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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

303 PM a novel. Interesting stuff from dory their own Bill Snyder of Kansas State said football coach. Early Denton has done an amazing job battling throat cancer now 77 years old. Stepped away for three years they went in the tank came back they were good again. So he's. Still a heck of a job and just just hope that he Indiana and I think. I don't know maybe it's because Snyder's a Kansas State and that's where frank Martin's game from. But it. I think Frank Martin can do for South Carolina basketball. Sort of what Bill Snyder did for Kansas State COPEL. As old Harlem basketball historically. Ten minutes bad. As K state football prior to Snyder. Blood to room. In other pretty bad especially the last twenty years and especially during the SEC era. And. Kind of like Bill Snyder does in recruiting junior colleges is me. Doing it their own way in getting talent there to Manhattan Kansas. You know frank Martin's Canada has in his own way you know they get some guy has been then they go internationally. And it worked. The connections they have they go find players. You know more than one way to skin a cat no pun intended to recover from a K state by two down. You know there are some some some similarities there maybe down 8444. Or 77. 3776. Is the number to call and Texas 71307. Q courteous Pia off topic question of the day is. If you were cartoon character. Who would you see yourself as and then who word to your friends CU that is again. Assets Superman. Friends would see Fred Flintstones. Our buddy destined Texas he said Wolverine but friends see him as Yosemite Sam. Is there anybody out there who maybe you see yourself as well as a cartoon character. That's may be inferior to your friends who you ask or do we all come I have that self depreciation. Where we think that other people perceive us in any lesser manner than we perceive ourselves. Because I don't think that's really reality. Like about it though. I think that room. Most of us probably are harder on ourselves than other people or see ourselves as. You know lesser. Oh we talk about they were going to be is maybe maybe the cartoon characters the psychological thing. You know you're right about that I think most people war harder on themselves that I know a few people who work hard enough on themselves. Now so but I think the majority of people really wish they were better. At just about everything. Meet. I was Sarah you don't need to think that way but they do. Publish are better. Things. Radio. Always show or better a lot of things with the things that I'm gonna I'm really good at it and end. No one can beat me. Gaffe I think. I think I wish our life. Better at like communicating some laughs. I just got a text from sure you. I don't know I'd also like to learn like a more short. And down a little like our foreign language. Yeah the opportunity to learn a Marshal or I was challenging last week pointed edge on me on my show on our sister station I was challenged. Someone offered me ten hours free. Of USC training. You procedure if I would play a certain video game that it wanna play. Low. And give and take a marvel I didn't think you'll start to your gun and handed him a call me a wimp and stuff to buy right no it's it's I want to do that just a little flip video game. I really do wanna play and I know you us you made a principled decision which was very strong and and and it's unfortunately I think you I think USC in the ten hours I mean it's tough I need to work on my core and my upper body stuff. And I know that that would do that McCarty is pretty good right now. But I'd always wanted to go into UC June and then see how it is. And see if I could move the next day which are probably couldn't but still that's part of it but I got to an innocent legitimate offered gaming phone number and everything I never gone back. And it really comes down to as I did not want to play that game. I'm a keyboard or my personal trainer Jay. Whose great by the way. And down. Get him. To get me going. And then I may go to and US CJ hammer something. The big because what they teach it orgy of you for those that don't know your seat is. It just blends all sorts of styles of far right and so they can be like a smorgasbord of blah with thing isn't thing. I think it would help you work to work muscles that you wouldn't normally work on and some things that I definitely need work on that would help. And as a full I you know I wrestled in high school so as far as a roll around type stuff on the OK when that. Wouldn't have a problem with that I will be very good and it wasn't very good wrestler in high school leader someone Julia but I wasn't but still odds I'd love to do it and now. Because this is stubborn or is it that I mean. When you really don't wanna do something and did would you have said OK forget it I'll play again this is the game I can play this game let me take PS ten hour. Would you have done that well it just depends on why wasn't playing the game if you don't wanna play the game because is. You know you're you have some sort of like principled reason why you don't want to your are right. I don't have a principal reason that someone who someone who might well maybe they may be considered principle all right someone. My cohosts of trying to wrap would just heard right here on ESPN upstate which integration not Tomlinson. Called me and dude been all these. You know teenage kids names measured. Because I wouldn't play this game because he thought it was the greatest game in the world and I don't wanna play the game because he wants me to play it. It's so it's kind of sibling rivalry type thing because he's like my brother and he doesn't want me to do it and he wants me to side don't. Mean you know now so offer me a million dollars and take a million dollars a plan again. But when it comes to bad bad guys I think. Indeed in the back of my mind there's always a deep seated thing like I'm not gonna do that he doesn't know because he wants me to. And the other idea of a bloody bed till like. It is highly competitive all the time and weird because you do it's it's it's an alpha male thing it really is and so I didn't wanna do because of that and now I know coming up Saturday are being caught out on the web and couple other names because I didn't take the guy up on it. I won and I won the free stuff but I don't play that's stinking game man and I don't know dude I think I would probably just play the games you get the free stuff you very retirement the devers Jimmy Smart and clever the other area trying to. Our would be clever in this situation maybe say you played at in the not. In the know. Yeah obviously like I can be dishonestly and minister Kamal butt whipping machine or player but don't play it will all your hard I could do that I could do that see this thing is. What they're guaranteeing is if I played it I'd love. Like OK so let's say let's say there's this chick let's caller Sally. Sally Simpson that's a character from the who's coming. And let's say Sally Simpson who was as someone that just wasn't attracted to at all. And I just did not want and in my buddies are trying to sit simulate what about cellular or heroin and android media chicken or about cell Simpson. Or does that in any night your body is is out there all the time and you know read. You know about girls your love life whatever. He knows that maybe is not going well and that I'm this is not a story I'm saying in the first person misses does is an hypothetical completely. But I just tossed massage insult to. And says he's like finally if you go out Sally Sampson. I'm giving honor books. And I'll pay for membership and personal training in my gym for a year and I'll buy 500 are from the clothes and other Jergen change discuss life. Taking go meet his salad sub got Seles. I wouldn't be into it. Probably am a few brews. You know all good stuff and go from there I nicer we got a text in. It is asking you a direct question. Okay what game are we talk. It's this Notre Dame name portal now it was Brit has brought up on the show it's kind of a puzzle game. All the teller puzzle games don't give me or if you like puzzle but here's the other thing the guy who I do the show with Owen Owen W or. Is just as bad as mad as. Well kind of an egotistical way talking down to you like you or insignificant. Aunt for not doing this type thing I was gaga admits that and so because of I don't wanna play. But see arms of them lemon just and here's where here's where I think you're going because. If you play that game. Okay. And did you get ten hours. To work towards become well. But kicking machine. It's it's worth it this and then if if he talks down to you again he probably won't because then him that you can. Or into the when I see things that I could film the way. Right now. That both business people were talking about. Man is tall and like he's like a scarecrow he'd probably be like on me like a spider I'd probably have to shake him a little bit but you know a few knocks against when Billy go out. But it is thing if I was. The old fat me word. You go he's just not doing that because he doesn't want to do anything physical because he's a fat blob which I will serve I was for a while. You know I lost over 200 pounds day to a great aunt and so it's not like IBM. Against doing things physical. You know I'd I was died big car deal for 45 minutes this morning so and I continued to do that. Lawyer also. But. So I think it might just be a stubborn streak because. Something I don't want to do is keeping me from doing something I do want to do. Eight. All right text or texts then I still think you just needed to suck it up and this texture though agrees with the year. Not me. No I agree portal is horrible. Any president tried to our camps. This is Torah won't say I'm just not that kind of a gamer and I you know IE enjoy a. Killing things starry eyed as do I just like. Did the game I'm playing now classic games Kyra redone for Xbox one there's nothing like snide beam. A creature from a hundred yards away with a bow and arrow. Which I know some people might be able to do that probably not but still it's it's a cool thing you know hide. I play a game to escape to get away from all these people and and I and I'm. You know it's gaming is used to be just a manly thing and now it's getting into the realm of competitive and all that comes and that's not why do it. It's like reading a book it's the same sort of thing you don't read a book with other people just read the book. Musher in third grade you have to read this passage and then handed tonight to report this school it's it's sad fact it's terrible. It's absolutely awful by the way this is sports related but also in terms of polity there's an elementary school. I'm gonna name the school purchase. And won't embarrass them but apparently the PTA moms have gotten together and I guess the PGA dads are nowhere to be found or they're in the league with this. And and they have complained to the school is the kids are playing football. At recess and have told them to cut and now this of the teachers have been banned footballer recess to just just throw the ball. Another even if you're playing tag. You kink in the formation. You can't get this in in your tell me there's no warmth Opel. I'm are not you but people tell me no your cowboys about the war for Obama and I know war for four years players and their oral football writer South Carolina one of our. Public. Public elementary schools. I am shocked that they were allowed to play in the first place. More because always to do would play football I know I mean a lot of do these extracurricular do anything to have contact with the has been banned in most schools well tomorrow morning wave play kick ball. They've gotten rid of of dodge ball for shore. Well listen. I'm gonna say this. And I hope you teachers out there are fit in my mother's schoolteacher. Angry mechanic. She has nothing to do with recessed. And a leg stuff. But if you're out there and you're a parent or an administrator or a teacher. And you're going and you were. Warning to ban football because you think it's so violent number one that stupid. Because 1000 school now we couldn't play tackle football recess or they get menace called fighting I mean because you that would lead to a flat and might tackled. That recess. You know you gotta be safe. But if you're eliminating the sport because you think in this is this is why they're doing them because they think the sport. Played in pads. Is ten. And I think kick ball is too far she can't. Listen. Kids learn lessons and yes some parents gonna go a crap if their kid gets in the face in blazes now as we kick ball that's dollars to. And you got to police that he got to live. But don't blame the sport. You know blame yourself number one for not teaching. Proper kick ball fundamentals. Number two. You know blame society. You know for for not have an anybody you know for not teaching toughness and number three what you're basically in a do. Is. You're gonna raise a whole entire generation. Of male kids. That are not going to be leaders that is going to be complete. Well losses for lack of a better term. In a football sports in general teaches lessons. And what people sort of blame the game. Instead of blaming you know what the real problems are. I think that's just a cop out and just shows how weak you are our first break. Final hour level will be about. Here's what happens when you ban football from elementary schools. Nine year old males come home crying. Because I'm girl. Said he looked fat. That actually happened. Terrible. So again if you're out there are nearing an out PTA parent which that's the lowest form of life in the elementary school. Ecosystem. In terms of the people that have power that shouldn't. Com if your PGA parent and use more advanced football and you were lower than pond stone. And if you're a teacher that's all along was that you need to have your head examined if you're administrator approved it. You need to beef up here. And those are the strongest terms I can pull it. You know and I understand safety you know you want I'm brand tackling at recess find that you should nobody needs to have a break their leg. Playing football but to ban it to the point there they were talking about where. You know you can't get information or. Run any plays you could only stand right across and throw the ball. That that's like a South Park episode almost. See here's what they're doing when you when your. What football does in las force like that they allow you to get out your aggression and if you stop that sort of thing little boys are going to be aggressive. It's part of the Mellon I mean it. I hear a man just what do you make up your your mental make up you your just aggressive. Especially when your serenade you need ways to get out I mean you eliminate recess. Eliminate things like this and you don't allow football you know what's gonna ask for and what's gonna get here get more fights. Because you. Because you've got to get that aggression out you don't know why you're aggressive you just taller I mean and football helps you get rid of that and it's nice to just go look at that can just punch of this because you've got to get out and you don't know why. Yeah. I got a text and here. On the tax on I don't know this for us her bombshell but it says more as the wasn't negation of America is complete. These countries were masculinity is still accepted. We'll just take us over and let's have a say in the war on full balls Barbara greater moral masculinity. And is driven by a radical feminism and all this other stuff and and and I think it actually. And SAI don't. I say radical feminism not feminism in general I mean you know. But there's a there's a part of all glad that the bulls to totally. Make it norm that there are no gender norms and I'm sorry that's not biologically possible. And the problem is is they try to. You know take the testosterone. And and diminish it while building up. You know the girls. Because they think that's what they should because they think there's handsome just male dominated society willow we're gonna do this and what it calls in this people collapse into generals I don't like. But this techsters. Via. Was education of America on. And don't worry Europe's way ahead should expect so Doerr about that but town. And then I think in society what that does is when you mean when you do have a situation where you can't get your aggression mountain you know. Little boys like senator just naturally like that you don't have an outlook like football. Or a sport. Then it defies easy do you turned other things to get that out. And I and I think that's unfortunate and in broad road all the parents out there who. You know still want to get I'm not just saying football as far as you know pads and stuff like that life you don't want your kid to play football. Com as they organized sport tackle I understand it. I get it you know it's it's dangerous may not be for everybody but brother there about whether those are kids involved in sports period. Sports are important they teach life lessons and if our schools are gonna try to band sports. In down. That's just that's just ridiculous. And it can see both both. My kids played sports their entire life and there are things that we share that we understand that my wife will never get. And and we all freely give each other we smiled as a kid because we played in organized sport and what an organized sport also does. It held sheet it helps you work well with a team that work. I mean most people don't work by themselves they work with other people. And you know on a football team on wrestling team one of the basketball team you always get along with everybody. But when you have a job to do you get out there you do the job. And it's the same thing with. The jobs in the real world this helps you how to deal with. This type of stuff and you take down away didn't you go out into the real world we have no idea how to deal with it. I mean there are people around here have been in the past that I could not stand. But. Thank you football thank you organized sports help me deal with that that when I play football in high school that would gang leaders on my team. That found that thread no hurt me in all kinds of stuff when I was done. But on the field I went animal hard and and I earn their respect and then afterwards I felt safe for the most part welcome home. Because they were my teammates and I knew that they weren't gonna jump me. My daddy's tell my name. Did the guys you played football as if most of them would be your friends for life. And I'll says that I haven't twentieth high school reunion last last September. In the Gaza play ball list. You know it was just just did you eat kind of just threw some different you know there there's a barn about going through that. And you know below lessons you learn in life I'll play in sports are very applicable not everybody applause among us and that everybody who plays football as a better human being obviously. There's an actual ball here's a do some horrible things. Com it's not as a fail proof thing in life but I'll say that this. You know I'll take my chances with. Somebody that plays a sport or is involved in sports. Over somebody that doesn't. That Saddam. You know in terms of count how things turn out in the way they left life in an all and and it it's more mullah. It's not even an achievement thing on so many really do you know because there's tons of people out there that achieving a high level academically that. Are successful people that have never played football or or any other sport. That's true I mean there there's fraud there's more successful people that have never played in the to have but Tom. I'm talking more about like okay. I guess a living your life kind of standpoint it kind of what you import to your family how are you run your life. I think that I think it helps coming into those those that commit to some ask how. I just don't think that given the mass distraction to look at I don't know a nine year old dude that. Lives on his phone he stares as far more than he stares at Booker a girl or of you know. A playground or ball or any thing. And that's sat. I was saying it during my phone and chunk it in the lake low and which is in Spartanburg county about the way it. Some days and I think our phones nowadays is a Dole's is we have to have room for work make a slaves non mental and physical lot of times. And current nine year old are to be that captivated and have that much of his life. O line. Tells me we need all the arrows. In the quiver we can get it for kids. To avoid that. Is this not healthy. This is now. And one thing about it if you're playing an organized sport he cannot phone out there with ya know cannon on the phone can have that Xbox can emanate and that's. That's the thing to ever in not just. As I worry about that and and don't worry that. You know sort of with with the way we've. Decided. You know put girls on a pedestal. These days that that we're leaving out the boys and sort of taken away things that could be useful for them. And I'm not say we should not put girls on pedestal on gimme girl I mean girls to play sports too they're good for that you know. People's daughters are. Obviously the apple of their high and it you know it's it's it it's nothing against girls but in society people have to understand. Just because. We're a modern society and women can achieve just as much as men and and we're past all that crap with. You know with with discriminating and title and hopefully we are electric stuff. Doesn't mean. You just ignored the boys and you take everything that's masculine and you try to go away that's not equality that's. That's being anti a societal norms. And that's propagated by the people that hateful ball. By the same people that you know they don't they don't it's not that they want us to respect people we're transgender which I definitely do. They don't want any of us to have a gender more all of us to just pick it. Q gender it's fine it's fine and the more people that pick the gender there are born with a more lends credence to their. Jury you know homogenous society where there are differences. We're just being sort well okay here's a here's the daily wanna Albee the same. Get rid of football get rid of sports in school. Let's let all the kids to stare at their phone all the time. And then wall to speed blubber. In wheelchairs like that movie Wally. That's a Disney movie. They're living on spaceships drinking shakes Nagin know lecture so it'd screens in a discotheque then thank you for the yeah yeah I knew it was but I never saw itself. And now I don't need to. Our success here. All right 844. 4773776. If you wanna get there and we gonna get off that so box for little alarm. Once again NCAA. Basketball selection committee considering changing up the metrics adding more things for the 28 team tournament. Not amenable to a seventeen to get north the RPI. They data we get Donald Trump says that he is not going to fill out a bracket his spokesperson. Respectfully. Declined. To do that probably Smart mart Godfrey dead best to look urgency state. Has been cans. Soon he's known. And pitcher is New England Patriots assistant coach. Brando bull is a candidate for the Alabama offensive coordinator position kind of an interesting guy named the Airbus certainly and one that's not a surprise us. All right. Or take a break we're back as well ESP in upstate. ESPN have stayed. This is Donald JC share Murton Alonso. Kind of musical box. You know what this. No this dinosaur junior and does their thing has been up. Metallica. Now. By and I'll tell you screamed and unless Green Day yeah that's stellar itself there are new novel about an unknown. To song called bang bang how fun it was Green Day back in the day early Joe's none of them and I mean they got to boast agent is rocked our 8444773776. Edit text there on the tax on and by the way thank you to all protectors you can Texas 713 years in the leisure to use security as paean. Because that separates your text from the show won a 63. And if you wanna talk about toon town. That text line is unbelievable. If it. Our tax line is driven by Carolina Georgia's army superstore. All right season the listener earlier said he is deferment basketball games because clinching games tall seventy to eighty for tickets and thirty to forty depart. Went to Virginia Tech game last month to take it was eight dollars from the ticket it's not part of the public Lotta cross street in Littlejohn and it's free that does clueless. Com. Our guy. I didn't know exactly what he meant it when he because when when he said seventy to eighty for to get some thirty to forty for two pour into the one of two things first and foremost. It may be a big bite you may have family of five that he's he's truck and because most people don't go to these things by themselves and I think. When they think they never think I'm buying this for me. It's at least two people Billy yeah and it or he's talking about full pool because that's that's a football deal. Seventy Danielle mentioned Opel. And I mean at its South Carolina tickets are guaranteed you can get a ticket for five dollars outside of the area. There's no question. May be in the effort begged and you yet one. Parking South Carolina has little tricky as as some construction going on kind of around that area. So maybe it is more parking indecent for tomorrow but yeah I'm now I feel what you say and I'm. And it really that was those are guy Steve who's out these Kentucky fan. I'm never went to South Carolina without having to walk like miles to get there really yeah. He should use your media parking pass Obama parking garage right across from the colonial entering that would be nice to do you line Williams I say more famous. It's. The parking situation at Carolina is probably not as good as it is a Clemson because it's a different kind of campus. Although I do think it's really good the traffic situation Carol that's the best. Anybody complains about traffic after a Carolina game is in. Really not bill a lot of places because you get Alabama. It's ridiculous. Getting out of Tuscaloosa the other Clemson. Clemson fans can attest to this is sometimes ridiculous to get out excellence. South Carolina related. And he once you get the downtown Columbia ended Tony six pretty quick different ways and got the backing of the seventies. So. That's for Paul I'm talking about now basketball so yes I agree with the texture here we discount any day. Our immediate clarification. On that. From him so I think that Saddam. That's kind of the deal. It anyway. Street clothes and then at or about being home this weekend trying to. Miami to play the hurricanes in Coral Gables. Airtime is 1130. Saturday only ESPN have stayed and then to evolve as it there in the big game tigers win the game it's going to be a pretty big step towards set them up for a chance to compete. That's a mouthful to say. Then set them up her chance to compete. I'm off for the the big dance this year were also are gonna have Michigan State Purdue. Tipping off for him 345. On Saturday. And then an 8 PM Virginia North Carolina should be a heck of a game one's a big game in the ACC. At 8 PM Westwood One right here on the espionage state and then on Sunday. The NBA all star game. We're talking about the India Austria and the other day in. He said you really like that I do I it's it's my favorite of the three major sports. All Star Games and because. I liked this show boating in India the MBA yeah there's not a lot of defense. But you know some of the Alley hoops some of the fast breaks in and how things are and you could see the stars play together and see if they can actually put together some would say. That that's already happening and has happened. And some more blame LeBron James on that and feral stupid mom but yeah I like it also like it. All the other activities they have the entire weekend they have concerts they go with it I love the three point on contest I'm like that's since I was a kid. I think the first three point contest to assault Larry Bird was did he win then a few years I think you when that few years when I was real little kid. Might actually been before you were born but yeah it was I love that stuff. Yeah oh thanks my Larry Bird knows what it's like early eighties I thought I was born since 1976. Lines and what doesn't mean you were aware mine in orally as seven now and magic and bird play in the final four against each other Indiana harbor where worded. But you know what else is real popular boasts excellent. What happened to Jennifer the weather girl. I mean there are like questions after decades she's on she's almost stations and lover in this thing is you know just like GMAC whose plight. Wanna ship somewhere getting ten and you mean ten guard Ramel yes stand guard Ramel. People take time off. It happens. I only hope that in you know a few weeks when I take a vacation people knows I'm gone probably not as much as as Jennifer boy to ski. And it's that it. If you wanna look up what Jennifer would she ski looks like Disco whether. Whether all deep Gennifer. I'm not gonna tell you how spell when she skeet good luck. Because I had just figured out myself we first daughter Leah she's probably on vacation I don't know for sure but I believe so surveyor browser. I wonder if you ever think about us when we are not in yes exactly. I personally hope everything goes wrong when I'm gone. But if everything goes wrong then the person I train didn't do very well also login troublesome area. All roads lead back to you yeah they did thus far prominent daylight did the little thing in Lord of the Rings go remember. If I'm not missed a minute take this. Mike in just. Carry it around and rub it look at written. She. And her hanging Latino student and not stand. And here's how during earth I hadn't Hibernia Atlantic's error. Permanent cakes and I have precious texting long. Term. People are thinking you're gonna absolutely crazy right now. This is the day Jason's shirt and he lost his mind on the does a very good impersonation I'm getting yeah. I'm gonna garment. Via Malkin can you give you can GMAC deal that. Catch him with Jimmy come back and talk like our guys ferries. You know catcher. You know he can do. He can do that and deliver the news like there's nobody well he can do a due killer why does Jim Nance. He is. He New Jersey champion Jim Denny's does a great Jim Nantz he's got the canes got everything down to my predecessor and it did he do impersonation. You know with L sung San. Brightly and animal Morgan. Like. You're government's foreign and straight hair my personal government's former Rhode. I think he's spark murder I think I think he did actually do that. And I am I bet you that's pardon burger thing has taken off and everybody has it. And on the only native son it's fighting the fight against. I don't brag about all Jaycee and Alonso will be back. To wrap things up. The ZESPN upstate. Forever and a bubble on a Thursday JC in laws are worth your while more day until GMAC gets back next Monday. He is ten. Shout out to our guy over in Seneca. Who's listening on nominee seven point seven of them are new signals and it's crystal clear according when he said we have a phone call from Billy gonna wrap things up Billy. Congratulations you're the grand finale. You're in the. Some. It was an obvious question number one tinsel ball girl or. Are looking balloon soared to six tomorrow and finish. Screen trying to disrespect distant throughput. Enough to early. Really didn't excited when Turkey and football or some threatening just turned. Opposite chasing after what Canadians of all when general counselor. That's not sick brother that's that's normal mine and that's. I get that way too and in. It used to be in July travel. And go to football camps and deal with recruiting on July now. I had a son becoming commuters and went. Yeah I think so I'm just curious. And I want to be in economic assessment of mr. get a pretty good pulse of what's going on in Columbia. What do you how you compare this head coach and athletic director combo as the producers are children in history obviously the public debate just. Com by it would be the last one. Although it did in a little put after the Pitt coach but I mean you can't argue Drupal spoke. You know the way that they raise money in the winter they've got what they would treat other CytRx. Under cute so what do you think go to Q macho like that. There's some positive into negative obviously publicly that even against Clinton who just won the national championship. I'm excited about wanting in the court you're on full bought these a lot to be public about because you have a little while. Upward mobility unit division and I think the truck or outcome and spastic. I'm still not. It to swing me at work and I you know I'm not want the candidates and I don't think he does a great job with our play director Ali the glitz and operation at junior com politics. Or no problem yeah. That's a deal that come. I many more time to get into an opera we get into it tomorrow I'm but what else is ray tanner is a winner. And was a winner on the baseball garment if you look at the things that are the responsibilities of an athletic director which is not being the head coach and every sport. He's or raise money he's build more facilities they got an indoor football facility that is built their benefits found million dollar indoor practice facility for football. He's revamping the Carolina coliseum for Baylor basketball practice facility. You know was willing to differing mourn a contract extension mid year last year Frank Martin wanted to wait on the things he's going to be judge on. And should be judged known is not like the success of the different sports against Clemson there was nothing you can do about Steve Spurrier. At the end it's it's Will Muschamp and Chad Holbrook. And how they end up those tires and not being. When he and you know those are going to be positives or negatives for or against ray Vick is. Everything else has been fine and I'll get into this more because this is an interesting thing our four lines this JC Sherrill has been in the huddle has been a great day. We'll talk to all of you get as tomorrow straight it was Sturgis next.

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