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Feb 16, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Season seven of them growing 971 ahead M sport. Or on ESPN I'm staying there. By smoke and water wonder does this we didn't beautiful down. Welcome edited. Saved Wednesday. On day edition of straight up with stirred where it lied about smoke on the water here in downtown Greenville. Easel back at the ESPN upstate studios and we're gonna run yet till 7 o'clock. With a little bit of fun and some phone calls a couple of gas that checked in for Mal Washington stage. But the biggest question of the day diesel. DT served by national singles appreciation day last night. While I'm here so yes. Yes she did say to. Valentine's Day the I think were and all of us are no worse for waiter at this point it is going to be a another year before we have to put up. With the ads saying meet this of that hallmark Holiday Inn that coach Phillips. Do you to to make it through okay listen I was bit when I got him last night I wanna thank my wife for that he's in the and unfortunately in our remaining household as we all hours. Yeah we're closing in on twenty years a mere tactic of sleep on the count on 930 with a full well. Literally literally you have movement in my opinion yet. I proud forty those to prioritize those two things about life while. At least jury widgets from Reston. With the events of the last year the stirs roommates will risks yet that there is that's probably another good reason why surge was asleep at 930 audits celts last night is. With that in that she's on there back outlook alike just left mile and jobs. I woke up my floats like half asleep because I still haven't that if she's tried out the whole nine yards and two that security and let those alligators that the current nope nope nope didn't do that but we're we're gonna. Have some fun today first of all to guess we'll talk some college football with our frank Kevin McGuire of NBC sports dot com also. Kind of our key question that the day you if you will. What first year what are seizing coaching hire. Head coach at the college football level looks poised to have a best first years were. Will get into that because I think there are couple it's just a matter fact of how much you expect them to improve with that first year head coach but. Got to get started with last night big win for the tigers stand at Littlejohn Coliseum Josh ninety by 83 year wait bars. That win improves clubs and fourteen and eleven on the season born not in league play wake who had an RPI of thirty coming into the game. Balls that fifteen and 116 and eight ACC play in the most ironic part shielding mass USA today's official bracket colleges also from bracket wag dot com. Now his new clips and back into the first four yen. That's how much that win meant to the tigers last night and he has done an inning tie here. The entire. Article it's on the front page of USA today. Sports that you can go to C on making the justification. For why 849 team in league play. Should be included in this year's tournament so we'll talk about that that mark squeeze three. He is to say that he victimize Wake Forest for the second time this year. Would be put it lightly scored 21 points just as he did back on New Year's eat he would half of his shots five it to him from the build nine to ten from the free throw line also Jerod blossom gained seventeen points ten rebounds. Avery homes and Shelton Mitchell added fifteen apiece and Josh. Quite frankly it would in my opinion it was club since most impressive offensive performance of the season. One thing that starts to catch my attention a little bit in you know this catches the eyes of athletic directors it was Valentine's. It was a 7 PM tipoff but. Not that big of a crowd in the first year of Littlejohn Coliseum and to me that begins to speak volumes as well. It doesn't a lot of it has to do to top the year that. Clips in his hand they've the struggles are well noted. They did get the big win last night which I'm sure coat room to tell. Was able to at least breathe a big sigh of relief for the buster. To the airport or back to. Courts and so. And that's what they've got to do they've just got to make this a one game season the rest of the way out and hope. That some dominos fall in the place that allows them as you know as well as I do storage. College basketball is so tumultuous. That's what somebody can. Lose that's not supposed to. Clinton can beat somebody they're not supposed to in the next thing you know their welts the in the NCAA tournament now they might get a little higher than that if they can make it. I still think they've got a lot they've got tough sledding ahead. I'm not ready go. Join the ranks of the gentleman you mentioned say that they are hermit team I think they look already has a first for Al exactly yeah. So that's item number party in this RPI mean. I'm not sing in it but for some reason it's here in the argument is being made well I think what they're giving Clinton credit for is the lead. You know and ACC people don't like to they don't like or the SEC start to jail. The conference thing but in this case. In basketball it may be pleasant saving grace that they are part of the ACC. Because it seems the national pundits are giving them passed up playing in an exceptionally tough basketball league. And then give them the benefit of the doubt they're giving Clemson. Better ratings for losses that they are other writings for wins and that's to their credit. Our rights again the tigers will hit the road for their final two ACC basketball games of the year that starts in what I think Josh is a winnable game at Miami on Saturday at noon of course they'll go to NC state. Next week and who knows how dysfunctional that place in Riley will be is Martin Godfrey. But now. Announcements we talked about it a little bit yesterday the readiness report the NC state refuted at all cost. About mark Godfrey be inspired. In them already beginning some nine negotiations and talks with Dayton head coach Archie Miller. Turns out not to be the truth now I guess what mark got freaked out there haven't put out announcements earlier today. His focuses only on North Carolina tonight you know big Tori hill in state battle. In any of the parochial things that are going on mayors while collapsing gets the 49 in league play. The best lead the tigers can do in my opinion it's hopefully get a split if not win both these teams on the road. In the close out with three straight at Littlejohn and where they sit in the in the hour. But I think that is completely relative. To the fact that the bubble is extremely weak this year it's two. Anyway you there's some back Clemson basketball they'll be back on the year is new on Saturday we will start coverage right here. On ESPN. Upstate. At 11:30 in the morning so who again. Looking forward to finish in out this year strong with tiger basketball some other things were getting get into today Josh Shipp. You rate start Roland is corset for 37 we will talk college football. With Kevin McGuire from NBC sports dot com 505. Where to go but Everett Washington where a check in with our buddy price Atkinson. You case they're immersed in TU. Curling at the US curling TP chips will find out how that's going as well. Is how big of a sigh of relief he is super robberies since Kentucky has got back on. They are winning ways outside that it will be opened bones and a lot of different things to get into you today which includes will take a look at the bubble. Update some things in college basketball Tom is. Calling for a for an apology from somebody with the ESP and we also got late Chris goes NFL mock draft. Couple of people now zeroing in late Crisco and a few others on where this Tom Watson. May find his name called in this upcoming draft also we talked about college football your question of the day. That's offseason coaching hire in who's poised to do well with that also Cindy's on tiger rule Tiger Woods. Is his back is it's in bad shape absolutely no doubt about it and then finally watch out diesel. OJ Simpson likely to be released from prison this weekend that could be dangerous for a lot of people all over this country. Coach Phillips. Well when it could be good for four look as though their sales and Broncos or well you know when you check it off I looked at the list today what they go by it will get into that later on. Technically he's probably one than you know I mean you know. Deserves his release after serving eight of 33 years at the that he was given but I mean it's kind of hard to look at him and he deserves treatment remember he was never convicted. On the original murder conviction. Chargers these were. From assaulting people trying to steal memorabilia back in a in some kind of hold up and things of that nature. Club simple hat nine representatives at the upcoming NFL com buying just the most that the university has ever sit in Indianapolis. It will be quarterback is Shawn Watson running back weighing Garmin wide receivers. Mike Williams and RT Davis got tight in Jordan legged deep it's at tackle Carlos Watkins. Linebacker pit bull winner quarterback court jury at Tankersley in seek the dark Johnson. All a month's NFL prospect. Prospects invited to this year's come by. Up in Indianapolis that's going to be held February 28 through march 6 you're on a lot of people are gonna be watching to see out nine players from Clarkson. This is not a big issues you the experts in the programs right now. None for the University of South Carolina making there way to you. The com buying this year so that just goes to show you some way it will must cheapened their staff have to deal with the right male. In two just at its extremely important because. The gamecocks ahead in the spring practice on February 20 bit. And there are spring game is set to kick off on April Fool's Day people forced. So yeah. At this day and I'm looking forward to come by and I'm looking forward to see how to show on handles it. I think if anybody can benefit. From the come by most of the scouts. Already have in their mind. They war to draft most these teams already have much like college recruiting. With a big board the NFL teams they've got their big board of guys. That they would like to see depending on their conversations. Well with other teams within the leaks that's what they do they. Correspond with other GMs. To find out who's gonna take who had someplace boasts the best some of making it no. Believe it's a foregone conclusion that miles Garrett is going to be number one over after it. I don't think there's any question about that. The question is going to be whether Cleveland holds onto that spot. And draft seem or do they try to parlay that one pick in the multiple picks let they'd like they've done before of course they do have several bits. In the first round this year so. But then after that it's going to be a free for all where these quarterback's fall. Unfortunately. This is why this is such a huge. Carbide for Sean. And I can't believe I'm even say this because I am in my mind in Josh Phillips is mind. These people route the launch milk hyper Todd makes Shea a guy who I have tremendous respect for. Charley casserly. Who is a former NFL GM. I am in total disagreement. With virtually 90% of the NFL and their approach. To do Shawn Watson because almost everyone of them to a seat. Has. Mr. Bruschi. And as Sean ties are rated as a better pro prospect. Then there's Sean watts and I think I don't know what they're watching me extra risky couldn't beat out marquee win it you'll only played one year. An in the biggest games he was not very good. I think they're look at it too much of the physical aspect of it that he's six foot 3230 pounds I call it that JaMarcus Russell effect. Where they get enamored with the guy that physically looks like. He should be the number one overall pick the problem is when you turn on the day he doesn't perform like the number one overall it. And then ultimately to Sean Kaiser being rated. Ahead of Shawn Watson quite frankly his lap as well act I'll I'm no he has an odor I only. And you love you when you saw him in person from. An ethical last minute about an NFL. Yeah exactly it exactly but who. When I look at this quarterback class. I still thrilled that. The show is going to be the number one quarterback taken off the board he should be. If there is a Smart GM out there but. You know what the NFL has shown their stupidity. Several times the LA rams goal which your golf. By not doing their due diligence but the Philadelphia Eagles made up for. Bible and after Carson wit and getting their franchise quarterbacks though. The shoulder is gonna go somewhere I'm gonna be interesting to see. How this column five and obviously feel he's got to make his draft grade in the interview process. In the drills he's gonna drill fine. His forty time is going to be that great but he's a quarterback. I mean anybody that watched. The Super Bowl Tom Brady didn't shatter any forty yard records on a couple of those runs. But I think he's gonna move up draft boards when people actually get to sit down and talked to him and give people the board and see his physical IQ. All right when we come back and let's take a look Italy Briscoe is mock draft where he has to some Watson going also Lou. I wanna ask you is he being held responsible for other people in the past and then finally laid Briscoe agrees with you. His mock draft doesn't. Have this time Kaiser the Notre Dame quarterback in the air that he has a quarterback I haven't seen in the first round now going number twelve this is straight up was starts phone lines are now open at 844. GS the ESPN. Will have Kevin McGuire at 437. And then price sect instant life from Everett Washington by profile. Yes he's straight up we've stood. Call for a short she. Talks. On ESPN upstate. Give it some football talk here in the first hour we're gonna beat Joey back Kevin McGuire NBC sports dot com. Arm and host of the new two minute warning podcast. Here in the next segment that we've been talking about this on Watson. In dad listened to air mod dress flying all over the place right now it doesn't matter of Europe Mel piper I'd shake. Or late Chris go from CBS sports dot com. Literally you the thing that I notice a little bit Josh is now we're kind of becoming coming. A Marxist a little bit more consensus of how maybe the top fifteen may play out. But let me ask you this as we go into the come by and we mentioned earlier today school record nine Clemson Tigers. Will be they hear it in Indianapolis that includes the John Watson running back wink moment. Wide receivers Mike Williams in our Davis got tight in Jordan Leggett defense at tackle Carlos Watkins. Linebacker bin bowl where quarterback court jury Tankersley in to say the two dart Johnson. That's nine Clemson Tigers only sixteen invites from the entire big twelve that ought to let you know. The stated dysfunction in that leak. But is sometimes when you see what you were talking about people being all over the board about this on Watson. Do you think he's ever held responsible for the lakers' success of an RG three Robert Griffin the third some other what were labeled as dual threat quarterback speakers that's what we have a description for him in the media. When I don't really know if you can consider from what I've watched that this on in the last three years with just three losses in his career. You can label him the same style dual threat quarterback that you do. Some of the previous ones that have come along. I mean you could I don't think that's a fair assessment British on because to me. He's not a dual threat athlete he he's a quarterback. That has athletic enough to wrongly. As opposed to an RG three when he was coming out of college a Michael Vick. Those guys were your classic. Steve gill and OK Ron Amadon was to Ron Amadon was made you want the original. Dual threat quarterbacks that will the National Football League. So I think with Sean. I don't think he quite has that stigma. Ladle louima I think what happens. There's a lot of politics that goal and behind the scenes in the NFL. And you would think that a team that. Well or an organization that has billions of dollars you wouldn't have. That but you'll be astonished if the public would be astonished if they heard some of the chatter that goes on endlessly rumor takes old. Slate of somebody that has a pretty reputable reputation. Like save Bill Belichick came out publicly. Instead. If somebody asked him how would you rate is Shawn Watson opposite Belichick has done this so don't don't take me home that. But it did come out he said. Well he's probably a metal circuit to a fourth round that's put us blow the rest of the NFL GM's. Because he's the standard bearer cut alike if you're if you're South Carolina your Clemson or you're you're in Ohio State. If your recruiting you didn't find out that Alabama's recruiting same kid. You're probably pretty old port with your tiles or analysis that the kids good football player. It reinforces because of the history. That Nick Saban his head in identifying talent that if you are recruiting the same type of athlete. Did you feel good that you're seeing in the same thing. It hit it the final offers are middle Tennessee you Ellman write your chosen school cheats it's argue seriously something really really good no audio outs doesn't rise or you miss and so the NFL with the amount of money they don't like risk. And they try to eliminate as much risk is possible and I think one of the things that his book GM's this year. Is that to show arms interception to touchdown ratio has gone up. But at the same time he hit the offense with which you then. This change subway meaning that rolled the ball. Ordinarily do rush hour here runs it runs secular ores last year with that big powerful office supply and Clinton was able to muscle people out of the way in. The string was at that running game. And so those things are gonna happen so what's. Once those old little rover gets out as well you know maybe he's not reading defenses quite like should. My response to that is. Gaza three year starter. He's got to the team to the national championship in the first three years the playoff he's got a good team to out of those college football playoffs. His success rate has been astronomical. And the one unifying factor that if you ask any college football partly. If he has the best quarterback in college football. But yet you're FL has these other guys rate in the economic. So it's one of those situations where additional gonna have to sit down with these guys. And I think what state looking bod and they hear him and they this'll and he solidifies. His football IQ. If he's going to be fine in the draft because there's no way you can tell me as a GM you can turn on the tape of all three of those quarterbacks cannot see that charm once that's quarter. All right let's go to the timeline it's all nations up first today it all makes welcome them my friend that you're doing well. These low in the Molly there. And moss sorry don't hear you vol nation there we'll let diesel checked in try to get to back up here any second diesel. Mean. It is don't hear him as well all right which you are right when it comes to these mock drafts. Miles gear is. Pretty much penciled in as the number one pick in the draft so who. That that's one the consistent theme that we have going on at this point. Any doubt that that's going to be the case because. It's a sit here typing it is to simply. Yet some scouts who were concerned that he dropped off so. Okay. I still think he's a consensus number one pick according to all of these mock drafts. Yeah I think he's good test off the charts at Columbine. He's gonna have to W and planet like numbers. He's gonna rub run a sub 4640. He's probably gonna brought Joseph up close to ten feet is vertical gonna be in the forties so. It there's a pill morning to see the explosiveness. He just gonna reinforce that at the come by and and solar in my estimation solidify you as the number one world. All right let's starts and draft with pain at the nation there panther nation welcome and hope you have a good afternoon. Will go out. May end that the sun's out college football is getting back in full swing and it's just now a year long process. Yeah yeah those guys enjoy a couple of months would want to know bit by a sticker. Rate below level right now we're at a woman and I tell you wanted to drab match up tonight that the Bratton didn't. So political regret and I went out there and I front runner you know is this problem right. It is you know at an event madam. It didn't do Matta who view is that this year the event and how to enhance the you already know knowing the pictures are going to be in a playoff is not possible. Looks like intensity. And apply here army and is saying you got balance. That's up the gun on me go to rookie go to army did and I don't continue to be good bit but I am not just the one you want. How many it has doubled like you did you you can have a draft to final round before. You know all of that how title level but at the end of the day. Have Soledad good drafted that we doubt about all the stuff they don't win this thing that can exile. Everybody know there's only a select new team that Adobe inept play out. And it's kind of try to was playing team there yummy Nancy Nolan will be going live. Stimulus. Quite possibly. Kansas City I mean we don't know used to do as a quarterback was removed from Obama does not play out. You know what I would and I mean this hour watch man. Actually disagree at all with that things internecine kids were right up against the break yet that it's become the usual suspects however the one team the team maybe watch out for. That we learned a little bit. May not make it back next year. It Josh that would be the Atlanta Falcons wide as the team that loses the Super Bowl the next season not only did the has made the playoffs. In the better part of a decade bit odd that should not be the case with Matt Ryan in company with the Atlanta but. Unit that that's why it's amazing what. Nick Saban does at Alabama and that was Sweeney clumps and in the east teams do with 85 scholarships why because it's close to even that Al. Across the board and make everything competitive saying staying with the it FL Josh. That's why New England will be choosing last in the first round why because they were at this year's biggest winner or. So it comes guilty developing talent not necessarily drafting talent. There's I've I would argue against what panther nation said only because the example he brought up when Dallas. They were a draft away from go on foreign swells the year before. And look what happened this year one you really good drafts. Brought them up to what day it two ways to reach in the playoffs. Yep but Dallas is one of those names that you she'd have them in the conversation year in year out we're not talking about perception we're talking about wins and losses and how they actually performed on the field all it took was trapped in those two guys. And vogue. Gab it there you go back and you look do the playoffs the last couple years what they've done is maybe rotate one or two new teams in and now some of the stalwarts had been there. Especially on the AFC site you can go ahead and pick. Pretty much Pittsburgh her New England are going to be there every year all right we got a head out to break when we come back we'll talk some college football with target for and Kevin McGuire from NBC sports dot com. You can fight him on Twitter Kevin on CFB. You're talking sports on straight up week's surge analysts on Twitter and interact. ESPN all states are right welcome back candidates were lied here at smoke on the water don't forget will go at the Washington at 50 fight but let's go look at Billy. Our man Kevin McGuire from NBC sports dot com also has to the net two minute warning podcast. Have a man who are haven't is pretty good day up north as we're having here Greenville, South Carolina. You know I look outside it's actually not that bad there we had some really cool windy days the last couple weeks but are they don't they that the beast will take that right now I bet. Well listen college football now starting to get right back into swinging is that spring practices are getting started as a matter back South Carolina starts on February 25 there's spring game will be on April 1. In what kinds it was a crazy offseason let me ask you this easy thing that caught your life caught your attention here in the last couple of months is. The game of football continues to go through some transitions. Does not okay trying to wrap my head around a whole week or this scandal put business radioed up there given that the leaks and now your political action a couple of recently there. Are you can look at what has continued on all with the pillar situation but I mean I deserve this or kind of stories that are unfortunate. But they are the reality of what's going on and Erica I think away from the actual. Game itself I mean that's part everything that is gone I think it's really been kind of a par for the course I think for the off. I would only see even that maintained it's been somewhat. Quiet because I'm not one of these recruiting gurus you know who I don't care about the stars and we were talking a little bit earlier. I'd rather see who else is offering to no bomb in the right here Torre but the coaching here cells somewhat quiet this year. As compared to other years may be because not one of the major jobs opened up. Between you peruse the landscape of head coaching hires is there any school that she felt not it out of the park. There are number hired that I really like for their program but not necessarily up just a bit gonna push a program international title contending. Up platform reconnect not. I really like. Texas skating Tom Herman but I think there's so much pressure there to do something attacked with that. Yes much let me like I'm permanent director he would you can live up to the expectations. I think with a life which right Boca kind of look at some of the change that either rebuilt. To be done and I will keep you meet the good part there. And Nike I kind of like minister educating people what they think that the breath of fresh air for that program known to incidentally the last few months have been. Coca program and a public court do bring in Jeff Pollack that the really get a higher for that so again they're not they're not. Coaching hired that are going to make routine in Philly the title contenders in the conference vote has but I certainly Billy. They include the right kind hired me to make her Wear those programs are. Now Kevin as we continue with Kevin McGuire in BC sports dot com column on Twitter Kevin on CFB. Yeah one that was right there in your backyard I was surprised Baylor able to dip into the rate seen yet Matt rule from temple you know we don't know what's going to be the end result of this investigation. At the NCAA gets involved whatever. Yeah no but I guess why combat role make that move that dysfunction duck and jumps and is it because he had his own set have been. You know only is she sits you have to overcome being in the head coach at temple. That is one of the biggest mysteries I think control on this path current and careful because. I really well and he's done a terrific job with couple and I do feel like you is ready to go to a power conference program. Especially come off you you just have with the Al I think he he's right trap jumped by OSHA supplied that Spiller you know you make that jump bill now. Begin clinical contract to make sure he could have play it's time to do so report there which is crediting you with everything had been going on there I guess that's probably the that there. I think the fact that he finally get chance to coach a program that had their football beat could be in the important backer. But I think that the oh and then it was just kind of out of left field to think for level I think. He could have very well being one of the hot means that the coaching careful this year if you wanted to waited on the year. This test the waters begin the Q what kind of power conference doctors are going to be out there. They're always going to be up there and he had a good year without ball he was certainly not been up all the radar pitting church negotiations up. That's probably the one of the biggest surprises at you encouraging changes in certainly in the let users. Kevin is Josh built zone thanks for joining the show with us today. No one of the discussions across college football is gonna be. The possibility of some rule changes I think they've definitely have to address. The assumption of the targeting rule of instant replay. What was just a disaster I thought. That it was just over blown and way too many games. Have you heard anything from a national level. About what the NCAA is going to do to address both of those issues. I have seen them talked suggesting that there might be a little bit healing back on. Just how the spin and they are what they're targeting calls and maybe that means that they're gonna lead but little bit more wiggle room. Which I think it's probably not very because I think they're a little too sticky tacky but a lot of the party call that have been out there whether it's on the field or on the repo boot. That's been a controversy since the rules implemented so I don't necessarily disagree with the intent of the rule like this would like to beat the credit that they would be. Up from week to week from conference the conference. On just how the trolls being enforced because I think that that's one of the biggest. Area for concern because nobody's calling it ended forcing it the same way if you look around the country from week to week thing did I get that from coast to coast it's. There's at every officiating crew had a different interpretation of exactly what targeted at teens and I think that's one of the biggest problem for. Are right it is that we begin closing up shop at target for an Kevin McGuire did have a follow on Twitter Kevin on CFB Kevin. What I ask you this week is we sat ill we got caught up in the Donald Trump lineup they're army navy game in Baltimore. It some what we talked about was clumps and as we were getting ready to see how the year number three of the college football playoff win the second year which clumps of what's in it. Yet you're here in Philadelphia the view right. For NBC sports dot com you do a podcast what eclipse and gain from you. Its followers image why easing coming back in knocking off Alabama in getting a national title under their belt with Abbott Sweeney. What part I think turn these these last few years Clinton truly change the narrative that they had of the program if I go back the whole quote they think that that years ago and now. Our that they party reached beat themselves as one as perennial national title contenders. But they were they just needed to get over the hump to joined a national championship vote crowd with Alabama high speed. You know you've thrown forward speed is well into his one national champ ship in recent years that's what the one thing that was when he just had to check off closed box that. Now he's done it and I think now he Yeltsin has. Went against each other co current active coach they had the national championship ring. That is that is an incredible stat right there but I don't know if there's anyone up who has that. That they can check off the way that would though he would certainly change the way that we look equipment. And now they got the national championship it's. Develop a whole new ballgame until he really go from here but there and it's hard on concern Clinton is. Wanted to go and it can be when the proper risk for awhile now. All right final question Lori is no we need elect to ago. Your RA start that dot the I's and cross that he's in you know we're already. Halfway through February spring practice getting started. Sometimes like the NFL we see that same usual cast the suspects when it comes to a national title in college football. This is starting to catch your eye as a sleeper here for the 2017. Season. One thing I like to do at this point time to this so far to go and go grocery -- what if you could be its roots kind of look at the schedule and one of the skeletal. That I really like out there happens to be with Georgia. Protecting your Kirby Smart. They don't have to play out bill there all the playoff Q I don't think they get what tact they ain't them so. There's girl school you like trying to avoid in the crawl over that just they do have to go Auburn and the duke because their game but that's early years so. A look at what Georgia had on the schedule this year look at what they have coming back Oxley the running game can be strong. He'll be typing edgy it decent and have a pretty good stuff we hear so there's a lot of good things happening there but Kirby Smart that you take advantage of a schedule. That senior fever pay an SEC east got a chance to meet your maker running here but you know we're obviously delighted to be proven on the field but. I think if you look at who has an advantage. But the schedule I think gets toward that division concern in the beat Georgia. All right Kevin wrote quickly tell our listeners what you got coming up again everything you do is link right there at your Twitter account that's Kevin on CFB. Epic for airport and then obviously that's right direct everybody. Beat with constable Hawkins spring football will try to keep tabs on everything that's going on injury wise. Any other news that comes out during spurring it can be a little flow disparity even though we always are trying to hard at that aren't but the thought about it. Maturity keep doing that until we get to their feet. The Dow right buddy Elisa will catch up with you here is that we get toward then this spring practice thank you for your time. Try to keep warm but they you know we're gonna have a cold snap at some point. Yeah but where we're almost through the end of the tunnel here I think great you know start to get former bush because now. All right. They have appreciated by you have a good afternoon and that's Kevin McGuire from NBC sports dot com make sure you give them a follow on Twitter. All right when we come back we'll have a short segment before we go at it Kevin McGuire. It's he's meter price Atkinson out Everett Washington catch up with what our boys spent up to. But maybe when we come back guys we have and only in the south segments it's it's going to be a short one. We can take a phone call to actor price Atkinson it's open offense for the rest of the ship. Isn't as we know we've stirred takes keyboard ES PM told you a message to 71307. Years skis ES PM I'll state. All right we just got a few minutes still the top of the act our world we're gonna go at Everett Washington in that catch up with price Atkinson he's been out there at the US curling team beat chips all week. But guys only in the south. Only in the south this took place in Charlotte in quick listen we can chuckle after the fact because had something worse happen and we would not be making light of that it L. Only in diesels home state of North Carolina could this take place. No injuries were reported Wednesday afternoon when an American Airlines flight from Charlotte the Cologne to Mississippi. Struck a deer while attempting to take off. Let me repeat that. Struck eight air wallet Tiffany did take off like 5320. Bail for Gulfport Mississippi. He hit the deer on takeoff from Charlotte Douglas international airport. It did immediately return for Alain. Officials say the plane was leaking feel after the collision. 44 passengers were employed during this sedate and all were safely removed from the plane. According to American Airlines so my question there was able to puncture the gas tank how big was the African dear. Number what how big was that the year number ten if that deer survived a collision not take off with that American Airlines yet. Should we not give him his own place and like the best zoo in the tests were done that we're in year out exactly. Read up on it. She you'd play an. You fill that he did you know a needle though that's the yet. The whales going upper this. Imagine. You know right now we had the movie with Tom Meeks solely about the emergency landing on the that's an river great. Yet they got to make one about hit that the hero the Charlotte international airport runway at safely returning to the carrion. Again only in the south when I was one known Paramount didn't or they made it's. It would become roadkill. Field dress that soccer. Why it did deer survived I think happen on Monday Europe. I think he put about the pastors today after Valentine's Day that you put about the pastor you stud that sucker up its Long Beach you can possibly get away with that aren't so play in this al-Qaeda played added zero date golf. In Charlotte also only in this Al can you give credit to the university of Tennessee's. Athletic. Twitter Cahill. Yeah I remember one of the funniest skits that I've ever seen in the eighties at. The expense of my Alabama Crimson Tide is being held tosses 2.0 Coke guy opens crimson quarter. He take on a public access with Lane Kiffin and his former white. If you haven't seen it go to 82 in watching I would love to play here on the show for you but Ayers a single reason that IKEA. I value my topic is the adult language in the air is there a theory are heartsick. Did go to cut Tosh is these are well known he's he's pretty popular. Says he's going to be doing a campus tour a real in the nation this spurring. A lot of the stops of course are gonna be here in the south. So prior to his planned visit did not spills campus he weeded out yesterday try and the troll lane to hit that I guess a little bit. But GT. The University of Tennessee ends up winning the battle verse about Daniel Tosh tweeted out at the annual pot hey at UT Knoxville. Well I need extra security on the off T it's people they come Lane Kiffin. Pass tag balls. Had it easy to he athletic response. Department responded with maybe the greatest one word troll of all time. Who question mark at. See it like to get out nasty and that's to win a battle. Sometimes it can be as simple as one word to win that exchange can gradually questioner at which one of those exchanges got most read tweets. I would bet the news because that is just a simple shot at Lane Kiffin right now according to this article though the annual Taj at the time. I had more reach weights at 742. To 342. I keep a year. What it is now but I can't tell you were going across three time zones we're gonna have a quick hang out with target for a price Atkinson from Everett Washington when we return opened presents after that.

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