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Feb 15, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's an incident happened growing this. 971 ahead M sport. Or on ESPN I'm studies there. Anybody smoke on the water one or does this weekend beautiful day. Welcome back get final thirty minutes of this show we will give way to clubs and wait bars basketball at 630 the guys at Ballantine. Here's hoping all somebody in our listening audience doesn't screw up they take this to heart. India the country India like the fast growing country on this earth celebrates children's day on November 14 every year diesel that's exactly nine months after Valentine's Day. But they know. Buzzing kind of a long time. I wonder why yeah I wonder why it says nine months to the day after Valentine's his children stay in India. Sue remember that guides my every day was children's day. The last what I Tillman Don I was just going to India and actually feed their kids on. I remember asking my mom grownup but it's like there's a Mother's Day there's a Father's Day was there not a kids day. Course the classic response every day's a kids' days two again be Smart out there tonight guys. Be Smart out there age you heard they're in the app wise during the break we do you have basketball action tonight. Three games in the ACC. Which includes Wake Forest clips and we'll have that covered here in thirty minutes but. You also have Notre Dame number 25 in the country here at Boston College BC set to an eleven in league play nine and seventeen overall. Notre Dame 80 and by nineteen in seven also at 7 PM. Virginia Tech at Pitt the Hokies even at six and 617. And seven overall over the SEC tonight. Yet he gains 70 games at 9 o'clock. That 7 PM tip offs number fifteen Florida and Auburn. Number I also at 7 o'clock Tennessee at number thirteen Kentucky. So that brings up the question coach Phillips. What's basketball team do you think has the votes wins all time against the university Kentucky guys the work program. Throughout history throughout history all time. One saint Bonaventure there's. While there's a lot. In the in the SEC play date just. Period to all of us our it would Angel wins. Over Kentucky in basketball than any other school out here. Tennessee. You're exactly right correct Tennessee his beat the Kentucky Wildcats 69 times. The foremost winning teams against Kentucky in basketball or course all SEC teams. It's really not close jobs Tennessee's once 69 times against Kentucky they had a real second with 47. Wins. Third it's Florida with 384 this Alabama with 37 that's a pretty drastic drop between Tennessee 69. In Peter bill at 47. What school that CC that's like would cross the one case the 22 more wins but that. So you that's why there is a big rivalry game also at 9 o'clock he got Mississippi State at Georgia. In LSU at Ole miss loser you're ACC and SEC basketball games tonight. Don't forget South Carolina back in action it's a poster razorbacks. At 630 DeMar Josh that's a team not mad at right now. So they've done well today we're just are no look like they were rolling in the form they had a couple of really bad losses. Which includes get hammered this has weakened vs Vanderbilt so I'm off the razorbacks bandwagon. When it comes to a potential SEC bit RN CAA bid right now however. You got it the with is good as Kentucky is as good as Florida is as good as South Carolina is there all three leading the SEC NNT. Our install still sit there seven and five and eighteen and seven overall. I just state when all is said and done will we hear about how we this bubble is this year. It's easy unified by team to the team. Yeah I think the hawks make their way yeah that probably be around. I'm gonna say to that in two six the depending on how they do. In the SEC tournament they'll get when he wins. Anything past that well will be just gravy so. But you're right they've had some bad losses here down the stretch that. You know they were hot Monday night game went extra must've missed sorry internal. Around Missouri was a bad law is important little listless and home loss cigars for Vanderbilt get what they called the road which you can't do that it the palace though. You know what Mike Anderson's got to find a way to get these guys consistently motivated that hey you're the stretch run. And you gotta get after it because now our post season lives. Organ dictator. I mean I'm fascinated when you look at the Atlantic Coast Conference standings since you have just the you know. What I eighteens within one loss of North Carolina in the loss column. North Carolina continues to lead the ACC they're nine and three. In league play Florida State. Half game back at nine and four as is global and look awfully good last night Syracuse to improve to 21 in five on the year but. Did. Gain back days you can Virginia 84. So I mean you're talking literally by teams jockey jumpers or position over these last six conference teams because I'm telling you what. There's extra ice in the ACC tournament in Brooklyn argue that it be necessary for whoever goes on to win that that it right now there will. You look at the rest of the ACC. And Syracuse is 86 notre Dame's eight by Syracuse 86. A trio teams Virginia Tech Miami and Georgia Tech six and six weight pars at six and seven we mentioned earlier. Coach still sit in the air with a 54 RPI based on. What they did in the pre season there schedule is a little bit easier on the back side but it does include. A visit by a Florida State who favored them about 48. But tonight we're talking about must wins gets what you can get your fourth conference went. Wake bar sit there at six since evidently like fifteen minutes and overall in RPI of thirty. And you already and eight road win back on New Year's Eve and game which came back from double digits dale. 20 win at Wake Forest if you can complete this week against Wake Forest. Didn't you put it not to your belt why is that something that at the tournament committee would look at when it comes our way clubs and not suit. Forget about seeding what you're really doing right now of your quotes and he's your trying to fight against Virginia Tech Miami Georgia Tech wake bars and maybe Pittsburgh. For two NCAA tournament bids you'll probably see to it in from that group. Now you got to. You get. He's got to have the best lipstick on amongst that group examiner I mean also exactly. Our rights. So do basketball again coming down so hard to believe that were just three weeks left in this regular season for the power five conference teams Josh. That you that we're going to be an answer no what you know and three and a half weeks for the so con tournament. It in the ACC tournament making their first appearance up north of the Mason Dixon line in now Brooklyn. Basketball takes center stage right here right now but guess what we're starting to get right back in football spear as spring practices are starting to open up all across the country. What was it like for you is a former football coach that first day of spring practice did you get the butterflies and the reason I'm Gdansk. Like the movie we are Marshall when you see the one assistant coach come back next season unity countless timid season everything before he goes and jocks on the practice built. The UK. Little butterfly feeling every year because to me the beginning of spring practice is kind of the beginning of the calendar year for the next football season. Yeah you really do you you know when you walk in the Ural locker for your first break and have meetings and your rap about recruiting and figured out guys that didn't get it are they gonna get it later in the summer at the end of the spring semester. But overall your recruiting is done and value your focus on the guys. Who have been going through the winter workouts. And you get it get out there with the guys and with coaching. That's what I told people. Coaching college football. Literally was hit percent of the job 90% of diversity. Not percent of it is in the office on the pole. It in the car. Visiting people. But that want to pursue when you actually put that whistle all put shorts on put your bucket had only get out on the field your feet are. That's when you can take a deep breath because you really feel like. OK I don't have to be I go back being coach Phillips I don't have to be the representative of this university. The university put on the face. From a public standpoint you can get out there coach. With your guys in the think about spring practice that I loved. Was that due to have the pressure of the regular season meeting. You're looking at development to look at our okay boot from last year it came back. How can I help they've improved. If we lost an all American okay civics. That we got a development of that guy. Because obviously I like the NFL. You have a church in every year was seniors so. I personally love. There was two years to parts of reports of the year that I loved as a college coach. The pre season tea. Recruiting and then spring camp because brink yeah it's a lot more laid back the spent more. On the technical aspect. Of practice should not have to rush around because they've got to put him to get ready for the game on Saturday. You've got fifteen practices. Where for one day you may focus on one thing in the next day the other as opposed to have a lot. A lot of different things in your practice regime so. Always love spring practice because. It was chip Reid ticket be worth as a coach. And really find out the make up in what type of team you've got going into the fall. Well again. Companies get started we will have spurring gains all across this country. Between April 1 and April 22. All right guys. The final thing when it comes the football today. If you got your New England Patriots gear in the mail from exit after did you assess your baby the biggest patriots and that I've ever met says I guarantee you got something and had it under way. For my New England you know it may have been from the yet the guy sell in the five dollar knock off T shirts they are on the parade route you know and I mean back with the beat you got some the patriots come and in the mail. Robert Kraft that are the patriots maybe we need to convince him to put the put the nickel have altered down or whatever he's been the didn't drink in this seem whatever because. Yet we still have failed Tom Brady's Jersey yeah of course that's been. No words that I know exactly words that. We've sent angry Zacks guide exactly how what do Doerr agreed to it works if the FBI and the Texas Rangers I can solve. All of their problems right now. Because I promise you. Somewhere. Vagaries that is to do blamed for this because for so here's what we hear from the moral compass of the of that well. At that now lo behold the patriots win it after. What is it that told us he finally got his justice has beens are yeses it's been served are now it's gone and no bigger. God that would steal Brady's Jersey that I agrees that. Well Brady told pro football talk quote I hope I get it back. If I don't I don't it's a Jersey but I put it in my bag because I wanted to keep it it's just a nice piece of memorably to have but I'm not sure. Where they're at with that. All right Kraft fueled talk about making a mountain out of a molehill he is called the theft. But Tom Brady's Jersey the equivalent. To taking a great sick call that she golf. Painting or a Picasso painting or something to that effect. I'm sorry let's make this into something that it's not this is not a major case that are that the you know without the looted Ayers is is that. A little dog honoraria no I would say where's Tom Hanks at this point this they have a little bit more up. Really this is this is like hey this like a Picasso the installer off the wall are you serious about that. I can claim a lot of things but that's not one album I illicit. Unfortunately Roger Goodell is maybe the comic Tom Brady apologist but that Jersey is not a Picasso. It is not it should golf. I don't know I'll say this much I'd like to be going out what Robert Kraft especially he's picking up the path. That's true it couldn't get Dolly though. Yet all those crazy man but you know that way with a look at a picture and it. In clocks are like melting dale decided let's do it won't. State auditor. Now mind you this Saturday night some sophomore year in Tuscaloosa. At a hey listen my peers it's pretty good team even on dates even on Valentine's tonight they might be listening in so let's not go down that route in the bag you parents are not that naive to urged. I don't I mandated my mom's sides have never done anything wrong X two let's keep it that way all right here's the deal guys were given way at 630 and Caster contemporary. It's clips and tiger basketball the tigers are thirteen and eleven on the year three united ACC play. If they desperately desperately need to win tonight is a matter back to us don't think there's anything other. To describe this game as they must win for the clubs in tiger's so when we come back or close up shot we'll tell you about the rest of the week. In a few other things straight up with start to Wear light smoke on the water and of course we are always like on ESPN upstate. Listening to us that we stir takes keyword ESP am told by your message to 71307. Years skis ES PM I'll state. All right welcome back and it's our final segment. Hear from smoke on the water is will give way to Clemson tiger basketball but just something that just came down about a minute ago I think it's going to be a little bit shocking. This and people they had their fingers crossed. We've been here at about the edition of it to hit on filled assisting in college football across the board well. It looks like that's going to be tabled until 2018. Because the they're just start this site it the timing of the calendar and budgets are now done for the upcoming year. So I know wait a proposed do that at this point. I would think that something to keep going heading in Oman that thing will be crossed off next. Next season that I can see now that we are like we talking about we're in spring practice now in. You know this kind of the beginning of the year of the football sees that they adding that this is an at this point. Which is beat something else a coach that really wanted to. Yeah they got proposal late right that there wasn't anything they can do about it but yes it's gonna give grants. All right. When it comes down to. That things. You know enjoy talking some football today we're gonna talk more football Tamar with Kevin McGuire from NBC sports dot com. As well as the host to the the two minute podcast the depth. You know it's that time of the season baseball taking off this week at this is a tie when he gets these ballot is busy. Eight college athletics she can get you got conference tournaments start here in a few weeks you have power fight hard and it's about four weeks away. From now you got baseball star on campuses he got spring football. Emmy for best site B this is wanted the busier times of the year and this is when you're gonna need it really really gets its support staff. But tacky tell you this much with the started this baseball season on Friday. This big pines for the state of South Carolina I don't know if you caught this Josh bit. The game cuts are. Executive Nancy seized by Florida but that originates in clumps incomes in the rankings. Number ten in the country. Figured defending national champion the coastal Kara liked that shot the careers are number fifteen. So. You know we're gonna we're gonna see this thing get hot and heavy but what do you mean what is the most fun times here eight in dale tale green bull. Is I don't even I don't particularly here to get of the game just like being indium pale green ball on the Saturday. The first weekend in March when the game cuts in the tigers' battle it up here. At at west and bill also. I mean did is pick your passion time we got off in full effect mail. To be honest with you as much as I miss like teams in college football it seems like February that the February and through march. Is literally wanted the best what she get the depression of football being in over this is one of the best times of the year. On the sports calendar. Well I think we've become so full. With the national championship and the people are still trying to digest. A glimpse of winning the national championship and saying that. That. The 27 tee national champions of the Clemson Tigers. So people still trying to digest that it was still tried to figure out how they affect the New England Patriots came back. From 28 from down 283 to beat the Atlanta Falcons so there's so many things. That it happened in football I think people are like taking a collective breath ago. Okay what could we just witnessed it hasn't happened so fast. It's so much happen with the short time frame. People are still trying to process. Exactly what happened so. Those are two games that I don't think we're fully go to appreciate. Maybe for a couple of years you know looking back over to realize how historic. Both of those whipped worse though. But you're right there's a lot look forward to it's been a fast offseason. I've taught those areas coach our bodies and I've talked to several coaching buddies of mine they're like Josh. This has been the fastest offseason we've ever seen it's just been from what clip to another. They usually happens when deciding day. Hits on. February 1 because that it's overweight. And then everybody goes on whether it now I mean look how fast this year. Is already going by were already what more we February's overworked barge so. It's one of those things that. There's always a but they'll still look forward to course. March Madness covered up. That we've got the MBA. Championships. Playoffs covered up. At that last two Walcott then of course. Spring practice and will will jump into that. All right well here's gels homework assignment for Tamar diesel and Josh we're gonna take a look at wit's first year head coaches at the best chance to be successful. In college football next season because. Yeah most people don't want to do it likely help indebted southern cal this year that was a nightmares beginning of this season in one strong in two and it seems obstinate. That'll kind of be our college football question of the day it's well. This will talk with Kevin McGuire from NBC sports dot com their college football writer also opposed to the net two minute warning podcast. Working on a couple other things as well don't forget. Here in just a minute we will give way for clubs in the and that Wake Forest basketball that's it Littlejohn Coliseum. And that's seven opinion that Bob that you can now catch that game. Right here on ESPN upstate but outside of that diesel age you'd like they referred to this day is national singles appreciation day. What is in diesels Orleans tonight for Valentine's. You're gonna take this the wrong way. But I mean he's gonna do all it did and just gonna go home to love myself steerage. There's an age bracket it though I doubt I responses how's that different I hit the actor really isn't I just love myself I hear your brother. Well get a EC about if I give a man and yet we had a little issue and again and last night there was no water in our house we had to have so often the plumber come out the support Israel's cabinet is planning arrives in any hot air than coming minister has announced it is there was plane it's I mean he's keep reminding me diesel. Cool stuff in the studio and that's a bad thing maybe you were there needs to be represent them on on Friday. Maybe we should it done that for the talent I guess we'll I had we're gonna do one more so it's smoke on the water this weekend ahead women lined up at the the corner Arlington would serve this year old up on Valentine's Day. Our man. Every byte be careful out there tonight have fun did not get any trouble hey guess what we'll do it again at 4 o'clock tomorrow for more straight up with stars.

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