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Feb 16, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's an incident at them growing. 971 MM sport. Or on ESPN I'm staying so. Anybody smoke and water one Augusta street in beautiful downtown Greensboro yeah. All right welcome back began vinyl I. Our. This Wednesday it isn't a straight up with starts we've been talking a lot of. Football week giving you are or we're giving you a list of the five coaches that we thinker I prepared. They hit the ground running in 91 college football at BS football next year before we get the Nightline tonight mentioned that jobs. I felt like yeah week given and torture on green and he got a head start Charlie Strong why. Because he left he's inheriting a program that Willie Taggart one double digit gains wit and speaking of Willie Taggart. You know what. It's been an ugly start for attacker off the field organ but one thing that we're pretty sure about. He's the western Kentucky and South Florida the guy can coach. So I would suspect that with the university of Nike and help for its just not being the writing it certainly take over from Chip Kelly. There's probably some more talent Bayern Eugene and were willing to admit because Nike will recruit itself. So I would not be surprised if Willie Taggart has a direct improvement. On an organ dot team that what it is Forney. That season. You are really surprising that they had dropped that more. What was even more surprised at the off field issues. That coach tiger and his staff had David Reeves I got busted for that the you lie and then he had to get fired. Players Omaha later I mean it's just been. It wasn't an easy transition. For Willie into the room. Great northwest that's for sure. All right let's get the thing in mind still that wants to talk about first year coaches in college football welcome in Delbert hope you're have a good afternoon. And definitely going to be justice. They Wear smoke on the water so we're one better than you already. Yeah he's he's totally beyond me failure to one I'm content don't try and follow you up when sparkled but this I don't think what part of they. Indigo among men and most of all was calm but it didn't even people like. Good to my own Charles Gordon used to bowl this year. And another deal I don't know W diplomatic capital of detect it got to or get. The other quarterback combatant and Europe and not a paid day off our little momentum gentlemen embargoes really combat in the Big Apple when you get a preview what's been done. It's gonna be its stay in that galvanized do you have might seem occurred on the analyst here because I think in the long run you will see him do. What his three predecessors have done and that's Willie Taggart Bobby Petrino and now Jeff Brohm they won't use that western Kentucky job. And they will part of late good seasons into a no other job. And again I don't think Notre Dame leak itself that that they're Mahan base bringing in a guy from western Kentucky. One years at coach but. I promise she was seen at Purdue does it's its predecessors have done up there in Bowling Green he won't be long for that job. Europe auto who have not only lose ground that is on opening. And I c.'s good content out there but I see our procedure is not about Marilyn it will create income bill list. Wouldn't it. Well I take it I take it Alvin the last name on my list is Jeff Collins from temple because he takes over from his friend Matt role. Who left that program probably the strongest they have ever been in temple history in that is a football team that is built to win today. Now the question is steeped in Jeff Collins keep that the Roland. The keys you have to be eight special Qaeda head coach to put up with the roadblocks at temple football give you. You know and and at a recordable included all political these children. Looked at my quote. All right appreciate it suits those are the fight names on my list coach at Georgia run LHU Charlie Strong South Florida. Jeff Collins at temple might seem Purdue western Kentucky in Willie Taggart for Morgan. Eighty by Yeltsin catch teacher teaching kids again it's subjective but you have to look at returning rosters yet not every first year coach. Is walking into the same situation summer. Yeah haven't completely rebuild others are only having demand maintain. Which is more difficult before we get it Jimmie on the thing mites maintaining their rebuilding. Well they both have their separate sort of challenges. I would much rather maintain it because that these guys are going to be. You can't build it if you do it the right way which got to hustle and you know I was talking or freeing James to earn. One day and I'm of the belief. That in college football with the way recruiting is this level that is it is. There's really in my estimation no excuse. Fourteen. And not at least finish sixth and sixth no matter what facility or what program you're aware of the just simply because of the amount of players that are out there if you do your due diligence if you constantly hustle if you look for the next. Player if you didn't it work the way. That makes a bit in doubt it double Sweeney Nick Saban would be successful. Not just what some Alabama you can put them at Vanderbilt. And northwestern. End they're gonna elevate those programs or programs. Because we're gonna out worked people and they're gonna push it to the limit to make sure that they out worked people so. I think if you've been battled the recordings. You can elevate your program pretty quickly. All right let's go back in the face Jimmy wants to talk some gamecocks football Jimmie welcome and hope you're having a good afternoon. I mean it's me or ask it. I so I. Can't talk about your left is Margaret Hamburg they're very very bad egg delighted. Initiate why you are now it won't let me. What are the or did he does look pretty good. But did you know boards and they are the horsepower. I'd go beyond anything I did boobs. Just how you know I know that he came out of what Solutia. High school didn't his underperform but. You know is that one of those situations that you may have do you like get him in the weight remain challenged him and not give up hope on him yet it's. Some of those youngsters especially. In here's the deal Jimmy Josh may disagree. I don't really like looking it up that's a bit defensive lineman from lower levels of football why because they looked dominant against weaker competition. That does it mean that you don't Credo. It says it means to take their commit that with a little bit of a grain of salt you know what I mean. Yeah now the other one which should meet black sheer belief that he is already working in the rotation at linebacker but the greatest staying. The the best site be their best recruit. The best player on south Carolina's football team this upcoming year is not take a Bentley sky more coming back it be the quarterback of the opposite side of the ball. Yeah and sent it in and do. He'll bring leadership the kids you know you were requiring leadership skills. From a lot of kids last year that were just learning their way through college football. Yeah you one understand delegates ever Latin orders coming in back. This year. Yet less. And yeah it let's appreciate the effort and called Jimmy will talk about that because you are right it all starts with Jacob Bentley. The guy Rico down model looks like he is taking over that running back position remember one of the gains here at the end of the year yet what 226. Sorts pricing. EE EO Brian Edwards needs to remain healthy at wide receiver you got depots seem go out they're but. That's one place coach Phillips and I expect. For being cut means. To maybe. Have some immediate impact. You have definitely up there any skill talent wise at the wide receiver position in all that's gonna do his bit of that Jake greatly in the long. Yet doesn't it and get back to the gentleman's question. You know Dexter Wideman was highly recruited player. Had originally committed to Florida State. Ended up flipping that commitment and signing with the gamecocks. At some time interior defensive tackles. If it takes them a little bit more from a physical standpoint because it used to the ground in bound. Of the SEC a division one football and I think Dexter has a little bit of talent in mini me he would have gotten recruited. By the likes of Florida State if he'd bitten. But sometimes those guys need a little extra maturation. To hit their pinkie Mae being a guy that doesn't develop until his junior possibly senior year and there's nothing wrong with that. Shooting lecture people need to give him a pass. People forget this guy was shot yet okay. He's somebody actually shot him and so you don't really know. Where he is that from a middle standpoint. How has she gotten over. Those gunshot wounds and that's a dramatic thing. For anybody to go through little lonely young man in college try to find his way. Into adulthood so. I think those are those two players that. South Carolina when we're gonna have more of his role players. That anything Dexter maybe a little bit ahead. In that regard but. If the gamecocks continue to recruit proposal. The way that coach muschamp is it has been. They're going to be just fine from players. Stan and again I'm not saying don't recruit to hit it its single layer double play and try saint don't. I had maybe the same expectations for that kid is coming out of foray why. Because they're gonna look better on tape to get smaller competition now that's kits can not help. Where they grew up there where they went the scope without giving you an example right in on the road clumps that. I watched either I think gives Taylor herd play in the high school playoffs every year Christ church a few years ago I believe it will stay in Alka. Yeah he's a big guy guess what you've finally start to see several years into that program start the pay off because. When he showed up on campuses that freshman he was way behind the eight ball if you will. Just simply because of the competition level at eight it Siegel a football. In high schools so. That surges you know it. You know there is one school I'll look at it single late double A level ago if you can play there you can play on my football team. And that's Greenburg airport being on the Nabih amber South Carolina they put out kid after kid after kid. That they have and I thought coach must chip and his staff. Really outperformed themselves in this past recruiting cycle. They were able to keep and hold onto or Torrey Smith. The big wide receiver. Six foot three which she wasn't the only one in this class. Was very big. Which reminds me a lot of what. Coach Spurrier had a couple of years ago win. The wide receiving crew room literally look like basketball team. Out there but they get two or three wide receivers they sign in this class that are 63 or bigger 210 to earn fifteen pounds. That are gonna make it different for Jake that we can let's be honest. Bribe Edwards it's gonna take him a couple of years to develop physically he's going to be good player. But Billy had to have help from an offensive weapons standpoint. I thought Carolyn do an exceptional job of identifying that audible to. The other thing is they had to develop or find some help in the secondary in the back if they did that with them Davis Williams kit that they were able to hold off Georgia. On a late push to keep every quarter and the other thing is I can't go to bring an edgy this and go and visit Kelly and the middle toughness. To the vacuum that's going to be infectious that beat us so. They do need to keep developing pass rushers. And I think they will eventually get there which you can tell. That coach muschamp is trying to build this thing the right way with the right pieces and not get overwhelmed by saying we gotta go out and get them all war. He stored at the critical. Was that the key is when you knew what your cycle it's a neat dramatic enough it's alignment in this year and that in you that's when your program has become. Cultured if you will that's a word that we love to throw around in college football and college athletics today however. I still come back and look the gamecocks got six wins out of a team last year. They're most consistent dale Phil weapon in my opinion was they're tied in an eight Hearst. Now he also made a couple of throws looked better can he can go hiding get the politics of that nature but you Brian Edwards had some injuries that he battled sinking that. Yet divas scene you'll open on the smaller side. Listen when you really go back and look at things the best dale bill weapon that that they were dealing with from south Carolina's offensive philosophy. What's that I did and I promise you they're better days ahead with this deal talent that they just brought in as you mentioned or trees now. Yeah they did in they were able to hold on one of the better players actually probably gonna flip from Clemson. Brent Johnson get out of Middleton. Excuse me. Will definitely help bomb at a grassroots standpoint it's gonna put on some weight I mean he's appalled raging yes I sinister or. Probably about 230 to forty. But they did go up against Kim walked kit. Out of ju co sign another -- Coke corner. To get some help that something. That I thought Carolyn did do was try to bring it to guys that were ready right now. But they didn't overload the class would you code they had a nice mix of high school kids with a few. Hugo kids get it there. And I thought go to questions and his staff. Did a really good job and if they can. Somehow get eight wins. In this upcoming season and get another recruiting cycle under their belt. Then they can go after. The Xavier thomas' and the kids that are those five and four star kit locally in the area that they can go and say hey. When you visit South Carolina we're getting better yet if you could be key and just getting back to be in the lead. In you're gonna win and also it was and I'll say it now we have a guy coming up over I'd much rather be trying to get better in the SEC east in the SEC west that's true all right let's switch to basketball when we come back we'll get some action in the ACC and SEC at night which includes a tip off. In about twelve minutes nailed in the the colonial like the C arena. Between coaches Arkansas Razorbacks in the 21 ranked South Carolina Gamecocks. Don't forget firm and 7 PM tipoff. In Holloway against western Carolina it's opened bone density for fourteen ESP ESPN. Yeah he's straight up week's terror. Call for Ford ESP ESPN. Sports on ESPN a state. Welcome back in its 622 women talking a lot of thought all the David do you know what basketball. In the college in the NBA level is coming down the stretch if you. Good art ESPN dot state dot com web site from time to time you'll see it in BA blog that's up there by our in turn Tyler Butler. Take what we get enough that the college basketball might let ya haven't MBA segment let them daily headset today because. We're out working on that's of the compressor equipment for our life publication broadcast. But. I think and we can then style a little bit later but. I believe us on new reality show featuring the NBA. Called the housewives of the Eastern Conference Nokia have gotten ahead all right dysfunction in drama. That is going on between the camps in the New York Knicks though with with those two alone we can. No carb passionately to touch the dysfunction. That is going on between the knicks and the cavs right now although I will give them credit they haven't turned anybody able Lavinia zone. Lulu and move although although. Phil Jackson has tried to turn Carmelo epic horrible let so we'll figure that out. I'll get to the interstate no doubt all right ACC acts in North Carolina continues to lead the league they've got a half game lead on Florida State and local and then a half game behind them or duke game Virginian now. Those last two teams guess what looking forward to 9 o'clock that night coach Phillips the number twelve Duke Blue Devils whose seem to have found themselves. Are at the number fourteen Virginia Cavaliers that's probably one a year bigger ball games tonight because duke is now. Pale their legs are working their way back up the seeding lines also yet to other nor care two other ACC teams tonight 8 PM Georgia Tech at Miami. Remembered the Clemson Tigers travel to Miami. At noon on Saturday. A dad he can hear that game right here on ESP in upstate also. At 8 PM tonight. Number ten North Carolina edits cease stake. This is a rivalry game. Guess what this is not what the topic line is about is eight weeks assault on ET ESPN. Appear on the television. They're talking about mark got free bee and fired it cease state. That's whenever main thing it's not good for our program that we've years rifle your state rival coming in. In the year arena tonight in that's not the main topic light its future coach gonna return that's when you've lost control of your. Basketball program. You have but don't you feel that possibly. Coach Godfrey is coming gotten himself how I get stories in some it's a hot water I got a little off the field is I. Act as our starting to bubble to the top that you you know again I don't understand. Why the if there's any potential or war would be college coaches in this audience and me a favor. Keep your nose clean Katrina and media fed us absolutely yeah absolutely Kiffin and I'll tell you what. Don't they have a reality show respect and reality shows. In that called Big Brother with Bobby Petrino and Godfrey in Lane Kiffin you guys he's had always article. Rick Pitino and yet the biggest fight didn't have got to drive the motorcycle. They'll listen. It's going to be interstate you'll let let's just let sleeping golf well. How do mark Godfrey did our old isn't heard arm okay this set by the way there were two three games courts clips of B wait bars last night and Saturday beat Boston College in Virginia Tech continues. They're now and but 500. Italy play seven at six A Gotti three point road win. At that now you look into the Southeastern Conference South Carolina. They get great tip off at about five minutes Josh they're posting your Arkansas Razorbacks. Arkansas comes into this match up seven and five in league play eighteen in seven. In kind of sit on the bubble line with the 48 RPI but South Carolina. They're ranked 21 they can tie Kentucky and Florida in the league standings at eleven into. But to me. What you saw from South Carolina this past weekend at Mississippi State was. It's hearing that question you we're you gonna see you late season swoon coming off a very frustrating for overtime loss to Alabama. That was one of those games you want to make sure it wasn't gonna beat you twice since in theory is stored well the SEC player of the week with 44 against Alabama. 28 on the road at Mississippi State now I'm telling you. That south Carolina's biggest win this year because that was the game everybody was looking to see that a pretty good bit of middle of the pack. This city state team hold home court beta cells big win for. For the game counts yell was especially after that marathon game that you mentioned against Alabama four overtimes. And which storm well just played like the greatest player in college basketball. That being said this game tonight with the gamecocks and razorbacks. So to beat South Carolina is in the tournament they're playing for the FCC championship. To me if this is a big win at this is a big. Game for the razorbacks because if they win. I think this is a bubble buster for them if they can be a nationally ranked South Carolina team on their home court. And get to that nineteen win. They're gonna get it to what he wins that this will be the one that kind of pushes them over the hump as far as getting off the mobile and getting into the tournament. For South Carolina they're gonna go to the tournament it's just gonna depend on how they finished the regular season. Like you betcha that's a huge war game for the gamecocks to keep pace with Florida Kentucky. For the SEC championship. That atmosphere is going to be phenomenal Douglas CLA. I'm gonna pick the gamecocks to win this ballgame I think. Who. Defensively they're better I think they've got better scoring. Well with TJ no closure and some there distort well. I think give the gamecocks could sub out develop. A consistent third shooter. That they're definitely going to be a dangerous team come SEC tournament it NCAA tournament but hold. Tonight with a Frank Martin led team on the gold with the gamecocks tonight two win over the rays are. But yeah they're going to be some barbecue dim and the second half of Galileo longhorns just and I keep enough. No way in mean in let's give credit where credit is due. Frank Martin playing good defense that won yesterday I would be imposed on South Carolina fans. Better start get your butt there in the inside the arena for these basketball games glisan and then they're a lot of options going on. It got pretty good women's basketball team you've got a baseball teams start this weekend that he has won two national titles. What the last five years in competed for a third in the championship series. I key appeared a little bit of chatter the number of it BC since colonial life arena is somewhat. Upsetting to Frank Martin because you know what. There's a me and that's given is all for this basketball program and turning it around I'd suggest South Carolina fans do the same thing it's sort supporting what it's done. Oh yes crunch time I mean you're in the heat of an SEC championship run. You're right there and every game going down the stretch. Is absolutely enormous because of Florida Kentucky. Split just admit it you'll be able force that drove right. After the regular season and that would be enormous. For the game progress. Speaking of fifteenth ranked gators they beat Auburn last night well fourteen to nine that I mean it was the I don't like watching basketball. Also number thirteen at Kentucky they get a home win 83 feet the Gator over Tennessee. Georgia keeps their NCAA hopes alive not very good at six and seven. In the SEC they get to 7972. Win over Mississippi State in Ole miss. Not soft jealousy 9676. At what point. LA she says one in twelve in league play. Nine and sixteen overall overall is Johnny agents me acts like he believes that would snap. Ari follow that he should've got fired lacked courage on these events are you serious. Vince Evans was a coach of that team as a freshman. The way Johnny Jones had arguably one of the most talented. Rosters. And college basketball and they have nothing to show for. Other than Vince Evans leaving after one year. In really stymied and that whole program but Johnny Jones was not. Any contributor to them doing anything well. Also to both of our palmetto state upstate palmetto state teams. It acts and deny in Southern Conference play. Again the league leading our mentality and it's nice he's an eighth overall twelve into and so con play. They are at western Carolina game get this one get a room for this weekend's match up. Because when western Carolina is struggling mightily now at seven in nineteen on the year and that's at 7 PM tipoff again and you can watch that game on ESP and three. Hit by American burger company firm and actually haven't a watch party be on the air force their opinions also tonight. Wofford at UNC Greensboro don't forget the paladins come home this weekend they face UNC Greensboro. On Saturday. Eight here in that Timmons arena with the paladins going further. Twentieth win of the season tonight up there and co Wii and was that we had Nikko Medved on yesterday. That's a team think about it they have lawsuits that are. It's a team that's won nine straight game rise if they had that lawsuits that are mat rat pretty to a back injury. I wonder what we really be talking about with this fervent basketball team because the one thing is they have Chris say Cox and he has a million download these from Iceland which you know what he's all of about 6667. They're doing this without a really true center on that team net your start to see Jalen Williams the freshman from weight it in high school redshirt freshman. Get in the hearing it sometimes so. We'll see if the Furman Paladins can continue tonight what they've done the last two games in best jump on the air president early in put them out of their misery. But again Saturday they're colony Saturday at Timmons arena. Will be. The next firming gain also don't forget Saturday. Then joked that Benjamin Johnson arena on the campus of Wofford it is the final home game in that storied arena's history. They will be moving into the tree Richardson indoor basketball arena next year. In it is absolutely next level but first they gotta play UN CG on the road tonight. The whopper here years thirteen and fourteen on the season. 86 in Southern Conference play in the week that. Give our standing so updates out without talking about our good friends up in upstate. As the spartans continued to remain in second place at seven and four. In the Atlantic sun seventeen and eleven overall. Of course tied for first it's dark city that's Florida gulf coast university and a night into it lipscomb out of Nashville. Also nine into the case here's what I'm good at it. Sattar interred Tyler butler's here and he is our NBA yes specialist if you will I'm going to turn my headset ever for one segment. So Josh in aimed at it Tyler can talk about days of our lives at the NBA level ending guess what will come back and close up shot. Right here smoke on the waters of course we're always lied on ESPN upstate. You're talking sports and straight up its third analysts on Twitter and interact. ES PM I'll. State. Welcome back to this edition of straight it was surge I'm Josh Phillips and I'm joined now Sturges taking. Quick break over here while one Tyler but Butler and I. Given this though NBA discussion. In the next to last segment of straight up was to urge. And Tyler let's just jump right into it ill in the NBA. Several story lines. Have dominated the conversation. Over the last week of course. The headliner being okay see. With Westbrook. And Kevin Durant coming back from Golden State. And it turned into a blow out. In which Kevin Durant was literally booed out of the stadium at. Just beat the Fiorina. In this what is the ongoing saga and I don't know how they got involved. But the ongoing saga that is the Cleveland Cavaliers last LeBron James. With the New York Knicks slash. Love triangle. James Dolan. Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony. I'll put it give you first at bat what say you all those three topics dominating the NBA we're right now and this is actually putting BA. Because we not even talking about product on the course talk about a product off the court just like you mentioned man. That's the car dash it's what would Georgia. The brunt of course you know he's been critical about warned him now Kevin Love with out for the rest of the season with injuries. So they're Carmelo trade me pop right back out. Hopeless situation. They'll shut. No should she alleged now he has no right opens handles security I didn't agree what they. It. Man the drama of the NBA right it it's so much. Between the pool the bulls have a lot of drama to yet they do. With waded. Teammates now they've talked about how rated ground coached. It was basically like an informant. For the the owners. With the best long. Election can we give that investment. Well. Articulate do you think urgent feeling. Like I'll be honest with I've been disappointed and LeBron. And the way that he's handled. This whole affair because he's the one that asked for Kevin Love to comb. It it almost seems like. LeBron is gonna be happy. Unless he's surrounded. With magic Johnson and Michael Jordan and Larry Bird and then maybe give Olajuwon next to him on the block. It literally seems like LeBron is to the point of warrior. I mean this the same guy that asked for the trade. Debris give -- the dove which I couldn't believe for crying out loud because relevant dove looked to me it looks like you ought to be played at a church league basketball team some. Let's just say here's two years he had that lineup night in night out he would be unhappy because he would no longer be the primary star on that team any would not be the man. Well not only that Jordan would generally soon. Keep his mouth shut and a little bit more. Or what's the word. Well violet and that I don't know what it is you would tell him what to do. But the thing that has surprised me it'll OKC thing what Durant didn't surprise me you expected. That his homecoming was going to be contentious at best and it was. The thing that I'm shocked about is this whole New York mixed situation. With really Phil Jackson. Hanging out Carmelo to drive now look. I'm not an apologist for Carmelo Anthony okay. I do believe he's one of the best scorers. That the NBA has had in the last ten to fifteen years but it's well noted that he doesn't wanna play defense he's not gonna play defense. He's got to try to go out and get thirty to forty game that's what he wants to do. But at the same time. You got Phil Jackson wrote it around and it'll play a blame James Dolan I don't blame. Phil Jackson felt Jackson turned this job down eight times. It every now think about that. Dolan also Phil Jackson that says no fortunately the GM no I don't know the job. You call him back the next day. Ifill over the give you five billion a year old to be the GM. No I don't want the job. Dolan kept open the Eddie in the zeros behind the check til it got so laughable. That literally Phil Jackson was comedy to his friends can you believe what this idiot is offered me I can't turn it down. I made the. Probably coming out of New York right now. I've never seen anything like this for a yeah. The owner at wits with one of the former superstars. You have general manager. That we eat with Dixon started to the aesthetic and trade of he now Carmelo had every right to leave when he was created when he decided to stay right you don't mind because that's Carmelo. Side noddle field to a sharp metal at all he had a chance to lead it meant he stuck with this. Crap over team which is to New York Knicks. They don't have any type of future of the opposing views but they don't have a lot of picks. To have a lot of count one works you know roles south though to leave makes you. Put my head to draw has never seen anything like this from a front office to the court. To their altercation a couple of days ago Oakley may have the commissioner of NBA Michael Jordan. Have a sit down meeting with dole and so he can apologize though please. Have you ever think France like this the race you know aliens. And that's the thing that has surprised me about the New York Knicks. Is with the media market that surrounds them this is gonna get blown out of proportion. And the New York media feeds off this stuff. The thing that I'm most shocked and I shot it James Dolan has created this atmosphere. What I'm shocked about is that Phil Jackson will allow his legacy to be tarnished. By the circus that is indeed the general manager he doesn't need the money okay he doesn't need the job. He's door to the hall of fame as one of the greatest coaches. Of all time. I'm just astonished. That for a guy that could manage the egos of Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan and Toni Kukoc whose culture. Eddie was but Jerry Reinsdorf to his credit. Gave him the ability to manage those guys all they have off the court so his his latitude. It exceeded what a normal coach would take typically eight Reinsdorf routinely ask for example it come draft time come freeagent. And the pieces that would fit into his tribal office along with Scotty and Michael. I have been astonished. At his incompetency. As a general manager that's literally being given carte Blanche beating he is in full control of this organization. If he is flat. Fallen on his face. It for a guy that is as good a basketball my it is the as an even from a talent stand point. I'm in shock that they are of this type disarray. With the team I'm surprised that the needs of relief that it. But a situation that's going on with him and auditor with. Another drama like Stuart Wright wanted to it wants to have this fast paced office but field. Of course is the master of the trying to. He wants them run tri Oval Office put the pieces they don't have the pieces to run a tight ball. When you've got to have suffered some kind of selfish unselfish player well you have to have a Smart well thought yeah their roles though he's Smart board what. That's the best they bit of hurt develop brought his LeBron tarnishing itself. As the greatest basketball player bothers why they continue to battle with the media over this Kevin Love situation. I think the brunt fry is statistic in this play on the course speak for the self. It right there he's the greatest player in the NBA that's not even close. I don't like you know the basket for additional help. Do think that true that a Miami. Kind of changed the because look at the team that they had been in Miami Pat Riley will see him. General manager write the decade with your mind down it was over twelve game winning streak. But the brunt of it that he used to have and he's to have as they itself because of Miami he wants to bring that the Cleveland. And he knows that the windows Colson. Is going to be tough beat nick Golden State team in the team they have right now it's just not capable of being built state. These dramatic true. And all that though I honestly think he's a furry for the first time in his career he is afraid of the Golden State Warriors. Because of that thirty point beat down they gave him on his home court. If he's realized JR Smith and hot hot top save man able cut it against Kevin Durant played Thompson. And stuff Corey. This is straight up was third stop but we're always loved his opinion on the NBA this is Josh Phelps we come back. Mark we'll be back to the captain's chair to finishes so. Isn't as we know we stirred text keyword ES PM totally your message to 71307. Years skis ES PM I'll state. Welcome back give final segment. Of this Wednesday addition of straight up was stirred and glad dog catcher in the eight ball got in the air because that like I said. You actually watched days of our lives at 1 PM or whatever time it comes on in the afternoon and yet not quite the drama that we'd seen added the MBA here in the last week you know yet they're headed into the air all star break on top of it says. Glad you guys got. You little bill about that well my thing is this I'm sure tolerance tweet about this as the season goes along. I honestly feel the NBA championship comes down to San Antonio Golden State. In which arm gonna go Golden State. With the way they're running roughshod through the NBA right now. I just don't see Cleveland. Haven't that miraculous run I think KB Gil Cleveland beat him early in the year. What they and you could tell that they were out of sync chemistry wise. It before fall off the wagon say. You know the Kevin direct rip trade I was disaster Cleveland still be you know. And I and I told people just wait they get their chemistry and let him get that transition offense going. And may have not I don't know of anybody can be Golden State right now. That it's we're we will see Ari inning game in a game of runs so far down at the colonial life arena. South Carolina went on up fourteen and up and run to open up nice lead on Arkansas and guess what Arkansas it's been on the fifteen enough and run. To come back. In taking 820 in nineteen lead they had held the gamecocks Corliss for the last five minutes of the game. In that's probably what you can expect they'll they're denied it gamer rods and reels yet. Will see how. That plays out but again twenty in nineteen right now in the first half. Arkansas leading South Carolina are eight to one last staying at Tiger Woods. His back spasms not only kept Tiger Woods from playing at Revere. In a tournament. In which he hosts this week the Genesis open. But it also has caused him he had moved. A press conference that he was supposed to have yesterday that it day. Guess what he had to have indicates a lot of the press conference that he moved back 24 hours but 'cause of back spasms. In you know what. Josh they said he would now he's open to get back for the masters you know what he. Come on come off beat heart beyond her in the LB ready to go at the masters as well we'll see I mean it's tiger when he's on. It's him hey it's great but my point being met back is problematic it's gonna be problematic. The today is the best day at the rest of his life probably when it comes to that back. I'm telling you that the this is the beginning of the end because here's what I don't wanna see. Especially in the eyes of the younger generation I don't wanna see him go squander his legend status because he didn't perform well on the back side of his career. In the younger people don't remember what Tiger Woods did. When he was at the highest height of his career. I think that's fair and and I think it's unfortunate that he's literally pushed his body beyond its breaking point. You know with his back. With his brutal practice schedule and weight regiment. That he's notorious for his work ethic is unparalleled. The problem is his body just can't hold up. To the type of punishment than he's given out to it. If you like to see him make at least one more push. At some point we keep it here but when your back or when you've got me issues when you've got back issues are and your only 41 years old. You may be thinking about. You wouldn't let it go try do it here I agree with Jason Day. Yeah one of the got one of golf's best players right now I don't think Tiger Woods I don't hear what kind of private jet you have. He did not do themselves any favor when he flew twenty hours over to them by. Only to have the withdrawal in turn around and fly twenty hours back you LeBron talked about. Even on his private jet that's gonna be somewhat problematic. For any human being much less Evey body has package so. Again. Listen. I'm all for the legacy yet he may even be the greatest golfer of all time in my opinion because at that golf was a little bit more difficult when Tiger Woods was doing it is compared to Jack Nicklaus. In in the seventies but I V keys Bayer and I love Jack Nicklaus but. I just don't want to see his legend tarnished because you know in this day and age of 140 characters on social media young people are gonna crucify him. I don't really particularly want to read that in my time line but in the meantime. We will be back here tomorrow at smoke on the water ski summer. It's gonna join as he's got to tack co host the show will have his pick of segment will talk with Adrian brain chip ESP in. When it comes to college basketball is why we are just now. We are now two and a half weeks before the into the regular season in college basketball don't forget great ball game tonight at 9 PM. That's number twelve duke at number fourteen Virginia. Also going on right now on the colonial life arena. The 21 ranking cots they're hosting the Arkansas Razorbacks in the meantime we hope follow all of you have a blessed evening. Let's do it again the bar at 4 o'clock for more straight up with sturtze.

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