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Feb 17, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's an incident at them growing. 971 ahead members vote. Or on ESPN I'm staying there. Anybody smoke and water one Augusta street in beautiful downtown green no. Welcome back in our number view of this Thursday's edition straight up was stirred. Is second to. Yes tough the price Atkinson last night heavily today is that final day of the US curling championships and that. He'll make his way back employees had so much fun out there and Everett Washington. Just a huge grin on his face but it. Listed at 50 fight about that you get a huge grin back in the studio because I get doubled up on with that state. Is Steve summer from the Steve Sumner law firm upstate DUI dot com joints is here. Need to hang out for a little while with this that I am thank you Millicent and I appreciated today can that can do that voice started to get scratched yeah its start began to put it. We got a little problem here in the fact that last week we tied for one. The keyboard won two. The other now that we asked that hateful effective college basketball here for the past few weeks and are victims segment it by about fight because. This is the time it takes center stage in. Three it's kind of hard to pick College Baseball you navigated. That would have let them take yourself out of that clips and South Carolina game gear would that Greenville you do it the and so do that again this year where they do you play wanna Colombia's and the go to Clemson and Hitler or agree evident what her sweet kid in March they playing Greece a clips and on Friday agreeable on Saturday in the make good on the Columbia has our Sunday sue that's his right around a quarter. Is he did the game cuts get started with UNC greens where they DeMar. Eclipsing get started with right statement you will have a little bit of a measuring stick. If you head into that third week in that match up because Wright State bing goes to Columbia next weekend's that they will be a common three game opponent. I don't know how much you make of that to get a little bit of a little bit of it but that's how things were going you've been busy and a lot of court and in Baghdad gets to a stretcher and I think still that a little bit because. In the next segment we're gonna get to go to it. You if I'm having a hard time with this because he's up for I don't think he would get out till this summer found correct it. He's eligible to be parole this weekend. Who is eligible of scourge. I believe the hearing it is there would be about a three to four month delay in terms of maybe that will hold a hearing in the nationally the release date. I think potentially did you could be loose. In October the thing is is. You know what we Waco and look through the what they will use to decide agree to give Al. He probably he probably should get out however. I don't want him to you because I've got of the keys to being back guilty of murdering Nicole would you reverend pat doesn't come and come up into the discussion. He's not guilty this is only the charges that landed him in jail this time so that's going to be fascinating but that you know women were into talking about that it would pick it had to take it is so appropriate I don't know PSE and diesel the diesel and our talking about it last night. Award winning eight hour documentary series called OJ made American asset and ironically I think it was Sunday night they were in all eight hours with just one commercial there in the bright. Yes that they want is nearly the entire thing again so it is a somewhat of a hot button topic but so it was basketball's these stunts its its some there. Our year here Caroline regret she catcher you get ten degrees from the University of South Carolina of their I don't know if there Bergen about that I write about it all of them it won't let me want which is about you have two degrees featured twice the smartest diesel and right here on this show open. Little bit worried that South Carolina falls for the second consecutive time but it in this kind coach frank Morton did it in the post game news frustrated with this team. He actually walked out of practice on them on Monday. Since there is storm well maybe and a plea it be in the SEC player of the year but that bitch that Depp does not they're they're searching for things. Now after losing twice on the road they've got a bit of Vanderbilt for 830 tip off. Vanderbilt brings its own problems not because they're playing our right under. True. But yeah so weird Jim it's the only one in the act college basketball and out of a girl still under the goals says. Tell me what you think about South Carolina it is still 21 great game cuts in their chances Vanderbilt on Saturday night. Scourge. Alike commit Vanderbilt because they come back well from losses in the past couple weeks. But how will slate this. I'll then a little bit put out and I'll like far more I really liked it more about it. But I've been a little put out with book him coming out to about products and two or you just mentioned. That their depth is just really not there but Carolina's got a good. Seven right. Man rotation. But. I don't know players nine through fifteen. Can't do and a whole lot so for the cheerful. And you've just got to think I mean their legs are only so strong. I mean you know you know on translating their legs can only last so long. And upload them right Morton is not just wanting them in the Lional. Only solve days because they're to the point now mentally and in you know don't talk about these supposed to. We're at this point of the of the season with a baseball football basketball. You're pretty much as good as you're going to be you've got to stay short you've got a state. Focused and it becomes a lot more mental at this stage of the of the season. Then it is physical and are just so pissed off and then them at our commit Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt a stroke not having. A really strong year cure a lot of them will come off the walls to. I'm just won't remember here in Alabama and came back wanna miss a state that would lose orphans all of it is another game this year several games with a comeback and won after walls. Vanderbilt stop a tough trip not the travel shouldn't be too bad. Alike cure a lot of this game market see it being really close. Coca Vanderbilt now take you right it's just state we year memorial gym insisting weird place to play the sight lines are off a little bit. You know to Vanderbilt still. I don't it to some talent being under bill here number 2000 gets started off in the opposite the right does this wells that we know that we keep an in depth perpich. Both five and so. I donate to something telling me that I think it's Bryce drew out the it's taken that job being to Billy King dale about. That that he you know we'll see. South Carolina look a little bit that the U walking off the floor they last night in prime mark sounded defeated him at that press conference that you're talking about I mean he just seem like he had just. I don't know he does down economy mailed it in loose some were just eats aimed it he seemed to call on his own team that this season maybe over. Would this group. Well I think yet all it takes is one more win to get a ball back on the bandwagon clumps of it Miami that's a new and tip off on Saturday. Miami's a point guard has been suspended for the next three games clips and fines may be their most impressive offensive performance. On Tuesday night vs Wake Forest. They've got to get wins you know there are different Shelby mess. Has them back in the field as part of the last four that playoff game in Dayton against Tennessee. No less boy think about that says your thoughts on clips and at Miami Saturday. I'll look to see clips of when this game but I'm gonna go what Miami. Miami's got a really good club this year their record shows that seventy and they they. They just played really well that been consistent outlook deceit. Brad Brownell and Clemson win this ballgame sturtze because I think it would. Really go the resonate clearly meant to state the obvious. Oh win on the road to justice equality cloak would be really good right now look the sequence of when this game. I just did not our dissents inconsistency at Clemson and particularly on the road to go with them. In all almost Gambill Altria yet Tamar Thomas alone a sort of get them there all it comes to. No way he won gold mine we haven't seen it all year if you don't see it now you're not Tennessee I think constantly the can eke out a win down there in Miami you will see what happens in two states. They'll face off against this well now more about reality is that coach of the wolfpack so. Goes out of the tigers on that when now it what our bureau yet what should be the best game of the week in third rate came to Kansas for rape Baylor you may hear maybe heard Adrian bring it on your way in just talking about. Does it like the x.s and news from coach drew Baylor. I just I don't know I mean Alco I'll take this 11 that come back they made in the final two minutes against West Virginia the other night. By themselves and they were trying. They go on and win that may be one of those teams that propelled you to a deep run in the. Tournament identity politics of this leaked it Larry yeah me too RR I mean we could talk about it the next opportunity as subtle they really need to. Kansas is just rolling right now they they're in their battle tested. Sturtze Baylor I'd just. They just not played the schedule penis as. And Kansas has shown to be kind of warriors. Rocco what is a rock hall of jail garage sale rock chalk jayhawk rock Tokyo yet rush hour some rock chart jail yet but I'm going with them in Waco. Yeah I'm gonna do it number two guy right now have a hard time finding anything to pull for when it comes to Baylor athletics with that ninety I guess that that was a that was a magical comeback that they put on did key it is on Monday night Ari number fourteen Virginia is number ten North Carolina Virginia please but is it. In the last night North Carolina Roland they go in there Riley. In the actually he over. I mean it's each state by 24 point your thoughts on what should be a big ACC matchup it's gonna be a big Asus it is a big ACC matchup. For sure Virginia struggling a little bit running you talked about them. The lost to last night. Also I think Virginia Tech took him. Earlier in the week or the pretty recently. North Carolina it just broke out of candles state last night I'll like the home team in this one. Alike North Carolina to win this game. If they were played at Virginia sturgeon I would probably go with Virginia are just like the home crowd these things are pretty similar thing more or maybe a little bit better but. Pretty similar records pretty they've done about the same thing in the conference who's gonna go home global Muslim ghost story. Again I think North Carolina with the optic North Carolina as well they are they are rolling in the form and I think we're gonna see a big ball game. Probably two weeks they typically that itself the season with you keep throwing in the form as well. All right yet it looks great right now do you get the last two or three weeks their pictures taken in the world. Okay our final game of the weekend it was appropriate since we had Adrian branch on early. Earlier number 23. Merely an at number eleven Wisconsin. You know I don't know enough about these Big Ten teams to really clean anything that he knows the home court is huge in college basketball at this time of the year. The badgers are ranked higher than merely and that's about as much as I can get into the exits and is that this gate. Elena. Beat a pretty good northwestern team last night. It will be in the NCAA tournament for the first time ever under former. Geithner whiskey year. We took a drink whiskey island or whiskey. Is it whiskey. Our aim to Iraq. I still can't give us the OK give may have rep Romero on being in the in the Big Ten AM that's. Kind of hard for me to do source of contention with our friend major Everett zero I just have trouble visualizing them play in this big tents getting another in the Big Ten. No that's a long trip as a law he almost in Canada I mean that's a long trip. For Maryland coming coming off the Atlantic coast take it all the way over their against a good team that is traditionally very good at home I'm with you on this one. Got to go about our right to listen I get activities she's not listening in right now it's actually new worry is that he does listen and pretty frequently from being to hear about. That state during a great story here role we've had two sacks so that would also be quit giving to Pia. Yet who I was playing idea I am very involved in the George Rogers foundation in their golf tournament every year and two years ago. How would the former North Carolina or ill while Ford was our celebrity you if you will and are you in our foursome so. I don't know how guy house Prada now looks at media out there about eight tonight polling gets. Are you friends with Adrian branch I'm like yeah you know we've we've inference brewer you know longtime level like us. Pick up the phone call it almost felt like I was being judged if you will interview where you actually prints with this cancer pigment. Turns out that what the case. Adrian it chooses now look centimeters Adrian. Yeah. I've been hired by John swap offer to retrieve your ACC legend status. For your dates at the university of violence itself ultimately. Only time I've ever heard Adrian bring it costs and it's like that I do. If you how would come. Got a hey it's me added I'll say I'm Chelsea this well. They immediately get back in the only let teachers though. And there were posted they were the first team to win it that. Showing my age public marital burst into whatever bingo our thanks that he led by escalating violence by his team and had about 35 that 90 yeah he was suite mate at patriot bridge is that it's like I said yes Adrian to stay good good me and never ever it hurt him 'cause. It till he told Al ought to let it come pry it out of my cold dead he did you say additive. Yeah that's got to be tough for Baylor player to talk about given up its ACC legend status now it has to be intimated. That it has to be an army market. Again short made your but you think about by those those great ACC tournaments were you have to win it stirred they had when it okay. And I mean what level it was a all things may. Army Terry all of them were going way way back here are way way way let's see I DRE Kremlin's yet I remember I teary Colin taken Virginia mark I variety to the 76 title openly endeavors Jeff and Lance surprise elderly Atlanta that was the guy. He if you if you be honest with you. If I go beyond that was that guy that I pretended I was on my court yeah Michael and Ricky Jean can lights out you can see the lights out any wall hold on now Wally walker. That team with irony but yet the league high rate currently regular moraine you've got to get him that a mail to the northern. They got hit it that the Marines got to get the parade in this what is not a lot to Alice McCain any day let's. Oh it was both those that the dates all the sudden I hear cell with the pilot going through my head right males and all right well we come back illicit. She didn't it's the Sumner way to get it tell you about his low legal expertise here over the next hour and a half says didn't at least there to help but he's gonna help us when we come back. Because OJ is his 33 year senate's. Macomb to an end after eight years so let's see if OJ. Should be released later on this year. Is he goes in. It he meets with the Parole Board this week it will do that plus the lights are opening for Ford GS PUSB. It. Yes he's straight up weeks. Call four XXX. Owns ESPN upstate. All right welcome back in diesel blanket ESPN upstate studio as part start to see Sumner from the Steve Sumner a law firm light that smoke on the water he will tell you a lot about what's the does here in the upstate it's the viewer by far the smartest member our dysfunctional team dug deep you've got multiple degrees all of us scramble for won a single one. And in Bailey got it maybe at the price of people to do that as well but Tesla model out need to I was on that five year plan an avalanche of I think he beat out once the masters and boy you wanna talk about that here we still ended up what you do reasons Steve. Exactly have a lot more fun is. Due they would have played football for two years or more fun basically a lot more. So diesel you do we're getting we're gonna pick Steve's brain on this one because OJ Simpson has been incarcerated at love a lot correctional center in Nevada since 2000 innate. Number one wears kind going because it's hard for me to believe it was eight years ago that he was put in prison. When it comes to this incident which was he attempted it to force of forcefully re playing memorabilia. That he claims was stolen from him if he did it in a Las Vegas hotel. Let's talk about that person at all. Except this is the member billions now you got to go back a little bit sturgeon time. After he was acquitted in the trial of the century from from the perspective. He was then sued civilly. And the Goldman family and Nicole Brown's family obtained the verdict of civil verdict for a little over thirty threesome with 3334 million dollars. So at this point. The Jews start having to live a cash based lifestyle. Because he's concerned that everything is the if you buy something in the paper trail it can be confiscated it can be sold to satisfy the judgment. He's got to homestead exemption floor. He's got a pension advice that you from the NFL that they keep that cannot under federal law of the be attached and that's a legal work attaching something so you can satisfied just with the but for the rest of his money. In this comes out it's a good thing is that it has especially in. He becomes he needs cash money. Well memorabilia. Is the best already used to get cash money I mean you sign you autograph. Fifty pictures and you walk out of there with 101000 dollars not a problem at all source of the problem or whatever it is in your fine and that was what was going on with him at the time. There's a dispute developed between him or between Jews and a couple of big memorabilia and memorabilia that's kind of tone was too. Memorabilia dealers or else Vegas. And OJ felt like that it was his property. I don't know all the details about it I know that there were several people with a OJ I don't believe OJ. Had a gun. They go up to forcibly take some things. Another member of both his policy tools are gone. They're convicted in blue jays convicted of all twelve counts handle both political theory hand of one design and the ball. If you and I get together you mean decently we go rob stored on the over the Golan used to we Revere credit for the gone views just as if you pulled a gun. So. OJ gets 33 years that you've asked me a break me 33 years where we deal with that in term due in eight years. And having a real shot roll couple things number one. When the role regulations and rules for most states were put in effect overcrowding was a big issue. Okay you asked me did they just need to bed space well that is a fact. OK number two is politically. If you can give somebody a bigger number. If it takes a lot of heat away from the judges and most judges. It's octagon and I'm sure about it too. Used to be in the legislature and they don't like heat. So they can say you are gave dispersant thirty years when in reality. Okay at 67. You're going to be up for role is so that's kind of a little bit of the of the back story here. Our humble sort of backed over you but I hope OS games last year for the listeners. What. This is what it comes down to you I guess beginning this week in if you score by a bird Lowe were on this test and you're likely to beat parole right because that means you are not if he had major risks and here are the eleven factors let's go according to SI dot com it will be considered. In it's the case for all parolee it's not the first factor is the agent I aim of it it first arrests or execute well so he's older so they are saying that he will be given zero points for that time out. Let's talk about firing more and each of the Tom risk that goes back to the fact that there's been studies done. That recidivism. Or continuing to commit crimes it's much more likely if you arrested as a teenager and the young adult so the older you are. Do less likely statistically stirred she wore to commit more crimes and so therefore the less likely you ought to be a threat to society. His first arrest was H 46. That is a senior person. And so that is going to be zero argument. The second his prior probation or parole parole revocation or none zero point zero. Employee in the history immediately before arrests very solid very solid zero points. Says that fits leading the current or prior convictions this is swear. He gets two points according to US site dot com well I think that's what is going to be they're gonna look at the factors he didn't act alone. They're gonna look at the fact that. It wasn't as if he went in somewhere near. And took money like we're smoke on the water wonderful restaurants are lucky came in somewhere in took something that he had no claim to write this was disputed. I mean. OJ say this is my image OK I mean that this is Moscow. In this is meet and date the other guys say no we purchased it. You know it's there's it he's had some on the site I'm I'm not sure he had a way to. Playing. That this is not just money or registered local water this amount right. This Moscow. At Boca are right history of drug or alcohol abuse we've heard stories. But guess what the they say either zero or one point for this no Robertson that would put him above where but he drug convictions no misdemeanor that there was some speculation. That he was pretty involved in cocaine back in the day but guess what never been there's some pretty good speculation the may be killed his wife as well against what he indeed that yes Juarez robbed civil right pale weak he can sit -- 82 point two maybe three OK maybe three gender I guess is that Mel you're automatically gonna get one point they're. Again we go back to the studies the recidivism studies they just believe that some more men in prison there's more to stove a statistical point of view feud Argo bad elements birch. Or listen to go bet on it. It's more like in the mail commits crimes and used Vista and if you are right her age she's seventy they award negative one point because they don't feel like he's a huge risk that a lot of years old but he's not a risk up thing now maybe sixty nine's going to be seventy. I'm not sure almost urgent it was buried and we 69 I don't know what he terms we are right. Active gain membership don't know point stairs that we got him to do points right now. All right maybe one maybe 198. The eight factor completed educational vocational or treatment program during prison term. In they have either minus one point spur route Jake or zero point switch means. He's been a he's been good in me yet that I think he has up Levy's participated in some education vocational treatment programs. So he is definitely going to. Get through factor any more without a lot of brawls. All right this went with the again coming back it and being a acted in May disciplinary right since that is in according to them. Has happened so he gets one point taken away probably set probably aren't any anymore. And now what custody well. Now why zero points as well as side is given him for a custody is because the level. Abby were curious to know what that means guys that custody of the children that's that custody what level that his team at a that is what level or Hillary incarceration. That you've got. You've got maximum you've got some called super Max in some stage got Max when you got medium low block is classified as a medium. But did you an hour talking low but all fear we insect a lot of might be more of a book of a minimum security facility. So he's not gonna get any points because he is at a facility. Where his freedom of movement is more so than an American who writes Lou if we're looking to that census tally comes to between zero in two points that makes Emmy Lou risky and a good candidate for parole. Las Vegas criminal defense attorney Daniel hill says he's the kind of person that gets parole. He has done a significant amount of time by Alex Cahill has caused any problems while interest you know they just don't get loose. Listen to juice is loose QB loose and I think the a belief coverage somewhere. In preparation for Clinton to. That Bob points or less. Is what the borders look at what has 5050. Improbable work from everything habitable put together that they award parole about half the time. But if you're as Bob points or less. The odds that's the government those a lot of the experts. He has not been negated when your top once you've got to be it too. Three at the absolute marks coming in May be even more the word is the worst case scenario for him now this sort of public prison he put himself in because unfortunately just that. I have watched it enough even though he did not get convicted for the murder of Nicole Goldman in rock or Nicole brown and Ron Goldman. I personally think he did it but she knew what. I'm not judge jury and executioner either you're not and that. It was its magnetic I mean the whole thing is just magnetic our cannot. What about television policy that slowed j.s about to stop it and mr. I mean it it just it is. It's a it's a case that ruined careers okay. Chris Norton Marcia Clark. Johnny Cochran. Who is no longer alive he soared Omaha right in my case it changed lives it changed judicial system. Is the case that most people think about and is. Is just magnetic and we're gonna continue to talk about it what does Jews do let's pretend for second that he has rolled. What does he do I think the social stigma that you failed to be in a pariah. Yeah I think that's the worst thing that yeah it didn't yeah. You know sometimes put some money that jail cells not the worst thing make them live in the until they created themselves in the in the a quarter of public opinion all right so what we come back. We're here right here you office at lining you know giddy with each other. Mr. underscore see you here McLean the former three year starter on the profits of light. We're gonna join up with him over the that we can get back in the OJ basketball. There's NFL going on Tony Romo looking like he maybe by the U late in the spot is he's gonna be released as well. All that covered head on straight up with starts were light on the ground smoke on the water of course we're always slide on ESPN upstate. You're talking sports on straight up week's surge analysts on Twitter and interact. ESPN all states. Are welcome back into the smoke on the water and guess what we're go at bat of the gas line it's one of market brands it's air Mac claim the former clubs and tiger than a current member of though workforce over the here on campus it made me even more important it let's give them it's just. It's set to be mayor he's done G-20 four congratulations haircut hippie do well. I appreciate you back to Estrada. We'll listen you know sit. I was sit here with Steve Sumner who is a former offensive lineman Nate at state in his freshman and sophomore year. It. I still quite having gotten over when we were Baltimore army navy game looking up in here I'm just thinking it's a bit provocative and yet today it was like no offense it was like the south hit big time into our meeting gala belt or. Unload unload or something. Big got a bigger city. The kit now all right so let's I mean with. Did that that in tiger. That entire weekend was one of the highlights of my life new new kitten it's something that I've always wanted to guarantee. The intake about it we're dammit can't put together Clemson wins their first national title it happens in your first year after leaving the program. You've got the gates there's a lot of cool things going on in this underscores his life right now. Yeah there's a lot of stuff that man what a great years and so far. That people are two Brothers picked up there and I want a national championship against you don't agree that we ought to be here or it's. I'll believe all pretty dark army navy game we talked about have been off. I bucket list Debra Mark Clark remembered it look at that I was really special moment. And it Ari do you got a little better. So let me ask you have mail transition from the football field to being knee working members Bayer Clemson university and you know you. We we actually. Your name to continue to get talked about this year when there were couple struggles on the profits of lying earlier but. You know whether the they lost that nastiness that you into court but they don't think you were a guide not in the book but you'll always be a member of that football program that nailed that your an employee. What have you noticed different Singh here on campus it sad that night in Tampa that Monday night. How big it is Barack cops. You know Clinton band still fit. All of clout. Our our company now for quite apartment just bet. Really exciting that it the buzz that's been around that extent we've gotten all sports you know our soccer team doing so well. Our web it'd been basketball teams start out so hot topic really look forward to it upcoming baseball season. You know I think we are very very province being. He's ahead but mayor I just know above the oracle of sports and phenomenal right now. It absolutely is say Eric Steve some murky place. Hole first of all congratulations on the wonderful career and all the success achieved better clumps. You played really don't pull out or you will thank you play for a wonderful coach Robbie Caldwell. He was over at Furman and actually recruited me and thank goodness for firm and they didn't sign and but he you have to break hey that was a great. Think for Furman that you're free of the scholarship for somebody else but let's talk about him because he was at Furman. And just has a reputation as being an outstanding football coach I didn't get to play for him. But at talk about Robbie Caldwell for a second. Yep the use an absolute hero pitted. God knows how to flip the switch on and off you know he's a beetle code on the field but as soon as we step all of our about a month after practice. You know he's a very well be Mercury. Not a great a lot of great leaders are you look at it I've permanent NC state and out Clinton. You know he's made some monster often bobbing up and up bought. Based group the other day when he got elected to the North Carolina called band that playground. Had it. Today he's just these great match up everything I knew about Al but the blonde and I was very blessed to be able to play out barriers. They'll let me kind of follow up on that here it is GE U right now he in jail since his retirement. I've seen clips and Nancy yet. Maybe the first thing they have they answer here a few years and it's a little bit of staff turnover. But you know life. You were a building block at this program how is it needs to. Six you decided to it in clubs and your senior year high school. I hope you topic we completely changed the culture to cut up and start acting out quite talented and I thought boy. You know those guys while being recruiting talking to Bill Koch is kind of what whether gold you know why do they accused Clinton. You talk about to have the highest rated recruits that we've ever gotten. Column and that's what they say they want to change the culture that they were kept laid a foundation prevent this kind of late at step on him but he did not agree here at our belt just a competent. Cannot take it to that next level and these guys went completely finishing at this year winning the national title. Published just it's been unbelievable you know we got better every year and from a coaching staff from month. Personnel that we bring in the character of the men that we bring and it should contact recruits itself you know that the players met. I shake out might not be cared leaked out. I count on ourselves not be a recruit anymore just because of the level that we're and really on top. Not to be a tiger. All right be sure you give Eric McLean a follow on Twitter mr. underscore clips and now listen we know offensive linemen are now and forget him on the needs to get dirty and every being in a Payer kidding dale on your knee at the fifty yard line in the clubs and indoor football facility. In asking your girlfriend of Bayer US compared to how nervous you are walking out of a locker advocate how about Phoenix and yeah. Out there are no matter that's a little brother. Yet there and promote physical employ too much easier ticket at all certain that. I had a nice padding around. I'll retort about emotionally and just bad service cannot tell you what outspoken in front outlook people I introduce vice president and and how the most nervous I've ever been in my life pocket at all our lives. And I could barely get it out but thank goodness he dead yet. And now what a magical island. Analysts and air guy hit I can tell you're getting married on June 24 that celebrate my twentieth on G-20 first in team this Dan sir I it's still not as my wife Debbie Harry Reid because if and I didn't know she did not get out I did I say yes I'll mayor uses figures. They are not totally kill the IL senator talent satellite Eric on the very few times where he dismissed the block and also obviously talked I don't know where I you know what. I felt really good is going to be banned the film room right now we move the chains and everything's okay I. I. I. Analysts and Eric again I wanna get to hear is smoke on the water sales like it will be panic easy at some point is your fiance doesn't live too far away from here so. Listen it is you were priced beer now in Washington at the US fairly TV (%expletive) up put a list of a few people wanted it. Reconnect with this week can you were right near the top so I appreciate you making some time towards here on this Thursday thank your. Appreciate your vote Clinton talk with him. All right the Yankees are there's a year McClain and listen just a follow him on Twitter at mr. underscore CE UB fateful he did. Because here's a guy that fought scratched for everything that he got on the football field. Did you know he's happy he with the training camp last year didn't work out he realizes other things in play and for him during this life so big they are Joan starts right here. Does that sit on his Twitter account look you think he is a little bit nervous right there. All he she said yeah yeah the fortunate thing is it's. The on them back at you if legally married Clinton never asked my wife you you're the lawyer you're a a she let that bit about the start had been chemical all well listen to what your wife what it's consistent how to culture constipated for prevent it that is the way to deliver. A a mere two proposals a buddy by it said one type easily gets Tucker out of the woods cheated say yes she would come back out of those woods a they have a lot of OK okay that is dedicated Nokia at night here's the deal let's get off to break when we come back we will start talking about some NFL Tony Romo. That we may have he'd like legally in the spot for him is he said he crazy day. Get an 844 G as the ESPN's Steve Sumner from Steve Sumner aloft for upstate DUI dot com. He's like with this year's smoke on the water. Listening to us we know we stir takes root ES PM told you a message to 71307. Years skis ES PM I'll cities. Always fun to catch up with they're maintain eats anything good to get Steve and and there's a guy that's come to grips with his career and he he's gonna go on and do great things whether it's with Clemson University that diehard college civic. Matter of fact you know who mark Packers. Billy packer side don't know Marquardt just know who it is he Panetta tweet earlier today was Decision Day in their household for his dollars of senior. In high school she finally got hurt that she did like the three places he got accepted golf for the last one that came in in the last I guess 48 hours or so Wisconsin so. There's a lot of it's I guess here in the up state with big smiles on their faces doing its thing about acceptance letters to clips and said. She is applied to all of this. Alabama clumps and gotten involved Perino now she has to make the decision here I guess by the end of the week kid and he put that out of Twitter. But -- liked it is if this is any question of your GIV testing at a school puts it is the right it's there everything you like here's a guy that loves its university loves his alma mater. Am I don't know how difficult was it for you win you decided okay I'm not gonna play football was at best just to leave that state in good start over somewhere else sort. Is that something that you regret having out of that I never really had that choice in my life steam. And that one where you never went back lit by house behind it got to want it in a third team all America. And I just what do you know I mean in in when you talked with went there to have a credible career. And the high on this things if Eric continue to work. And continued to. Pursue professional football he probably would give more opportunity. I mean the phone would ring. It might be the Texans we'll we'll talk about the Texans and Tony Romo applicable than that that's being thrown around. It it could be Pittsburgh could be Denver could be some us and listen get all the playing. We're gonna work out three it's this afternoon and you may be wearing the uniform. Next Sunday. Here could've done that there's no question sometimes gas face of difficult. Decision and Iraq continue to pursue this or do I need to look at the next chip in my life look at what he's done it's just. I think clips is lucky to have it Alia and that is that was polished stone they've got so much momentum. I mean that much they just paint this talented get so much movement and with guys like that coming back to that university. That all of that articulate and just that excited his his mode coming. He's off the mis spent an awful but went Donna butts in the voice of the Clemson football tigers told. The a couple of years ago to the he really felt the corners started to change down there when the coaches didn't have to police the locker room anymore at the players were doing it for them. And you just topped one of the policeman at that Margaret back in the day. It to me that's what I have understood you got I would listen to Nick Saban of course he's the head coach where I went school. Listen that the its win. They take ownership that they know what the set rules are I mean what's going on at this in state right now we've got that three players. That are getting ready to be yet charged any sexual assault investigation. And that's you. That's becoming a bad culture in college football but you look at. States the you know it Alabama's the club since right now if they're not having those issues in their. Program that's one of the but really that's something that that vote and all of the coaches over there can take a lot of pride in clumps and doesn't make news off the field. And I think has Beano cook this that it generally if you look at the police blotter. It any major university that the top teams will have the the thickest lot of thank you for that market. You think about almost got to change national that is why you think about Miami. That you have others in the history of what the thirty for thirty average view at NASA to do that's another good show we talk about the the foods segment they did on the geez that's another good chip. But it's a fine line. To corral some and just unfortunately. And I'm not gonna naming names of I happen to play. In practice against for two years that have a long NFL career. If he stayed in a lot of trouble off the field it's just I don't know what it is. As a few decades. That's fascinating kids like he said it used to be about Nellis about the ones that keep their nose clean and as a matter fact we'll discuss that a little bit more. When we come back also Tony Romo. That tape he's gonna be released best thing that happens to him why because now he can goat cheese where his next place that he wants the play it's gonna be verses being stuck. In a trade so. One more hour to get here from smoke all the water straight it was sturtze we're live on ESPN upstate.

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