out. They have forums. And so when you talk a bald guys coach K coach K is back. Water is restored in the nation. Do you know remained. Tatum had a career night they got talent and then. You've got coach K who plays with a page. They can score. Or branded operation like a bit of Virginia former road and then they also can now win in up temple would they like to play. Well lo and behold you're right they functioning actually kick in the lead one game behind North Carolina that kind of more. A. Left yeah it's we continue with Adrian branch of ESPN AB what about like Kansas we know that they're one of the blue bloods of college basketball you know that long hear it but. I know what they pulled off in the final two minutes against West Virginia whom witch doctor credible but now Kansas. In what's probably the weekend's big scheme has to hit the road there at number four Baylor. This looks like it will be the premier matchup of this weekend. Oh yes and no Belgium beat it beat it barrel doesn't have to think. I'm never hi all bail out said that only rolled up ran for Cilic can tell you for the record. I am not a friend. Our country group. From the standpoint of he leaves meet all the balls he's the officer and a gentleman in my book he cleaned up a program. That Al players were there killed another player so give him big credit on that. I am not a fan of what the NBA Cabot talent he has and how they implode each year. If they if they have the final fourteen they don't to be lead aid if they got elite eight team ego sweet sixteen bittersweet for painting they lose in the first round. I'm just not a fan base is not my cup retain I loved his family I loved what he stands for he'd just he'd be just jobs passion or mobile message you're put Obama's been concerned to what may eleventh motivate folks who. But so do we give credit to Bill Self that he did. He deserves that it does he need to put another way championship trophy bigger and Lawrence Kansas to really get the respect that yet I think he deserves. Now all. Because. I think views. But once you make it to the hall of fame what else are you looking more he's he's already taking can't just he's won a national championship and it can't just. Thanks to warn that shopped around Stefan curry and Davidson back and always. He's got unparalleled. Record where he's approaching only the great. John Wooden who don't demand the orchestra of course people could say whatever they want John Wooden the greatest coach in the history of the game ever read our back. So that's former record college basketball job would still hold but. It tells you when ABA no role until you can win eight or nine national championships. Wake me up when you got a real conversation wall that would. All right well listen where you get a beat this week and also nailed it yet and you're coming back every year for the made united decent work when it comes to the major conference tournament week you will see that weak rights and not all about that last night. But eight B where can we catch you this weekend also what are you gonna be thought of following the kids. I hate you we are now on the fast break the back conference tournaments in the in the NT term distinct ma the way. Yes everything that you do that you were actually ups her yacht got a great game or get the privilege of calling the great game saying merry and that is coming to visit BYU. BYU at the Marriott center is going to be whatever pace can win now. Same married believe I'm not played at a slower pace in Virginia and Saint Mary's after what I mean and BYU if there wasn't organ dagger. Has the highest scoring that one into an accomplice to AB ports so what patients go away now that's going to be huge game and then overall look at about it. I'll revisit what you just said. God duke is hot again I feel when they were when they were. Idling when they were one and force slightly purports why don't form because the guy throws and got coach K have been bear alert sure yet. I can do at home they should get a medal but they'll have to pay. All right we'll listen enjoyed this week in its usually warm here for February 16 I think we've got a little bit a puppy next weather road and off honest here about the status out here all right maybe. You're probably American you've got several great weekend our I don't give me and that little way and everybody hello it will talk to you next week. All right there's our buddy Adrian braids of ESPN diesel and a tea. Eight front row seat for one of the best story lines at the keystone like six in Zach teams already this year. So again this much China. If maybe he thinks that they are legit and that's all I needed it's he's he's forgotten about more basketball. The and that I have ever learns say here's what we'll do we'll open the phone lines when we come back diesel. You've got some breaking knees out of lifts Burke Virginia it will bring you that plus. Mark Gottfried is out at NC state a lot of things going on in college basketball as well this is straight up what starts we're live at smoke on the water on the Caspian upstate. You're talking sports on straight up its third analysts on Twitter and interact. ESPN a statement said diesel yesterday and are only in this south the moment it was eighteen year on the on the run a runway at Charlotte international. Here it Douglas international airport up and Charlotte because that. Plain loss feel head turner rail comeback in what Indian never really got the bottom of it at that deer survived or not I guess in the did. My question is is face pretend to spray the anti fire foam all over the plane was the deer on fire when it ran out onto the runway. Again I question. Yeah that our rights are you ready for this what what's that where more people in the south probably get a shot and anywhere else whether we wanted me editor. Wal-Mart. You are correct. Guess what they at Wal-Mart is being sued for selling eight the year it claimed was a craft beer but in fact was. I you know there's there's two different Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart. And mirrors though Wal-Mart. Depends on where you are now redneck yard. Yeah you know Wal-Mart is now facing eight troublesome policy that is accusing them of selling fake craft Beers to get. Customers that a more money. So two and yet apparently they get started on line. Cause trouble brewing in there's nothing craft beer it's just hey make up that maybe people it's ironic to college from your room. Okay it only in this Al at Wal-Mart BC for though stuff is selling. Speaking many things that are going on in south sturgeon do you know what this sound is right here. Feel that the buses you rate as she backed paper a couple of ass right asks is sound the FBS. Football bus back out so Lynchburg Virginia. Because the Liberty Flames. Are moving on up. Move it on just like we did just try to zap presents. The thing is is see they get a waiver from the NCA gimme the news here in the next couple of seasons. But they're gonna do it is an independent yes right problem with live. Ernie has always been that they've had the money that's that's not the issue and if they didn't have that liberty stigma. A smaller conference would've snatched him up and a hard date. You know they'd be they'd be Sunbelt they'd be Max may be conference USA whichever one really wanted in the most. Because they got pretty plus unlimited resources. But they have that stigma of being Jerry Falwell university. It's so nobody's wanted to touch of as I got really good football they've won they've somewhere like seven conference titles in the last 88 or nine years and really good football there. Not only that they're making this jump but to two. PS. With Turner Gill is the head coach two former Nebraska. Or former Kansas coach former buffalo head coach. Also what Ian McCaw who was the athletic director of Baylor. How great that is considering what all has gone on it Baylor in the last slow so they've got people that are yeast operating in that realm and Mikey said. They got the money number two diesel if you go ahead and look they've already got several. 20000 seats right. Eight in guess what they issues. Issues no issues at all with it with some of the parochial think. Because they're gonna make it and eight in there and they're probably primed to make it my question is do you have an issue at the end up in the it they end up. Is in the sun belt at some point in time. You know that's a school that nobody said nobody really wants them that badly. If they tried they tried really hard to get into the summed up the sun belt doesn't really wanna nobody really wants them. It's. That you know what if they win games at that that's what you have to do it I would love to be on the stage that I can look at it. Surely three football lends. Hey are they good football or are they not good football. And you know if you look at purely through that lens thing is that any conference would want them when they do you have that stigma. Are right go to Ari employed in the kits and scratching go to our FaceBook page TSB in upstate FaceBook page. In the look at what I put up yesterday afternoon right at the beginning of the show it's about a it's about eight university in its the only for profit university that competes in NCAA division I athletics. Interestingly enough you know the biggest for profit university is that's the University of Phoenix will this one is also in the Phoenix area. It's Grand Canyon University. In they are now they have now joined the whacked as this is their final years of probation do you remember. In the year doing great thinks also and Marley the former Phoenix sun is there head coach. And go look at what did you wanna talk about the most rabid basketball variants that actually will put the came in crazies that seeing. So why go read that article go watch it but what they did is they made it about the students in the experience. Yeah they don't witness stated texting get in the or two hours before game they have like he raged about party form outside the outcome in fifteen minutes. Now do I guess if you serve people enough that Reggie get a mile high they'll do anything in arena. But the deal was they figured out what they wanted to be and they went out here in NAFTA created what some people call the biggest home court in regional college basketball in quite frankly. Most people don't know they existed that definitely did know that they were having that says it's the success that they did. It again it's you know Greinke any university a for profit school the only one competing in the NCAA says. It can't be done liberty can do it. But again you're talking about when it comes disputed steer diesel a very very passionate student body. It. You know you'd begin if you got to school I can compete he got fans that are entrusted their attractive. Yeah all right have been a little shift. On this two disguise it up higher Maclean from clips that we are actually gonna do a segment over the phone with him. About 537. City's been caught up at work he can we do it over the fence and we will oh clips of football with your Mac Klain. It's 537. Or so of course just go on Twitter give me follow that mr. underscore clumps and you remember he's a three year starter on the offensive line. His final game was out there. In Phoenix. When the tigers' loss to Alabama in the college football team took game so I will look for catching up with air Mac Klain. About 530. Bob 37 in that realm when we come back diesel. Catania a little funny story when it comes to football you're talking about liberty. Listen there's a reason that you may want to pay cement its into an indoor football game will tell you that story when we come back plus the phone lines are opening for four TSB. Yes yes. Isn't this great upwards stirred takes root ES PM Coleman your message to 71307. Years skis ES PM a state that Salt Lake. Screaming Eagles. Here in just dissect it we're gonna tell you why you should pay attention maybe even go in the year and in dale lose their app. The KG may be able to take me image of something later on tonight reversals the phone lines. It dealt ends up with some college basketball that would welcome man. Because they are known best known. May and is a little Nancy rumored to Mars Friday. It is yet government about a doubtful we'll let. Good I can fill common. Didn't. Bill on. My book but your. But you can't think short bow out. You go to bed bad and he got vote on this day it is right and won't want to equally well we don't you know sometimes we need. Announced it was creating energy from the crowd if they want you don't edit the issue existed oil. Lastly there Z large amount of frustration that is sent him with dead into state wolfpack in base but you know I I think it was because. It didn't take it back a brain to figure out I'm no tactician on the basketball court at the but Delmon there was a lot of standing area on. Watching Dennis Smith junior go one on one in decent scenario dribbles. Yet there it to the point that the North Carolina players let's gain. We're talking about there like did that there was no there was no movement there was no played running it was. 101 how to make plays and that's their third loss by 24 points or more in a rope that's and it's quit. You don't even when the movement. He didn't want spot you say if you were given what you don't stimulus waited. Welcome back into these and it won't borrow a couple of Bono work you know you don't plan. He believes it to see if there was a wife just definitely great taped it got behind analyst bill. It was sit I mean Mark Gottfried. It's paid paid a lot of money to put a game plan and affecting guess what there was no gain play in last night when it came to the NC state wolfpack and it has become. Clearly obvious that. He has not taken advantage of it but you know what we saw the same thing in Alabama when he went and took over. You know mid season resigning he can recruit talent. Unfortunate thing is it does not pay off an x.s and o.s and that was some ugly freak in basketball last night these ugly. Ugly ugly I've seen I've seen better offensive. Execution is the YMCA at 10 o'clock on Saturday. While I was there in the bottom of dreaming model last night so I I can't really comment on how NC state played well that's your problem but some independent agency here on a Thursday night 9 PM tonight. At the mavericks that are in Salt Lake City. You're gonna be see the debut at the Salt Lake screaming Eagles in diesel here's. The deal it is the first professional football team. He beat TV run entirely. Either variants so few dale load that app tonight. In you go watch it. Com lying. You can vote during the game for what play they're gonna run next. Here's how the play calling is gonna work for the Salt Lake screaming Eagles tonight in the indoor football league. Per stay on you get cheese between foreplay options. On second dale you get cheese between four play options on thirteen and she's run Horry past. And on for him he can help cheese if they can't or if they run or if they pass so this is. Just realize Madden that's all it is it's real life madness to give us gimmicky thing I've ever heard of it sounds awful and this team is gonna get smoked. I would say that it solves some of the pictures of their team yes it's likely that they're getting smoked tonight number two. How can he get that instant fast you know what I mean how can you take. The total number of votes in the perhaps relate it to that bit from the Ben was that the bill my question is the course of any given what are the app crashes and we're gonna stand around like beer wouldn't we do rural. Here's the thing I remember this US crew indoor football league is it's the sane. Was playing quarterback for some team out there. In Kentucky like 340 by payments so. We're talking about pre re serious book albeit played with the Saint Louis it's easily skip right. This Salt Lake screaming Eagles tonight. I do lightening. And you know that's a bad idea. Alan you gotta love either plane right how to how would it feel to be on the opposing Nebraska danger. If you lose to a team that gets your play once called by their bigger question is why are Salt Lake not the storm and mormons. That's what their mascot out of being. Says well it's great opportunity nor does mormons you know because now everybody's mormino they insult like I'm guessing that the because illicit when I think of Salt Lake City. How many tigers you know that are roaming around in its in north west and South Carolina I got it saves a mascot is just a mascot stairs. You just cut me off yourself all right because. Here's the deal when I think of New Orleans street jazz I think of you Salt Lake City, Utah is there it BA team has called the Utah Jazz all right that was. That was the missed opportunity right beard you could've left that name in New Orleans and changed it did you whatever you wanted to you back in the day senate. Yeah Alex Orman mormons and so storming Norman Schwarzkopf. Boy was he allege in all right. A couple other things because here in the next segment Steve some there's going to be joining up with this but. Ginn diesel. That we had him on Monday. So proud of its Nikko Medved in the permit balance again last night they he had choked up at the beginning of the gain in the listened. They won twenty games in the last decade in a single season but they haven't won a Southern Conference regular season title. And I think the better part of two decades may be a little bit longer but. Last night Devin civilly scored 22 points Chrissie Cox added eighteen points and fourteen rebounds. It it was a another double digit win. In this now what three consecutive games in which the paladins have a double digit win to the last two of those. Have come on the road at BMI. In that western Carolina and now listen here's what you can dig you wanna see a little fun atmosphere on Saturday. It's a 4 PM tipoff that Timmons arena in that give out there I mean Nico bad bets club is just one. Win short of tying the record. For total road wins on the season. And they'll get that opportunity again next week the guess what. Two more games there in Timmons arena that's 4 PM on Saturday against UNC Greensboro and then they will close out the regular season. A week from Saturday. A kits Wofford. It Timmons arena and then of course the Southern Conference tournament will come up after that up and ash spill in dilate your back gave few low comfort start of its in you're not going to Brooklyn. I've yet to find anybody that tells me they're going to Brooklyn for the ACC tournament especially is the Clemson period. In you can't make your way Everton Nashville for the SEC tournament that you love that kind of environment. I would highly recommend go to check out the Southern Conference tournament in Asheville birth date is a promise she. You'll be hooked it's a 7000 seat arena if they get 4500. In there for gain did bills keep big time atmosphere sue. I would highly recommend. You take that opportunity if you get the team it's all right real quickly these were CC action last night not named NC state lose about 24. My Amy get say seventy to 61 win over Georgia Tech. In that deep goes on the road in the not soft Virginia 65. To 55. And now. Duke looking good Virginia's scrambling and they got a turnaround and head the Chapel Hill this weekend for a and other big ACC matchup but when we come back we're going to be joined target prince Steve Sumner. Of this Steve Sumner law firm we're gonna pick some gains we're gonna find out if OJ should actually be yap parole this weekend. Herb not. Or at least get his parole this weekend AA will take your phone calls and a whole lot more 844. GS PE STN we're live at smoke on the water.

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