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Feb 16, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

77 of them growing 971 ahead M sport. Or on ESPN I'm staying there. One of the justice we didn't beautiful down to. Our number two this wind. Stay the addition we're gonna head out day Everett Washington why what's going on in Everett Washington that happens to be where our guy price Atkinson is his stay here hosting the US curling cheaply chips. If price that would normally say how's it hanging herself like that did I hear you ask tells it sliding when it city that curling contest. Well indeed the one to know how the sliding is going and that's it yet literally are sliding getting ready for. Our second outs Marie draws that day as Lara is our friend Jamie Sinclair she's can't she be over there with her high formatting but anyway yes it is they are sliding. It is cold and here it is also but here in Beatles like price when you get back I wanted to curling with the that's music to my eaters that means he had been shot seek vehicle. That's key you know you have been hooked on this sport for a long long time we have gone out to the pavilion for. The palmetto upstate curling club stuff in. Have you learned more about it in this kind of atmosphere because you were nailed giving two wives the activity at its highest level at least when it comes. The US game. Yeah I mean there's certainly from being something like this for the very first time there's just a lot of things that's. Eight that helped plot in the alerts. You know so much as some more strategically and I'm not gonna get into and out of the week of the strategy. You know the things you just pick up ball and it being so polite this minutes a national chief chip then. The accessibility. Of the athletes the coaches to be right down there to get a high five yeah. Seeing. A women's team right now water feature she that we got on the web stream won't twelfth and sports. I grew out of California where the girls that Olympic curling for fifteen to sixteen mile an hour here which is really something. Actually on her. But there's that upward mobility to anybody can do you know. It's one of the things were described curling club and just get on the ice Saud have supplied and no one of the men's teams sits right in the thick of things here they're the oldest team here they last won their only national teen years ago act. Actually. 2007. Near the top of the list clearly here and while the final fourteen. But here will be oldest and so it just for anybody can do that but yet it's something where you can get up close the athlete there's a purity. All of the four W that it just it's it's a lot well. There one thing price saw at least they're trying to do that grow the game at the grassroots level. There's been classes of schoolchildren. Know all the way up to look like may be high school. That they allow to come in they're in now watch what's taking place. Yeah this morning there's a pixel group the seventh graders so you know what I'm doing where I am you know I'm doing it then there's there's an incident. It is basically like in their chain and with those are like Indy and so he. He into the fifth halfway point they take five minute break so right either interviews and also do in game during the third set then. But and a third and without a public that is what that police not school group make a lot of noise and they were from my. Mayor conflicts fuel looked Puget Sound which went into it or wait for your but it never been inching curling reports say they're down down here naked boys were built one of the local players Brady Clark the current national cheap it was here in Seattle Teledyne interviewed him and you should exceed these kids and they were like. They had they were capital black they were doing cheers. And the players were responding to let you know in the cheers that they were doing it given up double all persons stopped Obama from on the ice and so. It was thought well I'm not an outlook that that it did suit. Video and says we created a Twitter account just silly to do perhaps like to try it on the Jumbotron but let's secure this right now we're about to be on the Jumbotron. You with this interview in the arena so it was a lot unpopular it got B gap they're trying to grow to gain a bit it and all levels around the country each scene it now. In a lot of nontraditional curling areas like green bill. Out of power metal curling club out of the pavilion that a lot of people have had tried you know I had been out there outside she was there with the set date. Atlanta and Charlotte which is unheard the southern cities have their own dedicated curling but shall submit to cap it looked just old sort. For hurling activists were hot all the. Okay serves a speaking nontraditional or somebody like me would get a hold of curling and they want to go Happy Gilmore style. How I go about doing that because there has to be a way to make this my own. It's far and I have bad the way have a look at how we can you throw that he throws the stones' she's lied. We IE slightest only launch is still left how how can I launch the stolen away that I can make it my own and still probably not completely suck it kirwan. The legs Spagnuolo. He's figured out between the legs you hit it down to the very other end of the ice. I wanna see it because the thing being 42 panel deep down I'm a stronger electric. Catalog and you are but it you can do that's still what actually at the bottom and begun yet that would be your Happy Gilmore Whitfield at eight. Our price seconds and one final thing nag at you basketball questions that its I know you've been. And you gave mr. Kentucky wildcats' last night that. Was the tradition at the end of a curling man number Auroio. Is there. Smack talk Alice watch in the thirty for thirty on the fab five last night it Jalen Rose. Admitted that he was born to talk smack on the basketball court so is anybody born to talk smack on the curling I hate do what does that sound like. Yeah I allotment at this point because being that it's been a kind of gentleman's game make social came to a bandage on the Big Sur. Really you don't see the caps back up that's a law that critics such a small. This community. He's you trash talking it's just not going to be its situation so you'll you'll see it yet. What you will seem like a guy like John Kuester got him a bit but probably around here. Where Kabul to the end competing the last real game. He does it trash talk. But he is so loud on the ice and plays a lot of weights I changed the way he carries himself what he what they'll say one of his teammates that'll get your shot of the other teams straight shot but just trying to get their head cookie because it is it is anybody. I mean he and it would await he'd yell I mean to you if you hurt him you know. You know exactly blog talked about it he can take the recall of building. And that's and it's more it's intimidation and that's what John he's as good as anything but you don't see it but flat out you know smack. Talk. I situation room's been broken just a little bit ago and subpoena her favorite here it doesn't look like they're bored to make. The final four. They had them making at least the final or how they got Matt they would automatically all pot. A replica team USA at the world chief future which cannot say. Why didn't do it don't they have to win natural go to the world now belatedly this point. They lost the subordinate and it doesn't look like they're gonna need to make the bottle or I was down there right next to them they were cheaper and wrote in an out PayPal right now slayings that shattered just. Yes. All right let's and I knew you've been trying to catch a little basketball as well your Kentucky Wildcats. Had a nice game last night they beat Tennessee 83 to 58. But pricey just continues. To look with a number of top ten teams being beaten. This is one. Wide open race to the final four remarks about sixteen teams. In a year in which they are calling the bubble historically bad art phrase Joseph mess from bracket wagging USA today now has clawed back in the course or in. Just based off that. You know which is actually no I got it where were here. You know dirty all across the board and there's not a chef Richard that or the vision and you know obviously that goes to the strength of Atlantic Coast Conference you know the best basketball conference in the country side and close. Console obviously the beneficiary of a good nonconference record yet the job done mayor this year like last year but I'm of the belief that when you'll keep constant. I think they're gonna have to win or the last spot with a I was looking out last probably they got by apple the real which are hole. I think most of collapsed or. And I think is gonna I don't know seven and eleven and the agency will be good enough it might. I think eight to and that's really what they've got to get to it so you know some might tweeting me and sit you really think that's gonna happen essar well. Consider in the wake of who played all year. Though in terms of winning four of their last spot the Eagles wolf yeah anything can happen especially in the ACC. Didn't read those the last three inch hole. They can win moon which if they can steal one these next two which are both on the road and is that would be huge and take some of the pressure off I think that it had any realistic prayer right they got. The win or you collapse spot I think they got it and I think they or. Yet right listen. Be careful cutting back we had a little bit of fun in the last segment. With only in this south committee American Airlines jet collided with the deer on the runway as it did earlier today. Charlotte nor care be careful coming back here across the country and will have a week on the air next week in the longer off on a little vacation after that then everything will be back as the as planned but tell people real quickly how they can check out yells broadcast coverage of the US curling team Egypt's. You know that you mr. -- lot of work around and sent it to be placed side should extra wedge or in the side. All watch streaming. You know after all the games we got our second worry right now we'll be portable Arlington. She played also began on not spot Elliott in the day it is search I don't even know trying to did you tell me about airplane and at the right it certainly thinks about that have gone on the last couple they have a lot you know what's gone on outside spent the arena here in. Everett Washington actually in a ball all but a which should correct it. On the ice. Yep all right we'll listen but we're proud begin again we he if you wanna have some fun and look at somebody working hard. Check out price and be careful coming back in now will see will talk to you this weekend object. I got sent sound good just stay warm. Our idea that we are doing is is again up in the sixties. It's pretty I've seen a couple of photos online diesel out Bayard Everett Washington and you can see this snow capped mountains off in the distance. It's you know what habits it's pretty nice Beers well when they speaking to don't know when your honor she die each year nor have several layers on regardless what the weather is outside. You know men and I'm I'm envious of people it is a live out west live around those mountains re can be nice and warm down on the valley floor of the top of them peaks. Surrounding it nothing but snow capped is as I got to see. Out of Southern California in March a few years back it was eighty degrees. Down in the valley and Palm Springs but the mountains all around we're jagged and snow capped all the way around. All mean did you just have about fond memories of your days on the tweets he railroad back up and they in North Carolina. On the Palm Springs is in California and not in North Carolina we're tweets he has. But now it's just flew out to go for these a big force show Metallica slayer mega death and anthrax. Oh by the way it did seem Metallica's death rate do another world tool that is true they come to Atlanta and they've played a brand new us suntrust park brave stadium July 9 and as a matter of fact. Shameless plug on giving away tickets to that 805 tonight on 93 through the planet. See you almost eight we have work that out no you have to give me two thumbs up buyer brought to differ metal things you may get the feeling we go give me to Metallica's songs that are not enter sandman. And nothing else matters. We will do that or how I match at a right handed passer out of his sharper feel he's a leader Abdul Majid did it hit hit hit we're live here at smoke on the water it is opened and will get into this mock draft three quarterbacks. That late Prescott has going in the first rail what album is not named his son Kaiser will take a look at weary as. Does Shawn Watson 844 GS PE SPN. Yes he's straight we've Stern's call for fortune ESP ESPN. Sports on ESPN a state. Welcome back he and his money catch up with target for a price seconds and out Ayers again US curly TP tips and it. Several people asked me what's he doing out here. Basically Geist he's hosting their online broadcast he's doing in the pregame and halftime in the post game show. All right team in the ads for the individual matches two. Again. You know get out of the comfort zone no doubt taken a boy from the self doubt they would do it but this is. More or less the a trial run for what will take place at the US Olympic trials in that December wide because we got the Winter Olympics next year. But switch him back around this mock draft we had a conversation about Shawn Watson. They wish eat bits and that the means. When it comes to this draft that a lot of people but slight. Yeah I'm enamored with some of the physical attributes of this on Kaiser the former nudity quarterback. But there's just something about Watson be in a winner like he said. I think. You know he pays a little bit the Pittsburgh pass belliard to dual threat quarterbacks he does that fit the mold. A run of run first or second. But there's a reason sturgeon I understand why it in NFL coaches and GMs and scouts are wary of that because. Those type of players. Don't translate well in the NFL star and as we've seen so far. It may not be entirely accurate as you say he's a he's a pastor who can run pretty well he's not he's not around passer he's a passer who can run pretty well. His game and what was asked of him at Clemson. Has shown off the skill set to be able to run and pass so he looks like a dual threat quarterback. And as such. It may hurt his draft status a little bit and you know you and I we know. That. It's maybe not such a bad thing from the fall just a little bit because that means he's not gonna go crappy team however. You know from looking at a from his side and we're talking about millions of dollars is the difference between him falling. From the first round of the second round. Well it's going to be interesting to see how it goes so here's what we've got going on this is layer eight Pritzker is top ten. Here on the draft what he's got. Cleveland Browns at number one drafting miles scare the people that event from Texas a and M model the Q any of us have any doubts that that's going to be the case on draft night the ironic part about it. According to miles gear. He won't be there at the draft he's gonna be spinning it in a watch party with this mainly inference in the or something that you don't usually see from the number one overall pick Josh. Yeah and he's also not going to the Columbine so. He's a nice announced that recently that you'll only. Performed for the pro scouts went in him has their pro day so. Oh miles you're doing things a little unorthodox but when you're as talented as him you can do that. All right going. According to late Crisco CBS sports dot com headed number two to the same Francisco 49ers who need a quarterback. They're still in love with admits to Robiskie the quarterback from north Carolina's biggest question. Is he a one year wonder number three to the Chicago Bears they had deepened today and Jonathan Allen from the University of Alabama. Number four to the Jacksonville Jaguars. This one ethnic it's moved up a little bit quietly I was surprised shots. He's got Solomon Thomas that the incident from Stanford leading up to number four the Jacksonville you like or dislike that. He's a pretty good. Player and I think he he he had some really good film. In which they were able to break you down and I think that's a thing. Of the that they're going to have to add to you know to get over that well. But there's no question from what I've seen of him he's an explosive player. Hezbollah hands. In a nonstop motor and that's what you want. Out of a guy from that position. All right number five of the titans and Jamal adams' safety from Ellis she'd love that guy he brings it back here on the back side he is. The in the the back into the defense number six to the jets moving up Morse on Lattimore the quarterback from Ohio State. Seven to the Los Angeles chargers are keys to say that the seventh that the chargers got to play game before the belly to orders right. Belief hooker at the safety from a high state. It's CPU like this when guys number eight to the paint there's late Crisco has littered Burton Matt Burnett the running back from L as you. No I don't like this particular all I'm not. I would I would be very very hesitant. To go after Leonard Forman and the reason for that is. I'm not real Ohio guys taken themselves out of games. And then having them tell the coat well. I'm gonna go back and play it you know those type guys. I just how guys play you know if on the draft somebody. In the first round of the rafter in the in the top ten. Of the NFL draft yes to be if they want starter. That I know not only has the physical ability to do it. But he's also been put in the work to do in I don't know it. To me a letter from that qualifies for one out of those two. Just I'm not real bagel guys that take themselves out of the game. Games in her injury pearl just bothers. I don't mind the that pick up a running back because I think that's something that the Panthers need to look at that if I arm go beyond its if I had that she's between Galvin cook and later for net. I'd take Dauman cook every day of the week and twice on Sunday why. He's a threat to take it to the house every time he touches the ball lettered for that is going to have to baying for URD team gets what. I think that will be a little bit more typical is the NFL level than it was it LA she. What hit the only that it is. In my estimation I mean. Running backs or dime a dozen okay. The big the good ones. Listen to Todd girly or. Once every five years back I mean there's not that much. Separation and talent when it comes to backs. To me Carolina needs to figure out what they wanna do all the back yes. As deep as his draft it is in the secondary. Maybe they could move up or trade down if the if one of their guys slow. It's predict. But who knows what elements going to do get open does some things that. You know quite honestly scratch your head at them sometimes it works out most the time it doesn't mean though they played the Super Bowl two years ago. But in my estimation. If there's. Have got to address double what the back of that defense which was just atrocious. After Josh Norman left in Roman Harper. In number two they've got to figure out what they wanna do their offensive line up because just care has taken a lot of heat. But a lot of it has to cover the fact that the offensive line. Remembers it right tackle is. I would say given Doug Free for the cowboys may be the two worst right tackles in the National Football League. So there's some situations were KM was under so much derail us. You can really blame him for that so. Gilbert got some work to do it identifying. In what direction does he wanna go but if I'm here over as talented. As the BB glasses of this I would start of what those leaked defensive backs all right number. Nine to Cincinnati Ingles is. Listen you go and call me homer that's fine. I think easy most undervalued it maybe the best player in the draft. After just watching them be consistent consistent consistent that Ruben pasta with a linebacker from Alabama. Did number ten. To the Buffalo Bills quarterback is Shawn Watson from clumps and and that brings up pitchers the question is that may be not you know yes it's cold weather up there but. Depending how what the bills do with Tyrod Taylor. I would love for dish on define himself in the situation they also have carte Belgians on the roster do the Buffalo Bills. I would love to find that it does on define himself in a situation. Would they are looking for him to take step number one on day number one of you number one. It may be be able to ease into it. A little bit. Yet you would like that happen and for to Sean you would like to see that to happen because you don't see a guy. Get into a situation where the team isn't such disarray that he. Horrible. And we've seen good quarterbacks that have gotten the bad situations. And they've taken such a beating that they are they're career. Has never been able to recover. And you definitely don't wanna see to show on all of that so you go Cecil brings up great point. All all of this negativity could turn out to be. A career saver for bush on. Look at it if he gets into the right situation. Where he doesn't have to be the main guy and he's all of a little bit better team the Buffalo Bills are terrible terrible. They don't one or two games of make in the playoffs. So it though they've got a pretty good offensive line that's open. That you look for I think what's going to decide. You show on state. Is what happens in this free agency period of the NFL there's a lot of vote and who's going around. That teams are in contact with New England Patriots for Jimmy drop below and if that's the case and grapple gets traded. Did you could possibly see some movement. That could benefit the show on but mainly Cleveland I mean. Cleveland has a history that there's no guarantee that they're gonna hold all of that. And if somebody offers them to a 36. In the later first round they'll probably trade out of it. Because they need help on their entire team. Not just seek an end of one player. All right interestingly enough to shop which beat the second quarterback taken in the draft right behind mr. biz ski. Most. First real mock drafts heavy third quarterback included it whatever position and that's the sign Kaiser the quarterback for Notre Dame late Prescott does not have him in its first real. But it number twelve he adds the Cleveland Browns in this stuff first I've heard about this. In it is granted a quarterback star. Franchise. But they have their reaching for Patrick Holmes the quarterback from Texas Tech with the twelfth pick of the first Korean. Yeah and this is the draft that is very very typical. Of what. Denny and I we're have a conversation. That the NFL puts the overpriced. The quarterbacks meeting. Everybody says it's quarterback driven league and to what extent it is. But only if you get that only god like and Aaron Rodgers like a Tom Brady like a Drew Brees or one of those guys well. The draft they have every year you're not gonna help we you'll be lucky they'll be one of those guys. It's probably every couple years what are your we're where you want. One of those guys. But meanwhile you can still build your team I mean look what Denver did. At the end of the Mitt Manning wasn't the star of the Denver Broncos Super Bowl Roland. Eight he was named the catalyst it was the defense. So that they were able to put pieces around him and I think sometimes. NFL GM's press too much. Instead of solidifying. The rest of their 53 man roster with the league talent that they care bill through the draft that that's what the New England Patriots have done. I mean you're hitting your out. If you look at the stalwarts yes they do have Tom Brady. But at the same time look at the other players that they were especially in my office. Their offensive line I wouldn't put in the top five in the NFL it's average at best. To do mysteries. I would put in the top five their average at best they're wide receivers. Are are on the second edition of Snow White and seven dwarfs OK I mean. Hogan settlement and the dole army. They're the only franchise that would dwarf those type that's what it's like a law firm order exactly or something of that date exactly so. You know there are different ways that you conclude that the draft without sinking everything you have and who would have thought that the Nellie Williams. Would have shown the leak. Hey look you can't give up. So yes. It for a stretch you need that doesn't work yet one player Ian make that big of a difference all right let's get Jim in before we head out to break Jeff welcome and have your have a good afternoon. Great Neck and choke. I hope your mistress should be real way to have a good well. We did I got full thousand sleep on the couch by 930 how remaining kids that current. Outlook I was too. To Africa I picked shots are right that the boat float goes you got there what can look Bernard. They've been in several players rebounds already know abroad though it gets cold apart bit by more to operate polish people don't want to. All right Jim appreciate that phone call you have a good day Carlos I think probably is made it into what late second round early third rail of the kids. They are sick guy that kept performing as the year went on and the somewhere in that nature and lessen. I mean we saw with this on Williamson. A couple of years ago from. Clubs in the came at a gain nor high school if you're an effective defensive linemen you can make a place in the league and that's exactly what he's done. With the Cincinnati week Beagle sound they can what may be late second real early third rail for correlate spot. And yeah I think midway in the second round is probably his landing destination there's so many in here you really knows there. There's so many underclassmen. At key positions mainly defensive back I mean this this may be the deepest. Secondary. Side draft that we've seen. In a long long time there's not that much difference. Instilled between. The guys in the first round in the Gaza Google book go to the bottom of the second all of these guys are big and long and can play. All one of the fascinating players that I think somebody's goes get a steal or. Is Marlon Humphries out of Alabama mean some guys have put him in a projected late first round early early sector around. So that ought to tell you how deep this draft is. When a player Marlon who I honestly believe. It was the best corner in college football and so. When you've got him slated to go late first leg early second at tells you how deep it is Carlos. Carlos is the defensive tackle that's kind of Winger. He's not a true pass rushing defensive tackle and he's not a traditional. Run stopper that would fit into that nose tackle reports he he has that's the majority years 64. But he's a little bit more athletic he's athletic enough where could play a three technique of five. He's very forceful on that role I think he's Morse later. To be a 43 he was that to mean more as a three technique can afford to repeat it. All right when we come back will tell you well. One name we haven't seen come up in this draft is. Clips in wide receiver Mike Williams what about marlin three in that what about the depth of this drafted the pits it back. Well I tell you who they are projecting with the last pick in the first rail also diesel with that intriguing question is well back cut and ahead it's open phones. Is we're live at smoke on the water. Coach Phillips aggregate adults smoked chick in case d.s here there at the break this is straight up was third to eight for four GSB he has via. You're talking sports on straight up which stir. Urge analysts on Twitter and interact. ESPN all states it's now open by the mine's 844 GS PE SPN that 844477. 37. 76 and some football hall today yet we know were common ailments stretching college basketball that we've got the spring. Practices starting up. We got NFL draft coming up it is diesel brought to the table earlier a really cool question as we've been talking about Lee Briscoe who's mock draft on CBS sports dot com in which he has that most people by an all male. Have as the number one overall draft pick miles scared that the incident from Texas seen him diesel. Well miles Garrett I about a year ago and it really wasn't that big of a deal he'd even shot a video about a year ago. Begging the cowboys to trade up so that he would not have to go to Cleveland. No video just surfaced. Within the past couple weeks. And it's become a big deal to sell in your opinion. Does that video potentially hurt his chances to get drafted to Cleveland because he's specifically called out Cleveland. Saying that he did not wanna go to Cleveland. What Josh you know there's some scouts who have had some concerns that he literally. Disappeared in the last seat season with a quote. And quotes opposes it ankle injury. I don't think he has enough leverage to sit out a year he's got some questions that he as the answer that is worked in the past. But yet to have a dual threat by that I mean you yet the last time we really saw any rights successfully manipulate. With Eli Manning in we need the meaning mainly could afford to sit out one year's NFL that's what became necessary. Before that it was also at the quarterback position that was John Elway and yet the total legitimate threat is a baseball player. To go play for the Yankees and that's why he ended up. Getting it straight to the Broncos. I think miles scared doesn't have that type of threatened him number two. Listen once you get that paycheck that burst signing bonus for be in the number one draft pick for the Cleveland Browns sat back into. Alleviate some of the concerns and he said Texas boy of course he wants to go play for the countless. Well knowledge that it's better organization the Cleveland. And I think that Cleveland was winning and they had a direction. That they were going that was positive. That would help out because once he signed that deal I mean he's locked into that for the next four years so. You know I don't think we'll see Joey boasts that type old I would be. Surprise if that happened. I think. That. From all indications he he has made it known. This year and I note diesel. Brought up what he gets it last year but it this year up Levy's play in the political correctness caller I must say you'd be happy to go to Cleveland so. I think a lot of that's a lot of what's talking is that forty million guaranteed. Up front I'm told he was my son. I would tell him to shut up you go play who trash you put the number one overall it. And that in four years after you have a send it to that level of the law of the league player. Will that you can command the market go review boards in the NB hated like haven't area in Oklahoma City area are fine but either way I mean he's gonna make a lot. He's gonna make a lot of cheese you know holds on draft day. All these guys are so well looking back real quickly it late Pritzker is mock draft one mean they had not come up the Wii is seen in it is Mike Williams the wide receiver for riots that. He's got him going at number sixteen to the Baltimore Ravens so while. That's where Mike Williams and of course these are all subjective yes they want to ain't even the draft order may change. Couple other things that you were talking about. Number 21 and he's got the it's far as the depth that this draft you mentioned Marlon hope for you love the guy he's got a Gordon number 24 to the Oakland ray. Wherever the raiders again be playing in now Las Vegas Oakland whatever. It just says she can simply never have enough quarterbacks at the NFL level it and finally. This ought to let you know it I agree with the oh by the way your cowboys he's got Gerry Connolly the quarterback from out of state taken them Seattle like prepared. The last pick of the first round the New England Patriots you're defending Super Bowl team yet. And indeed this makes much sense to bill peppers the safety linebacker. And he says peppers is the perfect Bill Belichick player he can play linebacker on passing downs and strong exceed the on others. If he can. And doing this so. And north of parks and how they draft the mean a few years ago. They were on the Rutgers train where they drafted like four Rutgers defensive backs. Altogether. And one draft. In the comeback in the they get Dominic easily. Of what Paul was they actually get to hurt. And that of course is shipped him albeit arrested. They definitely need to bring in the end rusher. Type player from you know kind of in the mold of Jamie Collins. They shipped out mid season. What when they ship Jaime off to Cleveland. So you know. No English is gonna have a lot of I always say leverage but there's a lot of maneuverability that they can go. Because there's so many good players at the bottom of this draft not many I would call a league players what you get past. In my estimation. Miles Garrett Shawn Watson. Maybe it maybe Mike Williams and a couple of the receivers. And Jamal Adams who are really like sleepy. Most of these guys there's not a whole lot of separation. It'll although I do some people have had the paper kid from Florida go and idols like a like that you're either. As a pro. So I don't cover hope that people overlook moral and Humphries in the sitting there but Dallas has to address their classrooms beats. They took a flyer with Randy Gregory. Which I didn't agree with came back by him in the butt they definitely took a flyer a great party. So those are two guys that they gambled and lost. And they took another gamble on the Smith kit. That was a jerk Shaq out of Notre Dame with a busted me. We don't know if he's gonna be healthier not so they have got to address. Pass rush for the Dallas cowboy. All right well we come back Matt every first year head football coach in college football what have a year like. South as southern Cal's clay hell they were gonna run him out after a few games last year Boyd at the trojans in depth coming up strong so. Which head coaching college football likely you have the biggest impact in year number one that they're the program. I got a list of buy will discuss that when we come back it's also opened and we'll talk college basketball in our number. Theory. Isn't as we know we stirred takes root ES PM totally your message to 71307. Years skis ES PM I'll state. Welcome back and there's going to be 21 and do you head football coaches in the football's bowl subdivision for diesel. That's FBS the highest level. Up division one football this upcoming season so. The question is who's probably going to walk into the best situation. In. You. Putting besting quotation marks Josh is probably subjected to the person. But best I would say is one where's the pieces are in place to immediately hit the ground running. And have some success so I went through a list. In. You know. I keep coming back to what clay Helton did last year in his first year being a college football coach much less the first year head coach at southern cal. Loses its opener 52 degree to Alabama after about three gains rate around him out and they go on what nine game winning streak. To close out the year now he is firmly firmly implanted there in the way in Detroit with state freshman quarterback who will be accorsi sophomore next year. So what outlook across the list of the 21 coaches is there yeah probably the best they can hit the ground running. Would have to be at or Jerod why would Casey got a head start on it with five or six games last year. It's time to bring it energetic. Atmosphere if you will into the LSU office less miles is nobody that you would considerably overly image energetic. But the one thing is mean and headed in the next year even with that tally in east got eight great running back with guys. He does ever returning quarterback. But they had a lot of staff shakeup Bayard LA she'd like you with the with that head start its interim tag he might be best served as a quote unquote first year coaching 27 to. Agree or disagree coach bill does not agree I ever since Charlie Strong. Gate gets fired at Texas he ends up South Florida but guess what why do you end up at South Florida. Because that coach Willie Taggart it done a really nice job getting them to eleven wins this past season. In they only speculate but me your spot in the state of Florida and areas that he recruits they very very well. In again fresh off the team from lead in plus winning year last year. So I would suggest that Willie Taggart and building that program up left it in good shape. If Charlie Strong cannot continue the upward progress of South Florida. After what happened that taxes that we maybe start wondering what type of coach he is after all. I don't think so a lot of thought Charlie and I said this from day one when he got Austin. I thought he made a critical. In his detriment not to his credit. I thought he made a critical era. By some of his staff choices. At Texas that I believe in the that cost. Him his job. That being said he didn't make the same mistake not many of those guys. Did he bring from Texas to South Florida. He's radically retooled his entire staff. That he has in South Florida so. I think Charlie. Is gonna have a breath of fresh air. Because he's out of that pressure cooker. That is taxes any kicked out of brief South Florida isn't sort of mandate that he has to win the national championship. Every single year. And he can kind of take a year to. How to get his feet back under him because when you're in a situation like he was in Texas. You know it's really easy get caught up in and swept away. With all the negativity and sometimes a guy just needs. To step away from that pressure cooker in brief and I think that's what he's got any made better staff decisions his staff itself Florida. Is already better than what he had at Texas nothing that's gonna help us faults that shifts are. All right because this because one thing that you hear about. Is continuity and that's why I think we are all going to be taking a look at what goes on in Tuscaloosa next year abacus. For the first time in Nixon even through Jeanne. You'll look unity pretty massive turn over. When it comes to the staff including his head of football operations who had been there one year from Michigan and announced earlier today. That he is gonna go on now again. The head main players that hit me and it's run statement Andy's or national team Egypt's in this decade alone but that is one thing to pay attention to. Because he's looking for a new director of football operations in an offensive coordinator all the same type. I'm hearing in that he may be zeroing in on the offensive coordinator. From an NFL position but we will see about that when moving forward so. What does that mean I told you I had a list the fight coaches only one of the final three on my list. That are best set to hit the ground running in 27 team. Only one of the final three on my list is from an FBS school football bowl subdivision school. So when we come back Wu QB. Those final three coaches on our list in it will begin nutrients this mean to college basketball the gamecocks at 630 tip off tonight. Angela and you'll like Serena is safe as the Arkansas Razorbacks also this so content leading Furman Paladins. They're just up the road in Holloway. Taking on western Carolina. It for you farming experience looking for something the the Ayers Ayers that watch party in American burger company for the Furman Paladins Spain club. At by the year for that 7 PM tipoff but will he be the final three names on this list. And it will break in the college basketball in Sunnis on Tiger Woods.

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