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Nov 25, 2016|

Sturg and Price discuss the NFL, and college students Brad Wiemels (Clemson) and Brett Williams (South Carolina) join the show to make game picks

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Scored stunk for almost leads South Carolina your story. And we'll probably not an FM thirteen 38 PM. Yeah he's an important one FMM 9:50 AM mom's parade of twisters like they're gen ES PM I'll stay. It's a Corel royal Friday here on straight up with sturtze relied from palmetto spirits right hero 123. Clubs and right across from McAlester steadily in days you've come in detail on a price you can see traffic. Start to pick back up we've already had a sighting from my nephews they've made their way back in from Fort Mill. For the big game tomorrow night at 730 that tigers in South Carolina. On the ESPN. And this series it clemson's lead 67 wins. 42 losses. Import Tyson home a little bit closer and closer and only leads in Death Valley seventeen wins and losses one time. Yeah. I say it's like you just said you could. Feel you could feel the excitement just around here is literally every about every thirty minutes at bills because you see traffic start to pick up the hotel next to us. More people pulling in. It's certainly people loaded up here palmetto spirits and what better way to load off blow for the weekend here how much does your son Crown Royal audience and public Johns beats a and registered political rice will end of the road quickly I'm Greg I did that today's a special day all your ground products to 750. Milliliter which is a bit of help only 2499. The act captain Morgan's spiced. For of this 2499. Smeared off eighty proof. First 1799. Of course you can get it tasting he'd be get registered were given away if there Clemson, South Carolina tickets at 640 prostituting get out duty Black Friday shopping yet today I think elegy Black Friday shopper me inside give me a little. And killed throughout 4499. And still don't you pick mechanic Crown Royal greatly changed my taste buds away from. Hops and Barley knows maybe that's already been done sue anybody hey I give you a quick update in digital Crown Royal news real quickly a little update from the Liberty Bowl Houston aides come back in taken. Up 4441. Lead but with 56 seconds left in the game. This visit as the ball at the Houston. Ten yard line. Boys they can get a touch still there what a fascinating scenario that would make prices. I would Tom Herman be an attractive candidate woody god that's how wishy washy. Things are on social media and that's what it became last night in that big LSU what 5439. Win at Texas a million. Alyssa con pace a comical in it's it sounds kind of dumb but. If it weren't for one day will we be talking about this if they did not trust global like they did on national TV on that Thursday night game. We may not be having this whole wood is here is that he conversations. What Tom Herman the last few days away just blown up ever since they'd be global last Thursday and it is literally did. To get a good LSU. And at first use going to Texas now LSU they're working to get a deal done the iPod gym though left for Florida State about Florida surfer LSU on the floor say you run to get Tom Herman but look it's all because. The luster had some what. Ward off it got a little dole. He's still gonna be in high demand there's no question about it but boy how much did that glamour returned just about one gains sing well and its Opel has it. Now disappeared it's met this scores a touchdown and 23 seconds left in the game the tigers now up 47 to 44 but say first of all. Let me tell you what took place last night. This wasn't any being really on LA she's in other than the fact is just completely mismanaged. This was an agent and putting out through probably a reporter. So much information. To try to get mad at Texas that make up their mind if they're gonna dead leave this. Neagle or not it I am convinced of that. A lot of people fell for but guess what. You know to me it train wreck that hit the kids last night for LSU same thing with Houston today. Not admits in the coaches let's get Galvin wrote quickly because that borrow five when he Mathis for wofford's gonna join us. Doubly welcome and I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. That is great. And you know how old little boom there was little perspective I think you have so I'm yeah that's element to it is. Well sorry about that that still in my opinion the act comments made in the first six minutes of the show Wednesday should live in radio it would mean. I did tell Medicare what do I won't candy come I didn't want to. Don't men aren't you also the doctor got as close it was to bring you that you don't bundle but today it ended an anatomical knowledge does. And Logan and there's just there's just less suitable citizenship blew the local situation yeah probably won't Diddy bigotry is enrolled this whole situation. Am I my thing is there's. He came out today they enter the data do alluded to go underground where it as these there right now we're all but don't you trying to. Particularly attractive particularly on the part. I don't have to listen. The only thing this is done is hurt the kids in that they AJ is making more money his 3% continues to go up is they fight over Tom Burman bit. Yet that this thing's gotten ridiculous is. Yeah right I think is his. I think I would be more scared as the Baylor guy you Jim both Fisher went Della she's not Tom Herman thinks just tears into the job. Plus. All right pretty quick demo we're up against America act. I. Thanks. If it was bill was all and I told you left earlier this week that if the bit what was the big domino that was gonna change this old coaching carousel was it Jim Fisher did in fact go to LSU. And had he gone LSU week there's no telling what we could see happen especially is a Florida State job would have been open man. But now the fact he's going to stay and again this is all report some and I think it. But slots in stone the shameful thing and all this in it happens all the time. But right now Tom Herman coaching his team is they're down four with nineteen seconds ago and he's since got the ball got to go the length of the deal to get touchdowns. It's shaped hole for those kids at Houston to have the deal with this it shameful for the LSU kids in at horse drawn to have to deal with this. Both coaches in both players in both Spain and based have a distraction like this. Especially when you still have a city or coaching in torture on he had been shown the door and Charlie Strong obviously is still coaching at Texas you know so that's been a travesty Bear's well it's just been a sad situation. They should not happen but it's all a power play our behalf but Tom Herman team or the ineptitude of -- leave at LSU to try to go and get his god because LSU and at Jolie but they went through this last year was up Bayer's that there. It is embarrassment again now and that's why you have heard. Didn't the off birdied Jim both Fisher was six million to begin with ended at six point eight meaning he said no and I did. I bet she's some of what caused him to get. I'm not taking this is the dysfunction. That LSU has proven that they've run their football program in the last year. I mean he's got it more than anybody else he's been involved with that job twice sold us why the situation at Texas I would I would just I would take very Kuwait Allen had Alec give pause is what I would say you're thinking about it takes job again. I don't at this point I'll be honest with you I don't know why people considered I'm Robert top ten job. I understand the resource is the state and everything but because of the people involved the of the power brokers in the boosters in the alumni. Get their hands in this inning screwed it up. I think they totally downgraded this job. I'm with you are right when we come back we'll tell pro season football with the Wofford terriers. As Charleston southern comes to get stadium TPM tomorrow with a lady madness yeah. 47 Monday three before he does celebrate ESPN they've done. An entry bell. 97.1. Welcome back again remember this this mess oh. Tying. But this is straight up was third is where 330 to 630 will give way to clubs and basketball. Here before we break gun when he met this the associate athletic director for marketing for Wofford price we can now give you an official update. It is over a bit this bridge state before he stay in twentieth rate drops to nine in three whipped up 4844. Win. Over. He's been over Tom Herman is he now eligible to be the head coach at Texas Texas say a man her LSU are way off the Tom Herman bear went public he needed that against straighter wish third straight lazy and she'd gotten so I mean I guess when you do your last name and your show for so long. For fat out of perfectly. So it a little more time before we go to Wendy is he he loses 4844. Did this they know of affect anything that coach or not. Is that that they'll the luster is not quite on the sore. Now has done it now as this are still players look here's the deal it. You know that this strategy was clear plain and simple for the Houston players that they had to deal with here and at all night on our broadcast they had to hear from friends and family. All data Daley got to kick off it was a clear distraction. And I'll I'll tell you right now is Friday exact reason I didn't see I saw some of the game are not taking anything away from Memphis but that distraction was why decent law. My taste in my that's probably been distracted this week between Thanksgiving and get prepared for the first round of the FCS playoffs it's target for an when he Mathis the associate athletic director for mark LET. Over at Wofford Lenny. How you don't friend. We're good we're we're we're gonna regret it's been diluted ever been. What that price you'd never thought I never thought I TV and l.'s deal a lot on Jena sought out the first yeah and I'll be out forget about it wouldn't expect that about our goods are good their prices for those who don't know I'd much about the little overweight. But not yet so it's nice to be back in a playoff minutes stood stood to have quite don't have a part you know which. Also this it's it's kind of a shame that so you know the way the timing workshops the playoffs all you know that you have one week to get ready. Miles per game. That's that's essentially everybody three day week. With the holidays due to travel in these students are off campus. And we make him efforts to you know bring him back we'll reopen in the dorms in all of you know to mark for those that wanna come back out states' data placed in the nine all I kind of joke about a lot of some are great donors for the colleges. And it's made aware any Wofford student can and cannot get into the game first story whereas you know first week it was prevention dollars for brainy student bone. I would probably have student price goes for any student any college you can show an ID for many school and did ten dollars or thirty Wofford Charleston southern anywhere between both. We got some some donors at a major story now for our kids so that's that's great that. You know it's in it's it's a challenge a challenge to us to do a game that's. That's goto one week's notice so Thanksgiving week that doggone it's nice to have that kind of challenged my to be back in the play also the first time since. 2012 and not say what we need Jill. You realize you don't take anything for granted and I think this team has not been all year they've. They play was some real fire and intensity and Nan da they knew their back was installed it ought hold your homecoming. To the citadel in overtime and they knew their goal is still must to get to the playoffs in place for national championship. It was going to be well and they went around that so. Glad they got their opportunity now to reward. And wore a lot of what we had to really get Charleston southern in a more than. The album it'll be. NASA's associate AD marketing promotions are with the Wofford terriers on the line didn't you us ready Wofford Charleston southern champion kick off to get stadium tomorrow tickets are available would get to that the second LD but look. You guys you just mentioned it you guys have won four straight gold back to the the homecoming loss at the citadel to 4441. In overtime you go to Furman you where you would get the rivalry win against. I got to Tennessee Chattanooga you'd defeat them by the end that you guys that are role of head in the playoffs but what Nancy gold at that citadel game I was over there. It was an off week for clumps and went over their ticket and actually beautiful fantastic. Afternoon with you guys get stadium. The atmosphere are raved about it for the first hour on the showed up Monday after. The atmosphere give stadium for that Wofford several match was seen as good as anything I've been around. Big time football or not. What you guys how they dealt capture that magic began to give stadium with Wofford football because it is an outstanding. A bid to take any game their give stadium if you haven't done so. How brief recap how can you would have been the biggest thing is it is there's people I think C. People seated this this team really had. An error about it don't think from the get from the beginning I mean we've had some we've got some strange helps stop me. Losing starting quarterback who owns the opening. I asked them not practice opening scrimmage. There's one thing you reach second string quarterback I think in week three or soared to a to an injury. Now our first game we had and student athletes it went into cardiac arrest of the subplots. You know I can keep track that's a galvanizing moment and I got it survives and yet people of the condition that he has and I can prenuptial. But if fact percent of people survived. You know that that's so that's. People take step back and go out it's not bigger than a football we just have a Michael roach John Patterson goes down. In this in this little game and no one knew at the time he was millimeters quite some paralysis with a neck into. Then the Mercer game rolls or aren't they could market box slot for a touchdown. Blocks upon recovers for a touchdown with two days later he's on these states. To donate bone manner I mean I think at some point in time our fans realized. For this special group of kids and assist you know we were we wanna support them. There were no lightening in a bottle I've stated on here that the civil game are still life or against those other wonderful year we were. You know all of you people concerns are seeing you know peace is return to be put together for a Wofford. Great weather and no offense the Carolina coast in your club so all the Arab summit growth. Well I know I mean I'm not jealous I'm not I'm not. So he's and you don't know that perhaps yes football at their perfect storm. Then by god we had really good data today and am a really good experience Carolina and Clemson play at 730 on Saturday respect has taught people the opportunity to come support us. And still make it home and found two of us could still watch to watch that game so it's that's something they're the real thing is say people just also special about this team. And they want to get unsupported Nawaz that was a great day of in the final score X. Those are also loved ones. As we continue with the associate athletic director of marketing for the Wofford Ayers is when he met this if you wanna get tickets purchased tickets you can go to Wofford terriers dot com everything you need to right there on the home page and quite frankly lady there's like. A special page to click through that can be updated but. It's picky about the southern comfort she had three teams in this FCS playoffs. Which include Chattanooga. And then the winner of this palmetto state game between Wofford in Charleston southern. Then moves on down to Charleston next week that's where you could get your rematch with the citadel in the second room. Yeah actually there's forced surgery this same bird got a bit they're they're going to Youngstown think I got. Yeah yeah we've personally to Chattanooga. Samberg at Youngstown. And then you know envoy through the citadel do you think you are you'll have a problem most celebrated and actually or easier Charleston southern or Walt critical and on their cell a lot of interest. Truck from everybody's standpoint but boy that they want where we gotta be an incredible atmosphere for whoever survives this came here on Saturday down in Charleston next weekend out. After eight years in the Southern Conference so a lot of people a lot of people were overriding Arab that you weary as the league's commercial pollster and only when southern and apple last. Those are now serious three seasons ago and you know well righted the ship Chattanooga to really get keynotes are quite trust it to get on the road. Up there two weeks ago. Sampras used a doggone good team how they step their chilly east Tennessee is is why you don't predict and to people played up. That's that's something they don't want to play for east Tennessee. Rose up to the challenger and then war and I guess some are senior day at their jobs city show. And then Stanford got in I think he should've gotten another got to go to open at Youngstown. On Saturday but and then of course you know the game we get hero in Spartanburg on cherish a just it's a current year southern towns never got fourteen to end. Think it says a lot about the league you want to get fourteen and right now. Continuing Lenny map this associate athletic director Walt marketing promotions that Wofford College. Talk and ahead of tomorrow's 2 PM kickoff I give stadium in Spartanburg should be an electric atmosphere. Great beautiful date Watson good at CS college football. The terriers and the Charleston southern Buccaneers into PM kickoff and he had two teams barely it's very similar in style and because. You're from the low country your proud native Bob Manning so you're familiar were Charleston southern in the program what Jamie Chad wells done seven to three overall. And tied atop the big club makes outstanding support one. This really a game very similar teams front and then the flex bone kind of the spread spread boat I don't even know what you. Exactly how you permit but a lot of fun to watch but two teams in theory very similar and execution. Attitude and I don't know what Charleston southern told Newsweek are so we can box but they'll let us issue because there's about not exactly sure of it. There's a note dear Charles McClellan is never beaten walker oh and thirteen all time. This is not the Charleston southern game we played the other thirteen no offense so those those gains of the past nurses. They're under the best the issue came in we'd. Wofford and it's has Shea they got a lot of speed. You know the defense of gracious India actually asks we're fourth in their ninth. Russian defense we're. As good as it gets. You know in the mood in the country. But I guess your iBook they can score on the ball they they definitely value that we spoke with more than I think most stands would think we would. For a triple option can it be in my last week. Hansack haven't tried Cunningham doesn't PA and was sitting right beside me one point three years. We ordered a lot and I agree I don't know how long is in the building or not. We we were Wheeling and all of a place for us but certainly seem like it. But the I mean I think you're right that'd be teaching loose they wanna say everything off or they want to control our. So it's going to be similar obviously quite exactly saying that the settled Amos is similar to that. You've got to take advantage every time we have a football there's some talk that get free get seven and a good how many opportunities you're gonna get to get the ball and be achieved. And go through the defense is this in the light bounces Serbia. There's going to be a knock down drag out type game. All right Lenny tell our listeners again that's a nice 2 PM should be good whether they're kids stadium it's Wofford vs Charleston southern. Tell our listeners how they can get their tickets for the game yeah. Guess my he just played her let's let's go to Wofford you carriers dot com slash you can argue well he did I do want to Jerry dot com slash judgment and it Georgia entire game day preview of everything all the links or not. That you need is a Wofford terriers dot com slash playoffs. So either one of those links the Indy technical alliance. And we'll have a tickets available at the stadium tomorrow on ticket there's open access news and the gates open at 123042. O'clock it. Well we always enjoy catching up with the best the luck in let's get that win in will talk about that return trip day on the Charleston. Per rematch with the citadel thinks when he. I hope we do thank you are. So they've Lenny Mathis from Wofford College in again a big day for them. Act gives stadium in time march Ilya act cannot say enough. That atmosphere. Tends over 101000 give stadium Wofford in the citadel this is another big time in state showdown except this one. As a loser goes home winner moves on goes literally backed Charleston week is that nice gust of wind ribs or eclipse that is more students are making their way in detail here for the match up that 730. In Death Valley on ESPN between the tigers in the gamecocks who price. We have opened burns for the rest of the hour when we come back. You hit me so the question in our listeners can get in as well you win. Tomorrow night in Death Valley to gain cuts have to do what will discuss when we come back it straight that was starts it's a quail royal Friday we're live from Powell met his spirits. Right here 123. Committee gets specials all your 750 milliliter krill royal just 2499. Smeared up eighty very. Seventeen IE nine remember. Grail royal always have you covered on game days since it straight up was star. This. When a twister only helps. Moreno week's third. Welcome back here and it's a -- royal Friday here on straight up what's third where allied from how menace spirits right here in clubs and end all 123 in front of McAlester you can come get me special Basinger krill royal you can come and stuff they Crown Royal bag with some goodies intrigues in now write a note they will be ship job overseas during the holidays. Two one of our service members and that's pretty cool in its own right so. It is a busy Friday here on college football is it is a long weekend of football of course got started last night Texas say in am. Absolutely. Be an insult that storm and in November which has been a trend is they lose 504039. Home to Texas City Olympic Games in progress right now price. Washington. The kid toward the end of the first quarter has jumped out to a 21 to three lead. On number 23 Washington State in Pullman so on the road Washington the Huskies. Did the right. Get it cranked up there in the first quarter as the beginning of the second quarter Boise. In airports are tied it seven midway through the first quarter. The Iowa Hawkeyes have 86 nothing lead on number sixteen Nebraska. Also what TCU holds a seven to three lead in the beginning of the second quarter on the Texas Longhorns and all stand. A couple other games to be concerned of Arkansas 24 to seven over Missouri at halftime. There in Columbia Missouri of course she heard admit this upsets twentieth ranked Houston 48 a 44. In in C state. Beats North Carolina 28 to twenty once a day or two upsets the start the weekend with price I would think that that would be. It's something that the clubs and coaching staff can go ahead improved. To their team at their meetings tonight we've already seen upset speech prepared for it there's no reason at this point own rivalry weekend. Not to come out with attention to detail. Well you know I'll tell you right now speaker proving a point hurried. A wash improved to point to me because up 48 at three right now with seventeen like in seventeen seconds left at the end of the first quarter. That was game now firmly out just firmly I thought that Washington State I was convinced. The cougars were gonna win. Oh how I was wrong now there's three more quarters a full ball went up 28 to three I'd say right now Washington lay in a statement down in the apple cup playwright. It just just goes to show you it don't matter if your plane home and away not I hate cliches are not gonna give you one here when it comes to rivalry game but it's just clear last year showed clips it was far far and away better. This South Carolina team that lost at the citadel what just the week before. But then data Willie Pete gave the tigers all they wanted really until the end by this course a little bit closer than what the game really was still a close it was and a dog fight until the the final book the final hole or so. It's gonna have to clubs is gonna have to. Here's the deal by tomorrow if Clausen comes employees the way they did against Pittsburgh. I think we're gonna see some come down to the fourth quarter because they've got to take care business from the start if they allow a team to hang around. And gain some confidence especially young quarterback that's played it's good it is if it got better than anybody ever hoped or expected. Pumps is gonna be in for dog fight its policy comes out in does what they did at the very beginning from Wake Forest and take care of business go up and down the field on offense. I think the things over early. Here's the thing closer in his pin bipolar when it comes to home and away they have tended to play toward their level of competition. When I hope by that I mean. No disrespect Detroit but there wasn't a great performance against Troy they did play up to the level of competition against global but in C state. Pit that's one thing clubs and maybe needs to do the white the state because slate clean. Just simply play to your level. Don't worry about that other part play your game you know what I mean dale and let me start I'll quit that means start off fast because when you look at the gains that they've had success in this year. It's kitten off to you that quick start in that's one thing. Dickey can lay the lay the onus on South Carolina is not really Jacob Bentley been absolutely fantastic but we get this even him. Really take it up and get on the field. Real quickly as well the thing that concerns me for South Carolina is looked. For a young quarterback like Jay Bentley dealt only thrown one interception. Especially when you consider he went up against one of the best secondaries in America in the Florida Gators. And what he yelled as owner he's upheld it more than held his own name every single game if not himself but here's the problem. He's gonna be playing in the most hostile environment he's seen as you know I yummy collegiate career played in Death Valley. It's 730. Great he went on the road against Florida but that was a new kick off. And then a front four that is going to be the best he's gone up against since he's out become the starter South Carolina Clinton's defense of mine who problem I see. It is clemson's first South Carolina least is that called his ability. To simply rushed three and for a get pressure and what that with basically nothing South Carolina he's got a serviceable and I'm talking very loosely a serviceable. Offensive line. I think that's going to be the difference in the football game the club since is gonna make have a feel they in the backfield because if the offensive line for the game cuts too and give. Jake Bentley time to throw the ball down the field. Did I think that's where South Carolina has some success but he's not able to throw the football down the field. Try and let people Samuels. Brian Edwards the playmakers for the gamecocks makes employees. I think that is the most critical aspect of the game because they're going to have to loosen up the line of scrimmage to a degree to get doubt all any kind of running. It and eat you know he answered that question that we said at the end of the previous segment South Carolina has to do what. To win this game tomorrow I think I'll go ahead and dole it out evidently time. Yes but also. Creek that's not a good Mikey create something an early first quarter. Whether it's touchdown score whether it's a yet turn over do so in light that you cannot you cannot. Let this John Watson hit four touchdowns and four drives as he did it Wake Forest that was came over last week effectively. It would be the same thing here in just outside of your game resembles Wake Forest say it's going to be. Long long long night for the gamecocks if they can come out and play like. It force close and in the miss some some mistakes get a force a par three and outs so had a you do that do you go about it your Tarvaris Robinson south Carolina's defense of coordinator who is up for the royals assistant coach assistant coach of the year award. Do you pick his club sit out I maintain this week when it comes we've been around this team close enough over the last couple years. The thinking the brain at the computer so to speak is this John Watson dot operating system the one that makes it go. That cell Duane Allman said gee maybe begin to gain trying to sell out to stop Wayne Garmin from getting on track because that's when you get ten. To watch this on Watson. For staying in the in in itself is created turnovers this year for the. You got a kick you got to control a lot of scrimmage and he had a controlling the moment forget not because what he do on the very first what fourth and one. Forty play your game. But he what probably what sixty something to get its way Florida has 4242 of the so. Their ego he was on court from the very very stark and that was on the wait force and Sam to play catch. He can't use the same blueprint if you South Carolina what Pittsburgh employed because you don't have the talent in the main power that you don't have the offensive line like pits first got a couple guys they're gonna play in the National Football League from out offensive line. You'll I don't think you have to play makers quite yet you don't have Nathan a delegate to Peterman. Who's a veteran and who had been cleared this thing more than a timer it's. I think the blueprint you cannot employee what exactly what's up Pittsburg is gonna have to be a lot different. But I think you've got to force close and into mistakes and I'd say that red zone defense is nothing to sneeze about. Because South Carolina they get salty when teams get inside the twenty. But they do have one thing they can make clumps and hurt the mark when we come back. Will discuss that but we also want to remind you. You know it's Black Friday it means its Crown Royal Friday here on straight up was starts were lied firm. How matters speer I mean we got a crew out with Courtney buyers in page per Roland the Crown Royal girls and the other thing we want to deduce it's it is the spear TV gift giving guests as well as giving gifts. Good RE SPN upstate home page and by doing that. Click on our pro pigskin pick a contest some ice winning over 400. Dollars worth the stuff this week. Now with three Thursday at Thanksgiving games. Do you maybe out of it the running if you Baghdad your picks and however next week. Aches idiots up even more which includes an Arctic who've price pack amongst them. But much of various other items each week Haley it's that make it good Christmas present for somebody. In its own right are good shopping trip in its own rights to go to ESP in upstate dot com check that out as well as put on our blogs page. We've got this week's picks up between our. Our members of the the ESPN upstate staff and Al price that incident holding at one game lead on GMAC on three games behind them so you can check all that out it ESPN upstate dot com but when we come back what did South Carolina have they can really hurt clubs and Amare. I'll give you my opinion on that we'll take your phone calls 844 GSP yes BM. Sports or weird talking about it is an entry into little five point nine Clemens and seemed to be a yes vote. 97.1. Event in 9:50 AM. Surged on the ESPN and other states. So price. How many people do you think. Got up at 3:30 this morning to go out shopping. Yeah it's Black Friday that is big of a deal as it was when we were growing up because I don't even give any thought being more break. I bet ID 90% of my Christmas shopping online now. Thank goodness frontlines you don't have to battle the crowds but now I take it sat fully disgraceful he. They got stores opening at that on Thanksgiving and like 6 o'clock now used to be like that guided it became nine. Now yesterday I believe it was like 5 or 6 o'clock at target Wal-Mart I don't know the different stores and other a lot of to BS is shameful they were actually labeled us. Dirty dozen online about the ones that were coming in because if you can't wait till Black Friday that god forbid what can you weighed on. But if you've been out Dylan with the act crowds and easily angry bowl and you're making your way into clubs and make sure you head bowed palmetto liquors kids. We are pretty cool way to end Black Friday for you that's Crown Royal Friday. We'll give via tastings and say please we got a good specials. We've got Papa John's pizza we got the price will and we will be given away. A couple of clubs in Carolina tickets at 645. So come by and see us. And don't forget it 505 we're doing a little bit of a different guest picker segment we'll have a clubs and stayed at a South Carolina speeding going up against each other Brad we moles from clubs and Brett Williams from South Carolina but the you know when it comes to Carolina. Real quickly. Here's what I'm thinking. They got a really have big gains from not one but both tied in it's eight and by that I mean this. Hayden Hearst is very very tough. Casey Crosby has been more of a specialist it tied in in short yardage and red zone but. I can never go back the last couple weeks and not think about clemson's inability at linebacker to cover a tight end. Other then I've been bowl where falling delegates bit on that won't pass to that tied him. Or the one really good long successful played at Wake Forest ray and last week was slipped in the tight end now the next thing you know these forty some yards on the bill so. In my opinion. They're really did you ADD and special if you will. May have both those tight it's gotta have big gains for Carolina tomorrow. Dead end Brent venables on Tuesday over clumps it and we'll set their listen to me he superlatives on Peyton hurts especially because he talked about he said you know you don't be reminded he compared hate Hearst's. A lot like two two Jermaine Gresham member of the former Oklahoma tied it when when when will venables was a no you. Takes a lot like that but. Yeah he's he guided he's he's athletic. You know he's big strong but the one thing that you pointed out was what South Carolina does when they run that total screen. They don't build with a wide receivers a lot of times they do that I didn't have this actually create for such a big guy who's able to get out here flattens a body block. But yet run like he can't that's a big weapon in south Carolina's arsenal of this Maxi clumps as well have to try to figure out. Yeah and that's the one place that CA clumps and Scott's talent it defensive back in the city these and baby no more so than Europe future Boston Red Sox center fielder to guard Johnson. Course now that how what's what's one way to maybe limit the tight ends. Is have a big game from Cleveland payroll Richard year again and of course. Also Bryant. Where they're actually having to keep a tight end in pass coverage you know pass protection. That's one way to effectively hurt that tied instead I think you might see some didn't a little different from Brent venables and clips and when it comes. It is and defense have been played a Mars well. Yeah B itching to see the other coaching chess match because you know won't blessing of staff they've done a fantastic job this year and would establish what he said just the other day on Tuesday. I was so they're his press coverage so look. One of the biggest things that we see on film a South Carolina needed that really taken on train Odyssey but just simply how. In a while they may not have to tell but he said they put their guys in positions to succeed. In a lot of that's coaching that's putting guys in position x.s and knowing. Trying to find this matches watching film and coach up their guys to take advantage of those situations. Tell us up and I you know I I'm really gonna be curious to watts and some of the x.s and o.s. What Clausen might do to mix up some coverages. You know I was talking with Jake. Jake Guillermo it. Now here's talk about South Carolina especially on defense he said. That is not a lot a whole lot different. You're gonna played in South Carolina did last year you basically defense double different ways nuts about it so they are riddled makes a whole lot of coverages. They do what they do but they do pretty well so I think you'll see though different wrinkles especially from South Carolina coming out. Was so much the plate sport again that momentum I think you might see some. Didn't iRobot razzle dazzle would just some things that maybe they had shown this year. Well I think they're gonna ask you because when Dayne did he. In my opinion does the western Carolina game you put forty point us on the team that permanent put 49 on the week before. But heading into this game Dion cain's nine touchdown receptions are more than south Carolina's wide receivers as a group for the season so. Yet there is. Well apparent as he South Carolina had a lot of injuries that are watchers right or all the way through this in my point being you better take advantage of what you got out there and Edwards in Tebow seem real those are the ones that really really steer me. Women watching tape but who else it just goes to show you the onus that this the pressure they clemson's top bits can put on a second day when you get Dion came. Well on nine touched yeah I mean that's where I think Clemson just comes out. Open it up keep it open. And make Carolina try to keep up with you in it that's the case I just don't think the gamecocks can do it. But if they let it close and continually what they've done a whom turned the ball over thing came on match on May be well. I an X-Factor if you will I think for South Carolina that nobody's talking about is the freshman Rico battle yet is he finally his given the gamecocks up and they they afloat. All through the first half of the season and what's that what a coincidence. It came when Jay Bentley. Was inserted in the starting lineup and he had Jake Billy's arm to loosen up the yellow line of scrimmage and that's when Rico battled got on court because he had 71 yards against UMass. It really his first major kind of action. But then you go back to load sends a UMass game he's rushed for over three over a hundred yards and three of those last four games now Florida. Being a one game he did Maria had nine carries for just eighteen but he can SE you're going up against Florida one of the best defense is in the country but what's the common denominator. Pulled its defense a lot like Florida's in terms of talent the speed Sadik called Stevens is a lot better I Rico total is the key. For south Carolina's office to move the football clearly got off its supply given daily time. But it's South Carolina is always a lot is going to have to Maine up to have a shot on on Saturday tomorrow night. If that's the one thing they they've been pretty fortunate to get there with a pretty. Limited number of players play in up there. And that's sort clinching key and where are you dating don't is just rotating fresh guys and then now they're six deep at least on the defense of why they're four deep at defense event. And of course they do a lot of blitzing with the linebacker said you may see pressure from venables in that regard. Trying to just Wear them day owned. Two yet the other thing is is try to confuse a freshman quarterback granted it's Bobby Bentley signed. But you know what he's still only playing what his fifth game of the season. Yeah I'd miss it again that's at night I don't I don't think he kid you know lot of times we talk about home and away but I dice game in a rivalry that you heard about big EU Lil too. I lived in the state for so long way to stabs coach burns appease him a look. He knows what this thing is about I expect him to be bullet nerves when he is under center whether they get the ball first or second. I Jay Bentley is gonna have a lot of nerves and crowd seventh thirty under the lights in Death Valley intimidating environment. Especially when he did he and his players and his office to hear him but calls in the checks. I think that's gonna be a challenge for the young freshman. Well I tell you what congratulations. To cope much a coach must cheapened his staff why. We can is 67 weeks ago eight weeks ago especially leaving the Lexington. There was no friend of mine that attended the University of South Carolina that thought they had a chance for even going to a bowl game much less filling like they have achieves the common enough golf clubs and whether realistic or not almost to a man my buddies that are USC grads I got a good feeling about this game on Saturday well I gotta get paid no I don't witness said that too much. What got to the fact that we're talking about this trend exit note a little bit break it down is the fact that this is a game now. Like you said a couple weeks ago was it would be it would have been an afterthought right and the way South Carolina played a collection you're doggone right that they weren't out they were inept on offense they gave up big plays on defense. But tea right now I said it the other day is why I think wolf my sheet should be firmly in the mix for SEC coach of the air and Jim accolades still the odds on favorite because he. He took eighteen that's. Besieged by injuries and put duct tape on what village you won the division title last week's I think he's he's probably going to when he used the labor but I'll tell you what will must ship has done. It take some you know what to make a move in the middle of the season go to true freshman. Jake Bentley they did they sat right way to deal with the bye week so yet do week sending he had a team like you've been asked not Tennessee or Florida on the other side first bursting. I think it was a beautiful blue and I think that's why I'm telling you will mush him. What a top coaching job not. Just in the SEC the country yes yeah I still think Ellis he's performance last night at Texas a and and still that award for Mac O weighing in which he says yeah the duct tape because it felt like LSU could really written a number on the scoreboard how many they wanted to score only had our John Davis Ottawa now let's say this right now. I'm will make the statement. And you can disagree vials can disagree. I Nolan report that's stood and he is like that I guess. What skinny guys doesn't running the football the explosiveness. How he can catch the ball out of the backfield cut on a dime. You know litter forward it runs with violence and power. Guys just got that element but he's got some other things in that bag of talent. At tea right now I would take skinny guys right now given the choice between Dyson Ornette I'm talking LP format. All right you can debate price so that when we come back we'll start looking at some other states from the college football weekend. Including a little pot shot when we return a straight that was searched. It is at quail royal Friday we're live from palmetto is beard Sierra Club sit right here. All 123. Right across the street from McAllister says look for the ESPN upstate vehicle the 93. Point three dead player rocks being in that we're having some fun come get some pizzas in the price will. In Asem my Grail royal and bill out of bag for one of our troops all that can be done here I am sure you don't royal Friday whoa get back it will get that update the injustice I don't. Hordes come from the unstable or the old city to listen in Greenbelt. Little five point nine FM thirteen thirty ADM started back then he seven point one thing and then nine PG AM and straight up we skirt only ESPN I'll states. Oh price they've got to get fed up and RE ESP in upstate FaceBook page are boy Alan's mother stale at the beach. That gee you didn't stop the beaten T shirt on that talking about NC state 2821. Way and over the University of North Carolina not only do they beat army probably say day door in his job they did it. In Chapel Hill when delayed for doors name is coming up for all these. Other coaching jobs absolutely. Should let you know what's going on when it comes to rivalry weekend that we can let you know right now. There's upsets of bailing all over the places. At what point of the game was that price. Air force is now taking at seventeen this seven. Oh lead over Boise State San take TCU. Still leading Texas late in the first half seven to three and Iowa. They opened up a thirteen to three lead on Nebraska with nine minutes field the second. Our rights take what let's go that the land mines cal was talk about the gamecocks in the pay at her skull it's Black Friday but its Crown Royal Friday here I think we win. I see I don't believe man. Yeah it's gonna be a tough pins aren't begin cops know I think they're in Moscow I think about it. They're about my dad we watched game all the big that they could came out. There are so look so odd because I am a party. Someone who thought our guys put a topic I know you don't like that that's what blue ozark back CoreStates. Oh it's great you know that your I'd bet com. But it sets it's a big atmosphere that you definitely gonna bring. I've definitely got to bring anger and it's only helped put the plane operated out there opponent. Both could be college the NC yeah how much or. Listen that you had just the fact that we here. In all honesty it's at all it's a testament to south Carolina's coaching staff they got these seniors to buy in real real quickly number two they're the fact that we have been debating about how can South Carolina peek clips and a bar night. That just lets you know I want that they're with they really weird feeling in my stomach in that post game press copper summit Lexington. Mean his his ship been turned around in just two short. We know that so remote that cleared and what those young trapped they you know I that your book gently into Al Eckert. You know if it was a brilliant young that I thought I'd Arkansas coach or object is also got about. And I do you know lots potential boon to do great things in building rebuilding. A bit jealous again about what's what's up to the peppers there charm you know I'm a little worried you know you had to get a little without. I think any good but how do you get to agree on office why. Yeah chair I'm sorry struggling you think though it's just the other restart the fact that mind game and think you know and after our Jim do you know talk about. But you know I'm really worried about that you know game clinching the division I think it's only. You know it is you know it's now looking to break it up that it had it not sick. You know hopefully you know you watch and the pig went out who practically. Yeah its it's who you know. You gotta hope you don't actually nearly got a cheap now that and they say look the other out of there with these players about their. All right how listen I think the pay through his worst case scenario in this two game road trip out west they'll stay out there after this game against the raiders that they got to find a way to win one between the leaders in Seattle to know you're still a really good kid she didn't get Atlantic coming into Bank of America Stadium later on yeah I don't do you probably written your your right your team down. Pretty much pretty much well I appreciate it might be excellent column put out a long time listener. And not soccer calling did we different topic how much time slot or out. I only had to dig great thank you very much touted a few hours absolutely absolutely and yeah that it's a weird set up for the want to fight post game last night after the cowboys knocked off the Redskins however I thought Dez Bryant maybe one the day woody story. Quote new invalid off Washington yelled need to get your buddy back. That was. Basically they're saying he wants and he should have been handled them or class with the lake Dallas is not stoop to that level that was kind of interesting but after the game you're caught up in the heat of the. Dad about my thing is is that trying to start fights and football equipment out that's always had a you're really gonna hurt somebody when they're Pope adds. Even after a football game but it price you. You need. I don't want to know here we got five minutes till the top of the bright there we go fast picker segment. Now I'm away all where I wanna get a shot wise when it comes to a particular school in a cheaper chip will save pepper after the guest picker segment by. Speaking of yesterday in the NFL. Detroit went sixteen to thirteen ever Minnesota demands that Matthew Stafford leads until late win and we mentioned Dallas 31 Washington 26. Also Pittsburg. It's 8287. Win over Indianapolis Indianapolis just an Al Meehan squad with that without their starting quarterback bit. These two things that took away we sell to the contenders in my opinion for NFL MVP playing in this first consecutive games. On Thanksgiving Day Matt Stafford in the way he continuously has brought Detroit back in the fourth quarter and games this year. Has to be in the mix split. I'm not sure it if you ended it right nail Ezekiel affiliates probably year in BP. Even more so over then what that press got stunt is Chiarelli Kitna. Done for the cowboys in dash tennis unbelievable. What he has been able to do in his rookie year. A tale of how soft and my best friends Mora Mike Barney's big cowboy faint got help in god rest his soul I would not wish anybody be cowboys fan but. Watch what I saw US state my goodness those guys they look awfully good especially now all been saying it. What they've done their offensive line eight. You know what the best and Obama NFL what your three best. You got a young playmaker and Ezekiel Elliott you got a rookie quarterback in and NASDAQ press guy you gotta Gallic Dez Bryant extra security got one of the the safety net of federated Jason Witten. I did get the possession receiver that knows how to get his feet down on the sidelines I mean you have every day little component. I'm agreeing with trying to make my point that you make an informant and to say and they've got everything that you would want. And right now they're not just play will their team that's not gonna go anywhere because they're so young. And they I give it credit this is what they've gone through the NFL draft. You're the best thing for me what ten and one right now when it comes to the cowboys is the fact they don't they have that one loss in the in the loss column you saw that kind of get tighter on the papers last year when they reach what thirteen and I've. So yeah the point being. This is that that Prescott's teeing it that. The thing that's made Jackie he's played so very very well in it is his job I get it. Tony Romo is now the back up. But the one being wind that press guy is signing that big big contract a few years' day on the road. Needs to be thankful love and that's Ezekiel Elliot BK is that rookie running back his major defensive coordinators play a base defense. In that's allowed that press got the look better than most rookie. Quarterbacks will. Oil way how I can say he's revolutionizing. The position but he's bringing he's who. Easily made me rethink and I think a lot of other offensive coordinators are you byte value that running back position again because. He's got to bring it he's that kind that he is bringing glamour back to the running back position in a position that. Yeah you'll laugh what needs to hear teams may be thinking about taken a first round they can use is not running that you can get equality back. In a second or third round when he got to got its scammer. Like Ezekiel Elliott gulping did it I mean this is skipped. Oh the what he's doing at that position this year I think it's given everybody a little bit a policy Peyton. You know what. Maybe that you know there's just a lot of things that excites you about Ezekiel Elliott I'm Tug on you know about it cowboys fan but it is fun to watch that team. Boy are intern gets in. Tyler Butler you can follow him at the BS podcasts since I love dead yesterday it's the Redskins weir made to dislike them yet that's why it's a rivalry weekend that's why it's a Crown Royal Friday hearing clubs and when we come back speaking will take one clubs and stated one south Carolina's did it in the air our guests pickers in. We'll do that here in the next segment is straight up was third where light here. At palmetto spears seemed clubs and on Crown Royal bride.

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