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Feb 17, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

77 of them growing 971 ahead M sport. Or on ESPN I'm staying there. One of the justice we didn't beautiful down to. According to ESPN's. Ed werder and remove it expects to be released did not traded now I. Course there were reports out there are guys that. Yeah the cowboys were gonna try to stay at trade him and get it get him into a good situation. Which I maintain the entire time state that's not the cowboys job to do it. Now you know what I mean that you take Q who did business sometimes she'd take who's willing to dates with you. So to speak so I think this is the best thing for Tony Romo did it in the fact that now he gets to go wipe the slate clean in pick where he's gonna go next. In them already seen reports that Houston Texans are in the mix because brought us Weller had to turn out to be one of the biggest disappointments of the year. Quarterback yeah he did. I think. I think Romo with with the Texas would be a fantastic fit he. He's he's older now but these price gas internal to our search I'm not I think Romo can do it. Houston's defense is is do it they're real good they've got one top I don't know. I'm not looking at the statistical top Barbara sixty passed in the league I would say that at least not a single digit the events. They got a single digit defense they've got a guy in new Compton's that was I'll always just loved. I mean he's not the bass player he just a play maker. That they've got everything but quarterback is so important that league we saw with Tom Brady you see it all the time what do you tell Tony Romo when your recur. Hurting him and that's what's gonna happen is he is now a free agent you tell them listen. Will give you which he gets to come in and earn the starters job it. Especially from the Texas standpoint if you will give you that opportunity to come in in the in earned the starters job but it. Don't ET cannot beat out Rok us Weiler. We expect you to help him mentally is the back up but this decade it. Do you think he's willing to do that again if you keep beat out. Somebody. Well that's a big question and I'm sure that's can be at the front of every general manager mom what happens if he's off to restore order. He's had some injuries he's played a lot of quarterback. He's been I mean he has taken a lot of licks search in. What ten or twelve year career I think there's tread on the tire I go to let's it's easy for me to say but diesel if I'm Tony rev I'm gonna go play golf four times a week and I'm gonna forget this NFL stuff mail. What else you gonna do in life where you know only what ten million dollars on the table was stuff like that that elephants and he's done is investing right Steve. Yeah he got anything to worry about now rest is why he doesn't that you know what's groups. He needs to be Tony Romo did you and I mean that any in my hopper like most. But great players but what what are baseball but you know we talk about Tiger Woods if you want to. He wants to be Tiger Woods and Romo no lose. At the minute that he quits playing football league's regular person that you know didn't wanna do that again I think the you're right on that with tiger I saw a report earlier today he met with a doctor out Los Angeles. Yesterday afternoon. It is still cold and the steady. Upright for him you know look it's long it's seeking and which what is it. You got a good strap yourself in to something to sleep upright is back it's that bad of shape right now well we could spend. The next two or three hours talking about target which talking about Jack Mack was talking about the comparisons. The the one thing to be clear I think all listeners would agree. Is that tiger puts so much dressed only his body. With that swing with that viola whip and it 2528. Years old could do it. He puts so much pressure phone isn't the onus back on its dips. It is just tell going when he talked about whispers but Jews with the group you know there's been a lot of with Bob Barker. Was their rewards you know I'll I don't know her arm and a teacher right yeah whatever you wanna say to open. I'm not I'm not pushing that wealth like this right do I don't like him and probably should say that. But what I seek. Woody you are seeing now is somewhat hold or you would suggest that accountable for the number of golf balls he hit when he was three or bots I am of the belief. Did you only have X amount of swings in your golf game in this body in the white. A look at my dad loves to play golf all yankees like me. He seemed fitting that she get what I'm saying they're Jared Hawkins talking about beat him at Dexter said one time goes yeah I haven't thought about it but. This is my good boxer get darker whatever will salute. Chocolate thunder gauntlet on dot dot you're done but in my dad's back was hurt mean that was you know cry back with play golf there in the week you heard it. Saturday morning he had his round with his buddy list does not get an ominous you know sit. If his back hurt the doctor told the plate left handed which is apparently much worse on your back been playing right into it and the doctors doctors that lets you got 12 options you can either quit or you can learn how to play right handed him the union in the textures he inducted into the mid eighties right in the still but left handed this all day. But that it was a city that the only about the says that's why I am threw but mainly into the firm belief you've got X amount of golf swings. The decade is on Johnny Carson hit hundreds of balls into a net at a young age you as a novelty you if you will your fantasy it's eventually caught up nail. Is we were seen yesterday Steve. I'd rather see him if he came back out there because nailed it hopes to get back at the masters now fits if you can't wait they don't. How that tell you supposed to play Iran on the golf much less six than a week with practice rounds in the important part of it. In this stating it's just walk away just walk away the keys you know what there's already people. They quite frankly don't remember how dominant that he was when he was 212223. Years old. You know one day we're gonna sit down and then and you're gonna ask me to come back who can duplicate those accused afterward so much and we'll go to look at. Jack Nicklaus. Overall let's say over six to turn him if you look at tiger over six tournaments but I there was a time more working more I'm not aware he won. About 32 were 33%. Of the purpose that he played one out of every three times he would finishing top thought he'd warned the government. A wonderful career. But again the pressure that he put on an hour with Jessica miles from the Politico line and you look at LeBron James. A fantastic. Athlete a fantastic ballplayer. He's an old 31 of them to he's been he's been a pro basketball players that's wishful thing. Somebody is the end of that that special abroad and our main. He he eased the reason they started here in high school games nationally on ESP I mean when he was fifteen years old. He was a professional basketball player so he's really got seventeen years and as a pro. Then we talk about the Olympics which ships do you talk about team USA you talk about the fact that he plays. All basically all year long for most of the time along the abuses and is. And you look at tiger and it's you know what his release. It's say. Are smiling me at my age to remember well how dominating was he changed golf and he changed the golf courses. Augusta changed because they just the tiger proof. I don't tiger proof discourse because you can't go out there in when a term about fifteen shots in between the 223 years old. I got to see Jack Nicklaus on the backside of his career. Picker I I had been to the masters of multiple times but I was there in my opinion on the greatest day the masters is ever seen with every Saturday at night in 86 Sunday in nineteen I was in Austin when Jack Nicklaus won it 46 years old I had already left the position myself. Back around the tenth green because it looked like it may go to extra holes that we couldn't get up close to eighteen. It was Greg Norman and that may be big torch coming down the stretch he and nick felt it. Good it and there's a little bit before anybody ever even knew who nick felt that was right so I remember. You growing up in watching Jack Nicklaus who have loved absolutely adored but I want making the argument every day that we can twice on Sunday. It when tiger was dominant he was more dominant than any golfer that is probably walked the face of this earth well this week's nobody'll you know what it that's what locals say. I'm nothing mix and said that sometime within the last calendar year. Phil Mickelson was interviewed and was asked about your course and that gives a lot of age okay. And so they're talking about to about that you don't put about speed and a few the other guys that are fantastic golfers. And basically I think stirs the question was to film at some. Kim Kim Kim one of these gas. Be the next Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson says. When he was home in when he was younger. I don't believe that we will see it again there's certain things that you just. We won't see you in sports. It's rare. It's extremely rare Nolan Ryan I've been noticed they threw seven no hitters and digitally through thirteen and one wonders. But they're just certain people but it will not be replicated in a lot. Let's look at one we're seeing right now in the the NFL and that's Tom Brady he's now they're contract negotiations with more of and it patriot. I don't buy per minute that he's play until he's 45 years old. However I think he still has a couple of years left in him but let me ask you is they are something you read this first of all. I don't like football enough I don't like golf enough I don't like diesel enough to you do you like weeks ago under the streets at eating habits that. This Tom Brady puts him third no that's got to put a smile on your face and like very what's awhile and I love some good for it. But maybe there is something doll this craziness yea he got allow himself teases blah blah blah suite Adobe did that. You know made a remark that there's not two but Tom Brady is I'm convinced he can go out there when a Super Bowl. Forty years old. Next year thank you probably can't it'll like for a lot of people like for Peyton Manning it will in quickly with the age it tends to jump in really really forwarded by Aston. I hope Tom Brady did did he seems very determined. To contain his career. He has established himself with that through Super Bowl. As. Mark Allen the greatest quarterback of all time I don't like her getting it. You are the Arctic Nassau I think it was Joseph Montana. The other day saying it's just not let it clear to label anyone as the go to the greatest of all time I don't battles he had key element can win Tom Brady in the found out he's five and two in super balls as sound intuitive. Every rock every year they turned the roster rover completely virtually. Belichick is the master. In and listens to this but does. It roster spots 4352. Or whatever Poland new people and all the time on the when Montana did it. Jerry Rice John Taylor Roger Craig a consistent roster and move the tide in some clips and the white. More quickly toward what they consistent roster all the time. Tom Brady has to do with the new cast of racism in every running backs virtue they. In these five differences anyway and how about and hopefully it's quite wide receivers as well. I should let that of that seed Francisco run it running back Roger correct the former Nebraska all the Nebraska card can still see those knees going up almost since she and but Montana who was fantastic. Had a consistent group every year and he also had a guy by the name June rise. And Iberia underrated guy with John Taylor. And. Brady had the Brady hadn't had that. He did have he did have paraded around his call for a little while electorate he liked Bill Belichick said you know Ravi moss that he would deal with him came with this and see your W Angela. We'll tell you what he's a he's a heck of a commentator yeah he's articulate he is just I mean Smart as a whip and hate. I think he still holds single season record I think what point seven touchdown receptions when he ate maybe something like that it's absolutely fantastic in. Yet that to me like Ravi moss because it he'll tell it like it is that we were talking last night diesel and I. Jalen Rose has become well favorites in the hole like a trail of how whites that thirty for thirty on the map by that and the other night. EA he admitted that I was jealous you have read my mom had to work you know late they're he courts people don't realize lakers background growing up in New York but yet. They get duke was the rich white boys club and they work he witnessed situated he was really ticked off about it you know what. I love that honesty instead of let's just be politically correct are available rose a lot of phone Bill Walton a lot of fun to listen to you last night I heard he had yeah that pick by Taliban in BA game was allegedly here won't call it like it is there Brad will call like it is I want to use your legal expertise one more time when we come back because they hear it to the media you read through this this is a troublesome situation for -- huge stage she. People remember him he was the coach at Iowa State they got drunk heavily McCain's state lit exit the team back I was state stayed in Manhattan Kansas certainly David Schwartz audiences. It partied all night got caught in Canada avenue go into rehab ending. Got his start back in the game at southern miss Neely stick it to Colorado State. In date may be the only team in the Mountain West Conference Keating in this upcoming NCAA tournament. But my question EU is gonna be when I tell our listeners in Colorado State at 42 key lay you Stacy. As they're coach because some people say. What is gone on these grounds for dismissal will talk about that it beats these final segment with this I guess it went whatever you don't hate us and may have wherever I can be wearing your till 7 o'clock no I've worked for use with sixty and Steve Sumner at this keeps under a law firm will tell you more. About. The web site upstate EYE dot com and a whole lot more is that will close up shot. It's 7 o'clock here on this Thursday edition of straight up with Stewart. Yes he's straight up we've sterner. Call 44. ESPN. Sports on ESPN a state. All right welcome back in a few more segments to go on this Thursday he addition the course college basketball taking center stage curling taking center stage out never Washington its rights. Is finishing up his final day. Out the years the US curling TP chips he'll be back with us next week in. In we'll see how much he's smiling the united about it and following him on Twitter and you know we talk multiple times and lets you talk about getting out of your comfort zone. Is exports also co host let's go into the US curling championships and Everett Washington. It's pretty cool so hey listen that we've got Steve Sumner since prices out this week Steve Somers it then. With this today in that Steve W one of the things is is sometimes in sports there's a lot of legal ramifications. We saw OJ may be released later on this year he gets his. If he gets his role this weekend but. Colorado State is likely right now the one team. This Mountain West Conference that's going to act Gideon. The NT part of it may be has the only resonate to get in it they don't win the automatic bid that they have a coach by the name of layer you state she. That it's RE lost a job at Iowa State for drinking game he's not a nice guy most people in the business will take is nothing alike about this guy. Well that Colorado State it's gotten a lot of feedback from players in the mothers and fathers of players and family of players that. Layer you Stacy is created a culture of fear and intimidation and emotionally abused his players. Colorado State is out there and does an investigation and they confirmed that its deterrent but it now one at the board of trustees. Is seen that this this should be grounds for terminates. From the university. First thought this is not a court of law but when you got I had you read through this you know. There's enough problems in here like you eat you as the fact it. You thirteenth site needs it that Colorado State for you Stacy. Only whoever finished just one player he signed with the you have Graham's. Finished his senior the year state gulf war years eight in. That's a pretty good sign that things are going well with the coach right here between you rethink this and yet. Gotta be careful about it peeps yeah you did you have to and I don't know if title about it title in whatever it is. Where federal ball flies. Because scholarships or interstate commerce and that kind of thing but you station has to be extremely careful that he brought up a point about. The fact of somebody released information from his personal. Or personnel file. And that's another issue too. He's state she is contract probably has a general. Calls and it about you know it if you do anything the bears university or something like that is ground from the determination. But you know what's search he's winning ball games and there are a lot of things. That. The universities. And high schools and frankly. The Taylor found them to put up with. With a coach if you win a lot of gains any but you know what he he he's not light but yet he tends to be very successful where. Rusty the Baylor fan base. I'm loving art riles so much even after you've been fired. Let this investigation confirmed. His outburst in the locker room where he told people. Consistently does shut the F up or call them names that we cannot say here on the air we won't be allowed back on the bar. Or the fact that he hit putts and these including dry erase boards and throwing an open suit akin to get some walls in the estate. Well you know what let's not stirred we've all heard the greatest halftime speech ever when somebody recorded Bobby Knight used and and that and you just laugh at life talk about magnetic diesel. You know we talk about the OJ but by the OJ case in the slow chase that. That that recording of Bob united Bob listen to a one time outlets 250. Somewhat. So just you stations have a case here which is when asked to comment on it he said quote I am deeply disappointed. On a day personal level. That someone chose to publicize confidential information from my personal file follow. He's got he's got it he lists and that is something that's like medical records search I mean you cannot release that information. Does he have a claim he probably has some comically but it ultimately the issue becomes. And I don't practice a formal law book. If it's a front of the jury you know what are your damages I mean what. It was any information gleaned. From that personnel file that wasn't willing permitted usable players so there's a lot of different angles that you can take to defend it. You stations who again also he's got all those general Paul's is about morality and inaudible are you burst up like they could do it. They could get rid of the problem if you want to but hey I'm coming here would be so I mean look at what was going all that but you learn. And everybody in that conference nearly everybody every other coach in the comforts me more by it was getting away with from what they would do it to win. And I mean they're still there people right now an inducement to that they would do it absolutely stroke project the boiler that for a brawl last. Yes it has snagged CAB no dad about someone is this the war if Brooke from the legal perspective because you worry player that state as well. But from the legal is this worst case scenario for college president went abuse comes up because. I maintain college kids are getting the college kids. Oh well some I got busted for smoking pot while nobody ever did that college before. Even EPO I had too much during the one thing got him stomach team will not stomach in there's nothing I can do for you would you don't have that gray matter. To eliminate its sexual peeps yeah I think that's where the line it's do well. In the in criminal world. There's a huge difference between the way people treated witnessed a crime just to give society which should be drug use or. Something statutory. This may create about legislature. Vs something that is Malin say you're just won't own deepest moral level and sexual abuse is and that a lot of political expert. Well I had just again I do not you wanna get in trouble with the do you not bring somebody in its a second chance. Did it the first offense and sexual Synaptics is in no way. Police and accuse droplets and cannot inept coming after I still can't believe what school that Butler and what they allow for 23 years. To go won't and now they were light at the school board there weren't a lot of football games and that. That's where the lines get more. And you were seen at a Colorado State and hopefully. The right thing will be done. We'll just have to wait sleep like he said the the only team from the mountain west with a resonate with a probably gonna give them determine whether they win they're posting apartment or not. Yeah it's brilliant no offense it is pretty pretty weak when it comes out there are right what what did a it was sell saying he'd do anything was that you keep that Steve the yet we deal with it on social media on a daily basis when it comes to people or things of that nature but do you remember. Just three weeks ago. The case of a Warner. The wide receiver from the state authorities of force our wide receiver unit at sided with the gators but. He got arrested while he was on his official visit. State for smoking marijuana at a a well now we know why this guy James Robinson again I'm sorry you he would fix stupid that you we all make mistakes. Act he would do anything for you. Win and I you know what he ended up starting his an arrest when he got on Twitter that first night in Columbus, Ohio. Here's a picture of his Twitter kill James Robinson the fourth me and this is witty tweets out. But USC players do so much drugs. Smiley face this that it. Me and bring that ended up starting the rock and do you do anything for somebody did his dumb enough. Again I'm not saying I'm not castigating him for smoking the pot. What I am doing this holiday and stupid for broadcasting it on Twitter Indian that get arrested. He almost what they able to sign a scholarship that the University of Florida the next week. Statistics governor reality here that dumb I'm not sure I can do anything to help. Well you know you can always do something else about it but it it's. As we've seen in the last 456 years with the younger kids about old. Is social media you've got a novelty engage in certain activity got to put out there that should do that it legitimizes you. Somehow some way. One of the first things that I do. As well or you're somebody gave me since day all right of social meet tunnel to tweet about this. I don't want to get on FaceBook it's I have never should've been the rest of the U I don't want to get out there and do that because it's out there it's public knowledge people can. Ascertain it and frankly that's one of the first things Lidstrom did. Prosecutors is look now social media in cases of both of allegations of right and things like that is just to look it's amazing what people put out. They're more alive no doubt about it we RD activities last night. It again we're gonna talk about some things from the website guys repeatedly. Got tossed out of a local establishment the other night. Without a baseball bat. But back in that same local establishment before closing time and went after some people with the baseball bat and got out of there. Nobody needs apparently from night here and guess what. Shows up at a different establishment last night starts bragging about what he did the previous night the art manager knew that he was being looked for picked up the phone call the police and as where to go your day and that's exactly. He said Ellis at this guy looks that we hear this story last night easily signals that the lets up and there's all these lights going off to the parking lot. He Brunson the kitchen trying to get out the back door guess what kind of felt like Mississippi Burning sit there and back. The brings. Sarah how many times have we seen it where guys get arrested because are bragging about what they did on pace but it happens all the time. Yes state of Florida is famous for its amazing yet Florida yet and I'm latest estimate is one of the first things. That I tell somebody is a reminder of Arnold remodeled listen don't tweet about this don't FaceBook about this. Don't get all social media and give your side of the story but right now people feel compelled modeled when it is built through that. They wanna give their side of the story out and you know there's time and place to do it. And it's not called FaceBook about Pittsburgh. That is but one thing is is if you find yourself in that situation you are the only super lawyer here in the upstate dedicated to DUI offense you'd like to tell people on an arrest is not a conviction. They were talking about that would just that Jake earlier you know arrested did not get convicted. Here's the deal keeps your mind. You let me. Used to write that god gave you was well it's the US constitution to remain silent at times she would she do which you say yes sir no sir. You'll listen to him you be respectful. Inundated cities you get the opportunity which do you which she called the Steve Sumner law firm. You go online and upstate do you why the phone numbers 2353834. Because it you don't know what you're up to. Cheats are if you failed yourself in that situation you may not be revived you mean ever. Remember probably what you been told that. You're gonna who have an automatic loss at bureau license coming up in that's why you gotta get pucks in whatever interests of the. Into us first of all thank you for those nice comments but it's an automatic license suspension a lot of times and saw a six month. Minimum to one year requirement sturgeon and of an internal lock that when witnesses were. Ignition analog devices which nobody moves to. Have that in the coal for a year. With DU boxes about what happens after. You you know it is just it's not just about paying a thousand bucks just about everything that happened that would have the high risk insurance it's the permanent from a record. We're just go to work as hard as we can for that not happen. Elicit it can happen to anybody and it happened to me out in that championed by that I mean mixing and dad and having that do it thirty minute field sobriety test at prices like my cuts nod. I knew I was sober but guess what the police officer he had an agenda that particular evening for whatever with reason. And I sat there and I remember being nice be respectful. Eight in that I got back in the car got back of the rim and got Mac is a new house get mess with so well listen they are the best upstate do you buy dot com also you can also map state football. In some other things with Steve Saunders or when we come back Steve I'm gonna pose the question. The final school in a fourteen team SEC opens up they're indoor practice facility will see if you can name that school. When we return I was stunned to find this went out earlier today. It straight up with sturtze we continue like from smoke on the water on ESPN upstate. You're talking scored sung straight up week's surge analysts on Twitter and interact. ESPN all states. All right down the stretch week come here on this Thursday the addition of straight up with sturtze one basketball coach is already been fired from a major job it's mark Godfrey didn't. You I'm not sure fight this when number well I could totally Steve is Steve Sumner from it's the summer law firms here with this one more segment. I'm not buying fire guy hit it there in the year and then let him coach it out. All right because what it is we've seen before what it into state is on a magical run through Brooklyn to the ACC tournament TP chip. Finds themselves back in the NCAA tournament. Yeah you're talking about a coach Godfrey heading into this season it got in the NC state in 24 NCAA tournaments in the past five years. So it's not like things are broken. It's you know why I I just say go ahead and just always yep part waits these waves you know what we think these. I'm sorry I was answering a phone call from them understand where these Obama I wanna ask you this question. If I gave you he put the tape that we go back in November 1 all right. And I tell you that mark Godfrey it's going to be fired in basketball before the into the season in date due Warren was gonna keep his job as head coach at NC state. I'm quite OK you're crazy. You know what I mean but that's exactly how that situation work now to you know the thing is it's state better make their mind up. It didn't notice or basketball school North Carolina and as their basketball. School but they try to compete and put. Oh now I've been seized they were Smart they would. Throw everything they've got to becoming a football school. Because there really is no power five football school in North Carolina they could be the only ones that they really invested and. Well that's the thing they think they're basketball their basketball season they think their football their football season in lesson of all the conference championship. Game winners in football. Only one has a decent basketball team this year so it just goes to show you figuring rarely in light do you see that run the Florida went on where they are you rooting for national titles in basketball he and in football let's go to the phone while I don't know what are you can't. I state is had a run into the final minute order under is serving mid Michigan has done it but you still I need to some degree yet so to eat but they're they're few and far between Florida probably did it his best it's anybody's to let's go to the Clinton side Jim Watson Paulson met state football Jeff welcome and I hope you have a good afternoon. Wonderful duplicate opera's mobile version viewed. The world. You get it from both size gym is rubbing it in he's going to play golf stirs revenue in the easy to smoke on the water food I'm sitting here brown room. Well you Rhode gitmo more luck big loan that a hundred. And here's my job to be here. Yeah I got out tonight I hold on Jim he got out last night and guess what he did pay for say master. Well little web okay that's helping not finished third. Suzanne do I feel a little older I held up aren't all dark don't do liberals Tarawa. Do feel a bit merit but they're good place. Not a high diesel you have heard of new ones I don't know I don't know that unedited there. Don't do yeah I'm still here yeah I've heard of GM but I I don't like Upton then I'll think about it. It's very little to lose I lose a little golf course so far they've mount Anglia. Wait a minute wait a minute problem that right now. I'll play play that way I played mandolin. So I can go a long time ago. But I'm one of those guys that about a golf course of their life to head out I can't play golf very much my dad. You know he's he was allegedly very borders lob to the matter gulf that excellent but yes I hit Jerry Brown Glenn have you played that Jim that you played man. I'll walk up political report comes here. Henri gut out that article by a reporter I'm here in December clearly these are better communicate although there. Most Galilee go to Lin village that time of the Yale always gorgeous Communist. OK and again tonight comes off won't work through what no fumbles no July that we are able. Yeah a lot of they would very very Republica principle problem of members that are that you have. Commit that Florida and everybody. And all of pulled back a black streak they've made up our a a duke football street they all go gap flights they quote played football when that went pretty big ridge can. They are the biggest party I have been to a mile off the bar. I absolutely. Yeah you just let out of it diesels slut and a half of that one yeah oh you know I got. I got phone calls from from roommates and friends said you should have been down here mend the party was not so said no he's an event out here in Ann Arbor. Yeah. And a little bit the power and look at that apple actually would be chemistry this year toy balloon blue chip. Almost almost and it looked so close yet so far now Jim Lou wince he was in here few weeks ago that we look no former Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr was stated here in smoke on the water. It I just wanted to go take notes can he now for thirty minutes what diesel runs down here to the because. Turns out his son and daughter in law without hearing yeah and I believe he said. Yet and he was supermodel com and I went over easy eggs so classy enough that got. Laughed and joked refuse to urge that he was only got a little break into it and hit it in appellate things isn't it Jordan giving it only got to go to sixteen point game. But GM lord was here not been announced that you know I. I told him that I played. Watched a lot of football with a little bit and do so so where you could play music to play Carolina about the length of my grandson play Carolina. Mack Brown don't coach who worked on after that statement and also now have let's state if he'd just. I don't know for just two or three seconds he just couldn't say yeah I'd throw that I. Everybody what a million automate visual and yeah I walked alone down there what do laws on the for just about three of course likened to you know not chew it that's a lose lose it never really fully he. Yeah yeah I bet it had to look at them a great white shark it's you throw it back up in the back of the head he did but what a nice guy and and what a magical you know what about and you know what's in the breaker. The rate of over one I'm gonna watch that and seek games bird watching these watching some man here the diesel there I mean you know apps stay. Physically I mean it (%expletive) that I mean that that ball game I mean they could certainly could won a ballgame. He's certainly no children experienced you. Laying some good to know. Yet alone no lately he's a little listen he played more golf than here were sold over 2000. The synagogue has it's limits and I went you know I'm Newt you're human immune real. Canada they feel that opportunity don't popular a real you'll. Listen he was a good golfer but it was funny at the funeral. I had so many people come up to me it's a you know played more golf with your dad and I'll play with anybody else. And awesome mom messed when he thick insulation that hit hit he's the one guy this like this that are the wheeled. You know pebble creek I'm never going out there but gymnast who. Are all gone out of golf we've been increased. Well Othello I go home to have a group. The what they've had good it is male athlete who is enough enough that's all right Melissa base. We've been doing very political opportunity and really that's Reagan finished beat him. My oh my goodness. I've done all right Chris stated Jim there's a nice man as well over. So Steve I'd I'd have to ask you Steve is every time I've seen Matt brown on TV. Talking about. Drive him back from Clemson the burning get mad greasy fried chicken you know exactly what he's talking about where is as greasy fried chicken and background you're talking about we're just. Well you know look we would stop. I'm sure my age right now we would stop. And it. A place right around when bill I want to say and and we would get it on the bus we would have to at least three maybe three buses. And we would get. That the two go buckets and I'll tell you could not put them. You couldn't put ammonia Latin decent because. That would be Greece that would go all the way to go through. The bucket. Or or you know the container. And it would mr. France we did a lot of we know what we a lot of good food and we you know back the end. And I guess that still that they yeah we busted yet where it goes a long trip to settle those long tribute to Chatham and not just on the score board sometime next. I you know I have that problem and I are all right Steve you start. A little web site listen. Again. You never know when it can happen to you the website upstate the UI dot com the phone number 2353834. We appreciate you stepping up as noisy guy it's been a lot of fun to watch price but it's also been a lot of fun to. These some other things as well as he. Thank you diesel are you so much all right you guys have the so when we come back here's what we're gonna NCAA bubble is in full effect it's bubble watch time. Guess what will he be that tonight's bubble tracker games. And straight up was sturtze one more segment it's worth light from smoke on the water on ESP in upstate. Losing to us we know we stirred takes root ES PM totally your message to 71307. Years skis ES PM I'll state. No games in the Atlantic Coast Conference tonight one game in the SEC you do you have Texas a and M at Vanderbilt Vanderbilt twelve and thirteen on the year and they will be the next opponent for the South Carolina game cut Saturday night. At 830 you have like basketball here in the upstate ever the Hodges sinner. That add up state they will be hosting. Stetson tonight. You're talking about a program are the Spartan seventeen and eleven on the year seven and four in Atlantic sun play it's dancing comes in. Tonight's gain ten and eighteen on the year to a nine. In league play. Next up this weekend Florida Gulf Coast University the number one tied for the lead with lipscomb. In the Atlantic sun and they won't be in Spartanburg on Saturday. When it comes to your games tonight to pay attention to. These are gains it will make a difference when it comes to the bubble that we keep here in the the bubble is historically weak this year. Well tonight you got Michigan that was Scots and at Michigan Wisconsin no issues here number eleven in the country but Michigan is a team that needs wins. So what this would be a big big win. For the war wolverines because. They have a baby beer you Rhode heavy scheduled to finish things out. Also tonight you wanna pay attention that you. Or you. Listen you ties a nice record but they're just won an eight. Against he RPI. Top 100 so it's probably over stating that this is a must win for you talk about organ is a tough place to play. In the two pizzas. For Utah on the Yates making the NT tournament are starting to run now but they could do a big guys Germans were tonight. By knocking off the ducts in Eugene also you got Loyola mayor now at Saint Mary's in. Sissy deal with saint mayor he's that they need to take care of their business than the rest of the way. They fell by eleven points against in Zagat this past past weekend. To know one thing to lose to the bulldogs against Zagat it's another thing to lose the Loyola marymount so was Saint Mary's. Needs to handle their business this evening that probably one of the more under rated games out there. Middle Tennessee at western Kentucky because middle Tennessee starts a three game road trip in conference USA. They upgraded to help toppers are down this year that Bowling Green still a place to go into. You're talking about a middle Tennessee team pretty undervalued to simply in the fact remember. They got hold of Michigan State in the opening rail into the NCAA tournament last year in the exit Tom Izzo who won his first ever. First round losses with the spartans so pay attention there is. Middle Tennessee at western Kentucky tonight but. They'll also be a big week in a college basketball kind of excited about the 34 match up. Kansas at Baylor but diesel. Yeah when it comes to things right now I think for clumps and they need to win in eight in a road win against Miami on Saturday. But you know clubs and keeps finding themselves on the bubble line if you will as a matter fact Shelby mess our friend from bracket wagged dot com and USA today. Has them is part of the last four in they play in Dayton in the play against the University of Tennessee says. Who needs wins more so a win more this weekend clubs and at Miami. Or South Carolina Vanderbilt. It SA both and cheat. Certain that they both desperately need a win South Carolina needs are right that ship and has given that get that warm and Fuzzy feeling to win back in their system again and clubs is despite their lives. Every single games. Yet that's sake clips and probably needs the win at worst it becomes the post season aspirations but it. South Carolina needs to protect their main base from going oh crap not again because. They were remembered that the way the gamecocks finished out the year last year which costs than me tickets at an NCAA tournament bid they found themselves in the ninety and they get knocked out in the second round so to us out here on experience don't wanna see that happen again but. Got a little bit more leeway if you're getting cut basketball for in the in his you do with your tiger and that's kind of ironic about this you think about clumps and they not off south Carolina at South Carolina they knock off Alabama in Birmingham and they beat Georgia here. In that opened the year and Little John Clemson owns a Big Three wins against SEC teams. Especially to album that may be on the bubble was wells so a lot of things that are going to be happening come enough. In the at a course starts this weekend don't forget just up the road 4 PM on Saturday. At Furman University though that she UNC Greensboro spartans a good ballclub they come into this match up with Timmons arena at 4 o'clock. On Saturday 1988. On the year and then finally. Over in Spartanburg. That's at 7 PM tipoff. It is the final gain in Benjamin Johnson arena history that didn't do will go out in style this weekend. I hear there's Bettany eight full house the year Watford on Saturday night for the terriers of course Furman and Wofford will close out they're so kind years next Saturday at opens Timmons arena. Before they go to the ash spill for the southern comfort start and it's a diesel yet be a little bit happy today got a little bit apps they tell you how. Yeah we're talking about having an app state segment and thought well maybe it's not really all that compelling. To the local Clemson, South Carolina bodies that we ended up having won anyway. Definitely think that was maybe it made that conversation a little bit better was it appears from Don months in the voice of the tigers also. Eight proud at state grad but we're going to be at studio with you to march diesel so will close out the week. We'll have some fun have a blessed night will do it again the mark for for more straight up with storage.

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